One of the Big 5 of the UK banking World, Barclays can trace its origins and the Black Eagle Logo back to 1690. With 27 million global customers, it is truly a worldwide bank.

Barclays offers full retail and business banking, savings, investments, loans, and general insurance. It offers its own range of mortgages as well as owning the Woolwich, which specialises in mortgages. The bank offers a specialist Wealth Management Service, and has a private banking and Corporate Finance arm.

Barclays offer a current account called Additions Active. You pay £15/month and you receive RAC comprehensive breakdown cover in UK and Europe, worldwide multi trip family travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, home SOS emergency insurance cover and more.

37 responses to “Barclays”

  1. M says:

    Barclays offer a wide range of comprehensive banking services and, provided you can live with the way they user inflated charges to fund their arrogant approach to customer-service, they are all the bank you will ever need.

  2. Alison Standish says:

    Please can you let me know if you provide off shore banking. I am moving to Saudi Arabia and need this option. Many thanks

  3. Jude Rawlins says:

    Barclay’s are fine until you have any kind of problem at all, then they quickly reveal themselves to be completely unethical – I would say hopeless except that I strongly belive their apparent witlessness is actually part of their overall scam. They are actually both useless and obscenely expensive at just about everything. A rival to Abbey National…

  4. Peter Moseley says:

    Barclaycard have just reduced my credit card limit from £6100 to £250. Absolutely NOTHING has changed in my financial status – ‘they’ say they are not prepared to reverse their decision. In the absence of any prior communication, their unilateral decision leaves me to an obvious conclusion – good bye Barclaycard and good bye Barclays from a customer of 17 years. Minus 5 stars!

  5. James Leaver says:

    I have paid my bills through E-mail for a long time. I wanted to pay a deposit on a cruise and this was refused because they had a new check on payments requiring yet another card. No warning and I may lose my holiday if I cannot confirm my deposit!

  6. James Leaver says:

    I think that a history of membership of a bank should take account

  7. Onyegbule Umunna says:

    I have complained to Barclays Card that I did not buy any book at Amazon yet they still sending me credit card bill for the purchase I did not make. I have also notified Barclays Card and they have change my card. Why should I pay for the purchase I did not make?

  8. Tab Brown says:

    I have banked with Barclays for about 50 years, with never a problem. I moved to Abbey seven weeks ago, they have lost all my deposits, including their own counter cheque, and are totally unhelpful. They have £4300.00 of my money and the only answer they have is: call back tomorrow! We have had no money for two months, Christmas eve with £6.45, no presents and no food! Do not bank with Abbey, stay with Barclays.

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  10. Rob says:

    Persistently slapping bank charges on my account when it is totally in order. Absolutely no acknowledgment of my issue by phone or email. An absolute waste of space for customer service. I’m a customer of 20 years but not for much longer!

  11. Furniture Express UK Ltd says:

    Got a small business then don’t bank at Barclays..
    We have for years but 2 weeks ago they froze our account with out informing us, they happily accepted the funds from 2weeks of card sales, but bounced all payments and cancelled all direct debits… Why ? because a an adverstiser with whom we had a dispute applied for a winding up order… we paid them.. but the Barclays Risk Team decided to freeze the account… so now we have a problem… we have had to fund the supply of goods from the last lot of of sales from our own pockets, because we would not want to let our loyal customers down… to re-instate the account they want a validation order for a case that has been dropped, this will cost me £5K…. what are these people on.. this case has not been heard in court and never would be… their actions have killed my business and my livelihood. Our overdraft with Barclays was sub £3k so what risk was there to them? The solicitor taking out the action spoke to them and said they were being over reactive.
    I hear that Barclays have a problem, how would they feel if all their investors take the same view of them and pull out… yeah I know the government will use our money to bail them out… I’m fuming but can do nothing… see they are still adding charges to the account though… thought it was frozen… so small business watch out for Barclays.

  12. furniture Express uk ltd says:

    Noticed how my blog got lost … cant we tell the truth anymore about the way banks deal with their customers

  13. peter carter says:

    In my 50 years of banking in the UK, I have found no banks to be up to standard, let alone excel, In my opinion, Barclays has always fallen below average, but seems to get worse by the year. Their current ploy of stopping customers talking direct to the branch by making them use the call centre in Mumbai on their 0845 number, really takes the biscuit. Whilst the folk in India are very pleasant some of the time, those of us who have been in India know how bureaucratic things are there, often taking 30 mins to get the most simple tack completed with hand written ledgers still used and this mindset seems to pervade the call centre. Even after lengthy discussions in India which too often lead no where and you insist on talking to your branch, the best you get, if not cut off, is a voice mail which says you should ring 0845 (India) if you have any question that is not for that particular department, and even if you do leave a message, it can take a week or more to resolve, as the staff in England don’t seem all that sharp on anything that is the remotely complicated. If you are lucky enough to get one of those vary illusive rare people who are always on the ball, hang onto them for grim death if you wish to retain your sanity with Banks

  14. tRuth says:

    Banked with Barclays for business for nearly 10 years now. Generally it has been excellent and I really rate its online side – excellent security.

    However I am beginning to question the wisdom of staying with them…. Last year I applied for a commercial mortgage, Barclays agreed to a loan but I thought it’s rates were on the high side. Barclays informed me that was the best it could do. So I paid money to an IFA and they came back with a much better deal, exactly the rates and terms I wanted. And that was with… Barclays… the self same team that had just before told me the deal it offered was the best it could do. Annoying.

    Now I need to extend the overdraft on my business account due to an increase in business (ie the figures are looking good). Barclays is happy to oblige… at 17.5%!!! When BoE base is .5% and Libor circa 1.88%. Total rip off. I asked if something was wrong with my credit rating. That, apparently, was good and this is ‘just what they’re charging people right now’.

    Total rip off. I easily got the money cheaper elsewhere. I’m beginning to think I should look elsewhere to bank too…

  15. Chris says:

    Relatively few mistakes made, when compared with the likes of Halifax or Abbey, but when will Barclays wake up to the fact that overseas call centres are a BAD idea? Simple tasks can be handled far more quickly using online banking, and for more complex ones it has regularly been my experience that after a lengthy and pointless conversation with a call centre operative I am referred to someone more senior in the UK anyway. The greatest insult lies in refusing to let customers telephone their local branch. It is extraordinarily arrogant, so obviously putting the bank’s costs above their customers. It must be ten times worse for people who cannot easily get to their local branch. WAKE UP BARCLAYS!

  16. steve says:

    The greatest insult lies in refusing to let customers telephone their local branch. It is extraordinarily arrogant, so obviously putting the bank’s costs above their customers. It must be ten times worse for people who cannot easily get to their local branch. WAKE UP BARCLAYS!

    I couldn’t agree with this more. After some recent problems with my account – created by Barclays I might add, I have been left constantly jumping through hoops just to speak to someone, and even when I do talk to someone they only seem intrested in selling me something or getting me off the phone.

    • Dave Martin says:

      Could not agree more. I placed a cheque with my local branch through their letter box for deposit, before opening time. Do you think I can ring the branch to find out if has been dealt with. Got the call centre in India who only wanted to sell me a service. Logged onto internet banking, no joy. Whatever happened to a friendly customer based service ??

  17. Poppy says:

    The biggest problem of all is the rude customers who visit the branches and are rude to the staff who have to put up with them!

  18. Marge Everett says:

    I think it’s about time the staff at Barclays started to realise that they are providing a service to paying customers and should treat their customers with care and diplomacy. Instead (as seen in the message below) – all they do is whinge and whine indicting that they are clearly unable to do their jobs. The customer is always right – until proven otherwise. Perhaps some of the selfish, incompetent staff of Barclays should remember this before putting their uncouth mouths into action.

  19. Joe Totale says:

    I thought this bank was great until i found out they are ALL a bunch of NUTTERS!

  20. Rebecca Fisher says:

    I have had a bank account with Barcalys for a good period of time. I am disappointed to report that despite this I have recently been treated by the home sos team appallingly. I had the misfortune of needing this service as the pump on my central heating went wrong. I reported the problem to home sos on the 19th December and to date they have not repaired my heating. This is despite many assurances that an engineer would be attending. I am in the process of making a formal complaint and I am afraid to say that I am seriously considering moving my acccount to another bank or building society as a result of this.

  21. Fari says:

    I made a big mistake and left British Gas and took Barclays addition active account mainly for it’s SOS Home emergency cover. I have had a SOS home emergency with my boiler and no hot water in the house for nearly 3 weeks and been ringing them 5 or 6 times a day and they are dragging their feet. I am very disappointed in their services as is not being treated as SOS. The company Warmsure who works for Barclays and sends out their engineers are absolutely useless and I would not recommend them to anyone. Keep well away.

    • Jomon says:

      I do agree with this, Barclays do misuse the term SOS. As far as I understand, SOS stands for emergency.

      I had the emergency with my boiler for three times, and first two times they were of no use. They left me and my kids under three without heating and hot water for weeks.

      This time it is a leaking boiler. when contacted, they said someone will be contacting me in one hour, but their clock stopped for two days until I started arguing with them. Eventualy their engineer came and said that some parts needs replacing, but then no news for more than a day. After chasing them several times, they said they will do the work asap. Now after few days they are saying that they will not do the work because I cleaned the dripping water!.

      where is the humanity? where is the justice?
      I am thinking of taking this further on a legal way, any one can team up with me for justice.

  22. Paul Carlier says:

    Another one of those banks that thinks that its customers are here to provide it with a service. Rates of interest are derisory. The only means of telephone contact, even with your own branch, is via a premium rate 0845 number.

    The one bright spot (when I did get through at considerable expense) was the lovely Geordie girl that, in response to my question as whether they have an ISA account with a better rate of interest, was to tell me that I would be better off transferring it to another bank.

  23. Marcus says:

    I actually went in to my branch today to see if i could extend my business overdraft and was told that no one was available and was handed a phone to call their call centre. Ridiculous! I spent half an hour talking to a call centre operative from a desk inside my own branch. Barclays business banking has been of no use to me whatsoever, despite my attempts to make them familiar with what my business does. And I have never had any kind of relationship with the 6 or 7 relationship managers that have been assigned to me in the last 7 years. All they try to do when I do speak to them is sell me some kind of new product or tell whether the computer says yes or no. I’m leaving.

  24. karen cartwright says:

    I have banked with Barclays for 20 years and have an account with extra benefits for which I pay £16.00 a month. I recently tried to use the Home SOS service, I was treated in an appalling way. I was told because I have two toilets in my home they would not come out to assist me because it was not an emergency. In the policy wording it does not state that if you have two toilets they will not help you. I could understand if my toilet was on the same floor i.e. I had one in the bathroom and the other in an ensuite, but I don’t and so at night I am currently having to go down two flights of stairs to the other toilet. I have put in a complaint but of course they have turned me down. I am seriously thinking of moving banks, I am very unhappy with Barclays. As usual, you come to claim and you are turned down!

  25. Mike says:

    I have banked with Barclays for over 40 yrs and I have had enough. The service is terrible, you can’t talk to anyone who speaks and understands English! There is no interest in sorting out problems THEY create. I AM TOTALLY SICK AND TIRED OF WHAT BARCLAYS CALLS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!
    If I could rate your service as ZERO I would but even that doesn’t work!

  26. Stuart Evans says:

    Hmmm where to start, I had my first ever bank account with Barclays at the age of sixteen and setting up that account was the biggest mistake I made in my entire life!!! I am now 27 years old and am no longer banking with Barclays but am still in debt with them through extortionate overdraft charges brought on by a mistake made by Barclays themselves, when I told Barclays this was a mistake on their part I was advised that I should keep a closer look on my finances and I would still have to pay these costs no matter what the reason. I have multiple stories to this effect and can honestly say I think that Barclays Bank has no interest in helping its customers but only to squeeze as much money and profit from them as possible.

  27. Salem says:

    I am very disappointed with the home sos service provided by barclays. I am premiere account holder and I pay £17.50 per month I have burst water pipe in th kitchen. I have been waiting for two days and until now I am not sure when they gonna fix the problem. the excuse that they are still waiting for autherisation by the adminstration!. I have four children in the house because of school half term and I couldn’t even take them out . furthermore my wife is seven months pregnant. The house was cold last night as the heating is swithed off. no bath or shower .

  28. psuhpanathan says:

    I had the primium ac at barclays and I am the member of sos. my boiler had some water leak, after two days I reported they came and fix the problem, but water is ok, but no heater. When I said to them they said that it is as a second claim. Ok then they came and said need to order the parts, after one week man came and said that parts slightly wrong, then he wants order the parts again, very problems for me I could not contact them. When I phoned always said the line is busy. I am still waiting to fix it. Nearly two months, now. My mother in law with me, she is 82 years old and three kids at home.

  29. James Butler says:

    Home SOS left us with no central heating or hot water over the perior 1st November – Mid February. I took 4.5 days away from a consultancy role costing me close to £2,000.00 in lost fees. Those days were spent waiting for engineers who never came. I eventually found the £400.00 required to fix the problem and my own engineer fixed the problem in 4 hours, he was even able to give me a time and stick to it!!! I am seeking compensation from the underwriter directly for the repair cost, missed earnings and an goodwill payment to re-set the balance, failing that I will be opening a case with the ombudsman and then taking them to court. Service Failure should not go unpunished.

  30. James says:

    I am having a nightmare with Barclays, since my company went into liquidation.

    I came to the table early doors (2 years ago) with a good offer from venture backers which paid off most of the business debt.

    It has since taken nearly 2 years for Barclays to respond, in which time the opportunity has been missed, despite constant phone calls and e-mails and assurances from my local business manager that I would be contacted tomorrow. They have even lost paperwork confirming that they are priority creditors etc!

    Barclays have shocking internal communications.

    Barclays have a guarantee on my personal residence and it seems now they wish to take this easy option.

    I am now left with a personal debt which I have to pay back and probably will have to sell my house.

  31. Iain says:

    I too am a Barclays Premier customer .. allegedly! For the privilege of paying them 17 quid a month, I am meant to have access to a relationship manager who I can call when I have a problem… very useful i thought considering my line of work. Well, I have called him 4 times over the last 3 years and emailed 3 times. To which he has responded once – telling me to call the call centre!!!

    I then too had the misfortune of having to deal with their Home SOS seervice when I returned home to find the electrics had tripped and wouldnt reset – tempreture was -4 and the heating was off!! It was 1730, Called them and was told that some one would call me back in an hour, an hour and a half later, i phoned them back and was told that they call should only be expected in 2 hours and I should hold on. By now, I’d packed the kids off and ordered take away. Received a text the next morning saying that we’d be contacted that day by their agent .. well its 72 hours later and I’m still waiting!

    Now let me tell you about their Airport Angel service – its a joke. The country is snowed and not a plane is in the sky yet they still keep sending me texts advising that the counter had opened for check-in and the lounge was waiting!! The sodding airport was CLOSED!!!! Flights Cancelled – are they for real???!! Then got a text welcoming me to Frankfurt … I hadnt left London! Oh, the bets part was they have told me that the lounge fees are non-refundable!

    Currently preparing to close 5 accounts and move them! Goodbye Barclays you are useless!!!

  32. David says:

    I have a Barclays addition plus account mainly for it’s SOS Home emergency cover.What a load of trash!!! I have now been a week without heating and hot water and been ringing them up to 5 times a day without the courtesy of a reply, or assure me on progress of my claim. I am dumbfounded and severley disappointed in their services as this is definately not a SOS service. The company Warmsure who works for Barclays are 100% useless and couldnt arrange anything apart from answering your initial calls. I would not recommend this service to anyone and will be cancelling my account.

  33. Mike Farrow says:

    I had occasion to use HOMESOS on 3rd December 2010 when my Boiler packed in. Trying to communicate with them is impossible. Eventually I was called by an engineer at 9.00 p.m on Friday 3rd Dec who refused to come out saying he was tired as he had worked 7 days non-stop and wouldnt be out until at least Monday.. I again rang HOMESOS and reported the fact. They promised to ring back..THEY DIDNT!!
    Rang on Saturday morning and they promised to ring back within the hour..THEY DIDNT.
    I had no alternative but to call out a local heating engineer who rectified the problem at a cost to me of £220.
    I made a strong complaint and sent the invoice to Barclays SOS. They eventually agreed and offerred me £220 compensation which I accepted on returned the form back. This was on 20th January. I rang today to ask why I had still not received my comepnsation, the operator said they had nt received my acceptance form back….Yeh right! She is ending me another one today. I asked to speak to a manager..was advised she was in “a meeting”. I have asked for a call back..I wont hold my breath. The service is appalling I have been with Barclays 37 years but not much longer. They are a joke beyond comprehension..the WORST Customer servcie I have ever experienced.

  34. Andrew says:

    Unfortunately we have Barclays “Premier?????!!!” Home SOS cover. We also have a ten week old baby and we have had no heating or hot water for the last two and a half weeks (February!) due to the shambles of a service that Barclays pay Warmsure to povide. Our boiler sprung a leak over two weeks ago and an engineer came out and said he had to order parts. We rang the help line three days later to find out what was happening, only to be told that no parts had been requested. They then placed an order for the part and days later an engineer turned up with what turned out to be th wrong part. They then had to go away and order the right parts. Then even though the parts were supposedly close by they couldn’t get someone to fit them for a further four days. We then waited in on the day they were supposedly coming to be told at 4pm that the engineer had been to collect the parts and unfortunately the main part needed still hadn’t been ordered due to another mix up!! They have now supposedly ordered the final part but this will again take a couple of days to arrive. I cannot put into words how bad the service that Warmsure provide for Barclays is. With their boiler cover you will spend more time and money on the phone and waiting for them to turn up, than you would just to ring an Engineer and pay them.

  35. christopher green says:

    Opened a business account 2 years ago. Pretty good all round service since. Long winded and extensive protocols and procedures to for the telephone banking system, but online banking works well.

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