Founded in New York in 1812, CitiBank is a division of CitiGroup, one of the world’s largest financial services organizations. It has over 200 million customers and operates in over 100 countries.

CitiBank is a division of CitiGroup, and offers almost every financial service imaginable – from high end wealth management and investment banking to current accounts, mortgages and credit cards.

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  1. J Smedley says:

    Please alert your user s to a known citibank scam. One receives an email, for example I received one requesting I login to my account whereupon not only my full name, and mothers maiden name were required but my mastercard details and ccv number were required too. I have checked on the internet and this is a well known scam. Many thanks.

  2. Rita Hobson says:

    dear sirs i have a poor credit history can i still open a current account. thankyou

  3. Toorage Feizy says:

    I am toorage feizy on behlf of the fund of williams kane from liberia and I am representing as my foreig partner as well as the next of kin representative to the fund .i want to know about posibility of transfering money to my account.please complete reply.
    tanks a lot

  4. crap118 says:

    Internet banking:
    Your debit card is connected to your login name so if you lose your card or your card expires you will not be able to view your account/s online and you’ll have to wait till the new card arrives to get back online, it can take over a week. I notice that every night at about 9PM you can’t view your transactions or your payments you have set up. When i send a message online it takes almost 2 days to get a reply and the reply usually has no real answer to my question but advises me to ring the free phone number.

    Telephone banking:
    Obviously the call centre is not in the UK but I think in India. The customer service is really terrible not only do they have difficulty understanding English but they can’t carry out the simplest instructions. I know it can’t be easy for them with English not being their mother tongue but they only seem to understand key words like ‘Account’ or ‘Flexi Saver’ , they reply in script like a robot.

    General banking:
    Online transfers between citibank UK and other UK banks usually takes a frustratingly long 4 working days. My wife uses HSBC and it takes 2 hours to send payments to most UK banks. Not many branches in the UK just 4 in central London and 1 in Manchester so you usually have to pay money or cheques into Lloyds tsb which makes the transactions stretch to almost 5 working days before they hit your account. I pay my bills purely by standing order and again i need to set up these payments early for them to hit the other UK bank account on time.

    Although I don’t doubt for one minute that the Citibank in USA is very good I believe the UK arm of citibank is rather weak. I would go as far as to say it’s an amateur job of a bank. Probably the worst bank in the UK, I strongly recommend you go with an original UK only bank. I’m leaving Citi for good and I ain’t ever going back! You’ll never guess where though 🙂

  5. Tim says:

    Maybe Citi is good in States but in the UK it is not. I applied for an account with them in January 2009 and it took them 5 months to actually open it. As I am not UK or EU citizen they keep asking me for MORE proof of address etc… here in London. Now it is opened but not activated as they need more documents from me. I have sent all documents as per their staff request twice already, guess what happens, they send it back to me saying they didn’t request. Very poorly trained staff. Go for British banks. They don’t discriminate.

  6. Rina says:

    Citibank log-in system is rubbish, customer service does not exist, telephone service you hold for at least 45mins.

  7. md says:

    I second Rina’s comment. Succinct but comprehensive. Citibank is utter rubbish.

  8. Poppy says:

    I am having untold stress due to this outfit, they have no idea how to run a company

  9. Nick Lott says:

    Credit card arm is utter rubbish too. Toothless Indian call centre, perfectly polite but completely unable to solve problems. Contact with an agent in GB or getting up the chain of command is impossible. Easier to cut up the cards which is what I have done!

  10. Fakhrul islam says:

    Banking with Citi in the uk is completely disaster. Indian call centre, can’t understand english. No branches in the manchester. Absolutely rubbish.

  11. dek says:

    The worse bank I’ve ever used, they won’t let you close your account and move your money!

    • Daniel says:

      That´s not true, last time I had an account in this bank and they helped me to cancel and move my money to another account, Citibank it’s the best ever.

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