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Halifax offer an Ultimate Reward current account, where you pay £12.50/month and you receive RAC car breakdown cover, worldwide multi trip travel insurance, mobile phone insurance (at home and abroad), home emergency cover, £100,000 worth of travel accident cover and more.

45 responses to “Halifax”

  1. Derek says:

    i love it-i pity the other fools

  2. Diane Beckingham says:

    I am astounded at the spiraling amounts of money Halifax can justify charging me for sending me a letter to say I am overdrawn! Had they sent me statements in the last two months maybe I would have known that myself!! I have been unable to access my internet banking as they have been experiencing difficulties every time I have tried to look into my finances! I have several accounts with money in and had they took some out of one of those or called to discuss with me the options I would not mind paying £52 for being £3 overdrawn! It must have taken someone 2 minutes to press print on a standard letter and the cost of a stamp… in my opinion totally overrated!! Do not bank here unless you enjoy lining the pockets of the bank managers!!!

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  4. Mr Brendan McNulty says:

    I have been with the Halifax for 20 years and have needed help or assistance just three times. I found them almost useless each time and the attitude disgraceful. My latest adventure of the missing cheque is on going, see http://www.halifax.gb.net or http://www.line123.co.uk for details.

  5. - says:

    Lovely bank, excellent customer service, good rates, not full of rubbish, they sell by fact and truth.
    Everyone that is moaning about bank charges, why not try and control your money slightly better? If someone was to take £200 from you and not pay it back for ages surely you would want something extra from them?
    But anyway Halifax could not say a bad thing about them.

    • lee pawson says:

      It’s not a question of mismanagement, unforseen stuff happens, job loss, illness, anything. People don’t choose to go overdrawn, they have no choice, feed children, heat the house etc.
      Folk can be nasty sometimes.. love n peace to you, hope you never have to use your overdraft or borrow.

  6. Melanie says:

    Great> Just transferred from the Abbey to Halifax, Great thing with is Abbey is great customer service and no Indian call centres, ;-)although Halifax OD charges are a little too high .

  7. Jade Jones says:

    I think that it is a good bank and I wouldn’t change.

  8. christine says:

    No, Halifax want me to change account and promise a fiver a month but then charge you £1 a day for when you using authorised overdraft.

  9. vanessa says:

    Totally disappointed in the Halifax, after being with them 20yrs plus, there customer care is nonexistent, what a shame that I have to look for a new bank that cares.

  10. vanessa says:

    totally disappointed in the halifax, after being with them 20yrs plus, there customer care is none existant what a shame that i have to look for a new bank that cares.my honest opinion DO NOT BANK WITH THE HALIFAX.

  11. Sue Taylor says:

    I thought they were great when I first transferred to them, but now they have changed everything I get £5 a month and then they charged a £1 a day for an authorised overdraft. How on earth are you suppose to sort out your finances when you ask for help and they just want to get you involved in a large loan with a huge APR rate. We all helped sort them out when the banks made a mess of their finances but they are useless with helping their customers.

  12. Sandra says:

    I have had nothing but frustration when dealing with this bank. I too had a similar saga when I tried to open an account. I set up an SO to pay my rent but they kept getting the amount wrong so this caused trouble with my landlord. It was awful. I just tried to call and close a savings account to be told that I had to go into the branch even though I had opened it online.

    To top it all they asked me what I was using the money for that I was withdrawing. I was totally taken aback. How dare they ask me what I intend to do with my money? I can scarcely credit that this is a professional bank. I told them they had absolutely no right to ask me such an intrusive question which was clearly none of their business.

    No wonder they are in trouble.

  13. Private says:

    Halifax are awful – I have dealt with them for a Current Account, an ISA and other savings accounts and have had nothing but trouble. You CANNOT access your money readily, their staff are rude and unhelpful and they don’t have a clue what they are doing. Customer Service is a foreign concept to Halifax. The only way I got anywhere was via the Financial Ombudsman Service. AVOID HALIFAX AT ALL COSTS!

  14. richard says:

    I was with Halifax for 25 years and they were great until they opened call centres and then merged with BOS. Although I have dealt with some good call centre staff, the majority have been worse than useless. The final straw came when someone suspended my account because I had logged online in UK and abroad within space of two days. This person spent 5 minutes arguing what day it was before finally realising I had been online in Spain the day before I came home to the UK and checked in UK on my return. I thought that was the point of online banking. In the end I had enough, I moved my current account, online saver and shut down my ISA as want nothing to do with these incompetents. Switched to A and L and got £100 reward and free overdraft for a year and cannot fault them!

  15. Jonathan says:

    I have had my savings account with Halifax since I was born. I have just recently gone to see if I can put my money in a bond or an isa, the staff were unhelpful and the interest rates were extremely low. It is also hard to get appointments booked at Halifax.

  16. C Bunch says:

    I don’t have a bad word to say about Halifax, I have used their current accounts, savings accounts, ISAs, credit cards and share dealing accounts and never had a single problem. I love their website. Don’t use branches much but online banking has always been fine.

  17. Joe Totale says:

    This bank is ran by NUTTERS.
    watch out!

  18. Caroline Ray says:

    I am in the process of severing all ties with Halifax. They shut my credit card last year for no reason (I’ve never paid late or gone over my limit – just had a zero balance for a few months), then when I was in the process of changing my standing order to their junior saver account from one bank to another they closed the account for missing just one deposit! They act like they don’t want your custom so they definitely won’t be getting mine any more!

    • jonny says:

      so, you weren’t using the credit card? A credit card that it costs them money for you to have – they have to set aside capital in line with your credit limit. They notified you what was going to happen, giving you an opportunity to use it – you could’ve done the weekly shop on it and paid it off, but you moan?
      You then breached the terms of the child’s account, and they did what the terms said would happen?
      OK, not seeing your point really.

  19. John says:

    The Halifax Bank, in my experience, are utterly useless. I have never borrowed from them, only saved with them. I closed both my current account and a savings account with them due to a customer service attitude that left me completely speechless. They then made closing the accounts as difficult as they possibly could.
    I did leave my investments with them because to leave early would cost me a lot of money. In February 2009 they sent me a statement saying how much my investments were worth – a little bit less than I had invested but given the slump in stocks generally they hadn’t done so badly. In February 2010 they sent another annual statement which told me that my investments was worth EXACTLY the same as they had been a year earlier to the penny! I understand that the FTSE experienced about a 20% growth in the same period. I queried this with them in writing and am still in correspondence with them.
    They have MOST of my funds at the moment. They currently will not state what the funds are worth or what they would be worth if I withdrew them early. They sent me a form to complete to withdraw my money but it seems that I have to commit the withdrawing the money to find out how much I will get. This seems a very odd way to do business!! I am talking about an investment of £100,000 made in January 2008. I continue to write to them. Needless to say I will not recommend the Halifax bank to anyone.

  20. Natahn Jones says:

    Tried to close my accounts last month I cleared all my overdrafts etc. Just checked and two months later my accounts are still open I they are still charging a monthly overdraft fee of a pound a day.

    Not happy I should bill them for wasting my time as I will need to go into the branch again and waste another lunch hour.

  21. Kaye says:

    When my PC was hacked into and info removed I phoned RBS to stop cards and secure the account, the service was 5*. Then I phoned HBOS and what a different story! I answered all the security questions but one, to what use had a I put my card in the past week. I didn’t know whether or not I had used it all so the woman could do nothing to help me. I was not allowed to speak to either her team leader or line manager. I wrote a letter of complaint (and have moved the account to RBS) but the eventual reply says all security questions must be answered before telephone help can be given. Remember I only wanted assurance that my account was safe. So if any other grey pound holders out there have a less than total recall of 7 days card transactions don’t look to HBOS for help. Branch staff have been exceptional over the last 20 years, such a pity they’re no longer allowed to answer the phone.

  22. Michael says:

    I have spent the last month trying to sort out a problem caused by a Halifax mistake on an ISA.
    I have spoken to at least ten people, including three managers. You can never speak to the person you dealt with previously. I have received paperwork containing errors and then been told when I rang up that the paperwork hasn’t yet been done. It has been a month of total frustration and due to their total incompetence I will never invest with the Halifax Bank again.

  23. Dr Mike Trew says:

    My wife had her purse stolen recently with £170 in cash in it. Reported theft to Police and tried to claim off the Halifax and they flatly refused as we could not provide bank statements to prove we had withdrawn the money. We live on a farm and keep odd bits of cash here and there and she had saved up her birthday money etc. Nothing would placate them. A really odd and very stupid attitude as it would be easy for someone wishing to perpetrate a theft to take the money out a few days before and then claim. They failed to understand this argument. Words like thick, stupid, ignorant….and a few more choices ones spring to mind. We are now moving our £20,000 savings out and going someplace else!! Halifax are crap!!

  24. Michael Mahon says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am not impressed that having spent time stating my case against the Halifax you chose not to show it. My complaint has gone on for eight weeks and due to the Halifax Laissez Faire attitude to customers is still not resolved, even lodging a official complaint has not resolved the problem. halifax will get no further business from me!
    Yours faithfully,
    M Mahon.

  25. R GREI says:


  26. Sabah Rafiq says:

    £1500 was deposited into my account however due to rubbish/lack of instruction and refusal to deposit via over the counter the receipt was not torn off, only 1 (£500) of 3 envelopes was deposited into my account, £1000 was stolen from inside the chorlton cum hardy bank and they refuse to give me back my £1000 pounds, after complaining to their complaints office I got no where, I am now seeking help from the financial ombudsman service, fingers crossed.. HALIFAX ARE ROBBERS! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM! Does not even deserve one star.

  27. mark coulter says:

    £650.00 charge for a overdraft fee which till Nov 2009 was free! Had to rate as one star or I couldn’t post… but in reality I’d rate them minus 1000.

  28. Paul Taylor says:

    Have had some appalling problems with Halifax Insurance – down to sheer incompetence I think rather than a wish to give bad service. The most spectacular one was when I was quoted for buildings and insurance, I accepted the quote, paid over the phone and the payment was confirmed.

    A few days later I received a letter asking for about £16 extra! Only when I said I had like them recorded the call did they let the initial agreement stand.

    I have also renewed a policy only to have a confirmation document arrive with a policy end date already expired and in fact one day before the same document listed the start of the policy.

    I have also been told different things about the same policy by different staff. Somewhat alarming if you ever need to claim

  29. L Humphrey says:

    Don’t use the express box in the branch to deposit cash. Our envelope containing £500.00 was deposited into the box and when the envelope was opened by staff the cash was missing. Their response was nothing could be done. We complained to customer services and 5 weeks later it was investigated. The investigation began by telephone on 12 th August at 9.05am and finished at 10.55 am the same morning. Case closed!! If we had £500.00 of their money, I am sure the case would not be closed. We are taking it further, and closing all our accounts.

  30. Andrew Trotter says:

    Halifax is NOT a bank. I can’t pay a credit card bill at a Halifax branch using a Halifax current account cheque. Halifax promised but then failed to transfer money ‘instantly’ when I recently bought as car. One star is too many but I seem to have to give at least one.

  31. vikki says:

    Never in 25 years of banking with halifax have I been so disgusted with their customer service.It changes from branch to branch as to what help you get.Stockport expected my sister to fly from australia to sign a form to say she was a will executor and were adamant that this was a legal thing.Ashton u lyne wouldn’t give me a new book because I don’t had valid I.D but would let me take money out of the account anyway.The only branches of any use are piccadilly and stretford in manchester.Cannot wait till morgage paid then I’m out of there!

  32. Richard Jones says:

    I can highly recommend Halifax to those people who remain in credit on their current account.

    Manage your account properly, and you will quickly find that their customer service is much better than most other high street banks, that their internet banking is one of the best around, and the £5 monthly Reward goes down very nicely.

    Excellent bank,

    • Caroline Lynch says:

      In other words, give them no reason to do anything for you, and you will find that they do it very well.


  33. James King says:

    Halifax Bank provide very poor Internet Service. If you fail their security they will not even take your details to investigate your complaint. I have written to them – still waiting for a reply. Thank heavens I can leave them and pay my mortgage off. Halifax Customer Service is terrible.

  34. Uaruman says:

    I have been trying since January 2009 to obtain a signature from the Halifax Bank. As an executor in my fathers estate, it was a mystery how a 91 year old, virtually blind and iliterate man could use Windows XP, a Fax Machine and files to purchase a property in Spain.
    2 Years on, the Halifax have used every trick in the book not to reveal this signature.
    If you are thinking of using the Halifax Bank as an Executor or are an Executor with a deceased finances tied up with the Halifax be very very careful. The word crooks does spring to mind but try it and see.

  35. Shane V says:

    Halifax phone & online service has slipped soaking up far too much phone wait time, jostling to various departments for simple enquiries i.e origination of transfers, currency transfers. Online: I just don’t bother anymore. I spend far to much time resolving security issues. Endless new passwords that you lose track. The staff are not even interested unless you `wait’ on their time. For a fast pass business that I run, they’re hopeless.

  36. k abdul-karim says:

    I am in Thailand.. Before coming here I informed the Halifax that I would be drawing money on my card… just tried and my card is blocked.. .tried phoning them and the last of my money ran out before they answered… DO NOT USE THIS BANK

  37. E A Martin says:

    I have banked with Halifax for at least 12yrs, and only changed to Ultimate Reward a/c a couple of years ago. Monthly fee 12.50 now increased to 15.00. Overdraft is cleared every month but they charge either 14.00/15.00 and even over 100.00. They take their fees which make me overdrawn again by which they can charge again. I’m fed up!!!!!

  38. Sue Trotter says:

    Very disappointing!!!! Been a loyal customer for 25 years, but loyalty doesn’t get rewarded here. Had a serious fraud which meant we essentially had to close our account and because we have had a returned direct debit (due to this fraud might I add) no dispensation here, no a big fat bog off all you can get is a basic account. How is it a bank can see how you run your account with a history of more than 25 years yet show you the door. I am looking elsewhere – I suggest you do the same!

  39. Caroline Lynch says:

    I tried to open a cash ISA with Halifax. After applying online, I received an email confirmation, advising me that I had to present proof of ID and address in person. It was not convenient for a while, and I eventually received another email advising me that, if I did not do so in five days, the application would be cancelled.

    Four days later, I took the required documentation into my nearest branch, where they asked me whether I had received an account number or an application number, which I hadn’t. They assured me, nonetheless, that my application would be processed. Next day, I received an email telling me that my application had been cancelled.

    I rang customer support, where a very nice lady told me that they had been having problems with online applications, that they should have been able to process my application, and that someone would ring me back shortly to confirm that my application was still active. They never did.

    Finally, I complained on the website, asking not to be contacted. Regardless, they left two messages on my phone, and finally wrote to me. The letter just contained confirmation that they had tried to contact me, that they were sorry I had felt it necessary to complain, and that the complaint was now closed. No mention of trying to investigate what happened, no mention of trying to ensure that it won’t happen again.

  40. Ehsan Ahmadi says:

    Halifax bank has been charged me bank charges from 2004 up 2010 I have paid allots of charges to Halifax but I have never resolved my bank charge back. Banks are always miss using the law for they are own interest banks are alway looking to creat a new banking law to increase they are income now people pay £35 fees for bounced direct debit . What dose it costs for the bank? Nothing ! How many people paying charge every day? However I request from Halifax bank to pay the unfair bank charge Back to me

  41. lee pawson says:

    Marched into pontefract branch halifax, waited 20 mins to see the manager Richard. Firstly he tried to insist that, the charges over the last 6 mths would certainly not be refunded!! My protesting continued quoting the lending code, fsa guidelines etc…
    Richard manager, very smartly dressed sporting an expensive divers watch, then passed me the telephone to speak to someone else, who was authorised to help!!!!!
    Richard then left me, taking with him all the sums written on a sheet of paper.
    So now I’m in discussion with Matthew, very helpful and polite, still 50 mins later after Matthew had got higher clearance AGREED TO REPAY 6MTHS BANK CHARGES INTO MY A/C WITHIN 24 HRS.
    So after 2 1/2 hours in total, I got justice.

  42. dennis says:

    Inconsistent service one branch will give me £500 pounds cash payment over the counter, another will not and the branch in stockport centre refused to explain why for “security reasons”
    My next action will be to close the account.

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