The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation is actually a relative newcomer on the world banking scene. Although founded in 1865, it came to force with the acquisition of a series of UK banks from 1959 onwards.

As one of the world’s largest banks, it offers a full range of mortgages, savings accounts, general insurance, and investment products. HSBC also offers a full range of private banking and wealth management services, and has institutional and corporate banking teams.

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  1. Mustafa Keles says:

    Yes HSBC my bank but I never ever recomend hsbc to any body never. Completly crap bank

  2. Mustafa Keles says:

    Yes HSBC my bank but I never ever recomend hsbc to any body never. Completly crap bank

  3. Hannah Shanks says:

    Been with HSBC for about 9 years and they have always provided a great service. I do most of my banking online and it is a really easy to use system. Customer service on the phone is good too if you ever have to use it, never have to wait very long at all if I want to speak to a human.

  4. Hannah Shanks says:

    Been with HSBC for about 9 years and they have always provided a great service. I do most of my banking online and it is a really easy to use system. Customer service on the phone is good too if you ever have to use it, never have to wait very long at all if I want to speak to a human.

  5. Sarah T M Bell says:

    I have always found the HSBC immensely helpful, courteous and friendly. I thoroughly agree with Hannah.

  6. Jude Rawlins says:

    The Midland Bank was one of the best banks I ever used, but when they became HSBC their quality of service collapsed virtually overnight. They may have improved since I got out, but I don’t hear good things about this bank often.

  7. John says:

    Use HSBC as a secondary account. On holiday in the Peak District some years back I bought some items in a Co-op store by debit card. Twice it was swiped and said transaction failed both times: I ended up using a cheque.

    Lo and behold both failed card payments had gone through! Co-op store was 150 miles from home so i couldn’t get refunds from them – explained this to HSBC who refunded both payments immediately from their own pocket. Excellent service.

  8. Steve Hayes says:

    I’ve banked with HSBC for personal and business banking since 1997. They provide a very reliable and professional service. One year I decided to open an Abbey Bank account and it was only then that I realised how good HSBC is. People take things for granted when they work. In contrast, Abbey had misleading advertising, poorly trained staff, an inferior online banking website and a overall poor level of service. I would certainly recommend HSBC.

  9. Desmond Hillary says:

    In my experience HSBC staff prefer to avoid working. If you phone, they will tell you to go to a branch. If you go to a branch they will tell you to phone. No matter want you want. It requires a great deal of patience and persuasion to get anything done at HSBC. If you do finally get someone to agree to do their job, expect them to get it wrong. Good Luck! They have a good online banking system though, and if you can get by without ever needing customer service then they are ok.

    • ian says:

      The call centres send anything that could be a query into the branch as customer service takes us valuable selling time.
      Here in the branch staff are also on ridiculously high sales targets and the last thing they want is to waste an hour because a customer has a problem. Sad but true and made this way by the greedy leaders at the top who do not value staff who give good customer care but reward those who sell.

  10. Kristien says:

    I have always found HSBC to be a fantastic bank. Staff are always friendly and helpful. great range of accounts, much better than many other high street banks!!! HSBC rocks!!!

  11. Lee Gorton says:

    HSBC victimised our company seemingly trying to put it on the point of collapse. Two business managers were controlling our Invoice Discount and pulling many rugs from under our feet at a moment’s notice without putting it in writing and quite often within 24 hours of advising us of there intentions. We had deaths in our family but HSBC shown no compassion and offered No Help. We have been with them for 6 years and paid 10’s of thousands in fees to be told in polite terms to go away and in so many words, we don’t trust you and we are not helping you any longer.

  12. Josef Martin says:

    This is to verify and confirm if such letter has been issued from the officesand if its of genuine nature??/ please advise urgently, THANK YOU!

    Josef Martin,
    “JCF,Inc.”/”JCG,Inc. ”

    The world’s local bank


    27th.Dec 2007
    ATTN:Josef Martin,

    Subject – RE: HSBC Private Banking: Inquiry

    This is to inform you that we received a telex advice from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)and the Federal Ministry Of Foreign Affiars under the Presidency to pay your Inheritance payment.

    However, we advise you to forward your full names, banking information to us; your bank name, Account No, bank address, Swift code or Routine number, telephone and fax number, reconfirmation of your total amount.

    As soon as we receive all the requested information from you, we will proceed with the transfer into your account. For comments and further inquiries, send email to our Audit Department on email, for urgent response.

    We are awaiting the receipt of the requested information from you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Kevin Lambert-Audit Director-Audit Department-HSBC-Kentish Branch
    London-United Kingdom-Tel: 44-702-4027-113-Fax: 44-870-478-4651

  13. Neil Ridgway says:

    I’ve been with HSBC / Midland Bank since year dot. I have always found the staff very helpful. Internet banking is very good. They do now own first direct and I have found the level of service with FD to be very good as well. However, I have to complain about the way they have "modernised" the local bank. Everything is automated (paying in cheques, coins; getting out statements etc.). If you need to chat to the cashier (all of 2 desks) it is more than likely that you will have to stand in a queue for sometime.

  14. Colin Brooks says:

    HSBC has to be the worst banking organisation I have dealt with. I have been a customer since the days of The Midland Bank in 1990 and have to say that enough was enough last year and I moved to a bank north of the border. Better service, better customer care and, best of all, English call centres and branches you can ring up. I will never darken the door of an HSBC branch again.

  15. LJ says:

    I have been with this bank since they were Midland and yes they could never be as good as they were in the day – no phone calls about your overdraft with a mention that if its not sorted out by the end of the week they might have to start charging anymore. Yes it did become bad after it went to HSBC and I did move over to Alliance and Leicester but I moved back very quickly and I’m glad of it as except for problems setting up a share account they responded within a day when I simply told them I would go elsewhere for that service. This is a very good time to be in the HSBC, lets hope they keep getting better and actually fix problems for good.

  16. Fraser says:

    I can only assume HSBC have been asking staff to leave positive reviews about the service they provide looking at this site. I have been with HSBC since I opened a midland pound account when I was 11 years old 22 years ago at my school branch. The service they now provide it absolutely awful. Here are some specific examples, 1. They took it upon themselves to cancel my debit card because they changed their service provider from maestro to visa debit, leaving my unable to pay for my shopping in the supermarket. 2. They changed their Visa payment system from being a 4 day payment to being a 1 day process and accidentally did not make my visa card minimum payment then charged me for their mistake and gave me a black mark on my credit rating. 3. You can not get to speak to anyone who can make a decision and all call centres seem to be in far flung parts of the world and you can not understand what they say and the lines are terrible and they NORMALLY take 10 mins to answer your call and when you do get through they are worse than useless. 4. HSBC encouraged me to stop receiving statements and to go to internet banking. I did it but when I wanted a statement to apply for a mortgage with another bank they could not print me a statement at the branch, it would take 10 days 5. You will find that most HSBC branches do not have a position closed sign any more, because they only have 1 cashier desk, you can use an array of 20 different machines and computers that are unable to do the job e.g. you normally have to queue for 20 mins at most HSBC branches if you want to pay in Scottish pound notes as their machines do not handle them and they have removed all the cashier counters (except 1) so you can not complain about positions being closed. 6. If you go to your local HSBC branch you will find they do not have a manager any more. If the cashier can not deal with your query they have to call a manager at a regional Hub who will speak to you over the phone and tell you the same thing usually NO 7. You can almost NEVER get through to your local branch. HSBC as so profit focused they have forgotten what banking and personal service are all about. Try a proper bank like Barclays who have the old fashioned customer focused approach! I have just moved all my accounts to them (I earn about 120k per year and do not have time for their mess), how they dare say they are Local in any way baffles me as everything seems to be totally computer controlled and centralised. Everyone I know who banks with HSBC shares my view on how bad they are at customer service. It is a shame it is so much hassle to change banks.

  17. Victoria says:

    My husband has banked with them for 17 years and me only 10yrs, we were given a good overdraft, high limit credit card and flexi loan, then last year they cornered me in branch refused to hand over my new card until I promised to call the sales team, they cleared my loan, credit and overdraft for 1 monthly payment then cancelled them all! I tried t apply fo a £100 overdraft for emergencies and was told by call centre not too bother even trying. They put a admin charge on my husbands account and caused it to go overdrawn then called me twice a day for over a week, I asked them if it was urgent to speak to other half they said no not urgent, the charge was refunded however, now hubby has black mark on perfect credit report which is causing problems. Complaint made and waiting response. Also came across a group on facebook where a member of staff has taken it upon himself to say what he thinks of the customers! We bank with COOP now fantastic bank always helpful nothing is ever a problem.

  18. Angry Nomad says:

    I have had a few problems with the HSBC collections department. It was for account which was overdrawn by £150 to £300 every month. After repeated attempts of explaining the situation and giving them a promise to pay the amount off when I got paid, they still continued to call regardless of the time of day, which for them was 8.00 am until 9.00 pm. They called once day at first and then it stepped up to twice a day or more.

    I got really fed up it and I got to the point that I would answer the phone when I heard the letters HSBC. I jumped in and told them they had already called and they have the information which has not changed. Then I told them I had lodged a complaint with the HSBC Quality Services Department.

    The complaint that I lodged dealt with the persistent calls, information not being added to the A/C notes and being lied to by their call centre staff and that any communication regarding my account should be done in writing. Reason being that I was lied to and information and requests that were agreed to were noted on the A/C. The calls did stop but the communication in writing part did not happen.
    I suggest that if you have suffered from either or all A) persistent calls, B) information that is not being added to the A/C notes C) being lied to by the call centre staff take a note of they time they called, the name of the person and complain to the HSBC Quality Service Department.
    No one should suffer from bad service even if they are overdrawn on their accounts. Remember these people that call are supposed to be trained and they follow a crib sheet and if the crib does not allow them to answer the question say that you want to escalate the call and speak to a British HSBC representative that will get the problem sorted out and until you speak to one you will not answer their questions.
    I have dealt with Indian call centres before and HBSC, Orange and Singapore Airlines must have given out the contracts to the worse trained Indian call centres and I have dealt with the people in call centres in the UK but at least they know how to approach people and know when the problem can’t be resolved by them and so pass it up the line.

  19. Ashley says:

    Firstly some of the comments here have been a bit unfair. ‘all call centres seem to be in far flung parts of the world and you can not understand what they say’ this is completely unreasonable! The bank is one of the biggest international banks in the world, so of course they are going to have call centres across the globe. Other banks/organisations do this a lot. HSBC still have call centres in the UK, for instance Leeds, Edinburgh, Hamilton, Swansea, Sheffield… and is it really that difficult to understand people. I think that is bordering on being a little racist and stereotyping. I have called call centres from abroad and not had any difficulty in understanding, maybe the people that think that it is hard to understand should try and be a bit more cultured and not expect a company just to have call centres in the UK.
    I have never had a problem with HSBC, they are always friendly and offer to help. They have the most sophisticated branch network, giving machines that can do most of the simple tasks people need to do for everyday banking. Call centre staff are knowledgeable and if they cant help straight away then they will find someone with the right skills. All I would say in closing is don’t forget which banks managed to make it through the recession without the help of the government!! Only 2 come to mind…

    • HSBC Staff Member says:

      Glad that you can understand because when I have called one of the overseas centres with an internal or customer enquiry I have been given incorrect information and experienced communication and cultural problems.
      A global bank surely means a global representation rather than a customer with a U.K bank account being diverted to a call centre in India rather than in the account holding country just because it is much cheaper. The only global advantage is for HSBC saving money on staff wages. HSBC are using cheap labour under the banner of global!

  20. Sara says:

    I have had exactly the same experience as Angry Nomad. Having been a customer of HSBC for a number of years I fell into difficulty with credit card payments. I contacted them straight away to explain that it was due to a change in circumstances and I would need help. I agreed to a payment plan of what I could afford until I got back on my feet again. They have been an absolute nightmare and my complaint is with the abroad call centres. First of all are the consistent, nuisance phone calls from 8am until 9pm sometimes up to ten times a day. Every time I explained that I would only answer calls between a certain time as I have two very small children who would often be disturbed by calls when in bed. They took no notice at all. These calls were often in the tone of ‘you haven’t paid/you have paid less than required/payments were late’ and most annoyingly why I couldn’t pay. Their questions and tone were rude, offensive and obtrusive. I felt that I had to explain my situation over and over again. They tried to make me pay more. The best bit was I have been in an agreed payment plan with them for over 8 months paid by standing order and have never faulted which they only acknowledge when it suits them. I have learned that you have to make notes of dates, names and conversations because they do not add anything to your records and will refuse point blank that you have called or made any arrangement also they refuse to confirm anything in writing. There is no internal communication and I cannot believe that staff are fully trained to carry out their jobs. As for my payment plan they keep denying that there is one in place but although I have names, dates etc, they are more than happy to accept my money every month. I have to argue regularly over late payment fees added to my account when payments are made by standing order and received by HSBC a week before the payment date. Today’s argument has been that my payment plan was only for two months. My concern is that they feel that they can terminate this without informing the other party? Lastly, you can expect to be on the phone for approx 1 hour as you are put through to different departments and left on hold for 10 minute intervals (from my experience). Today, I complained and asked to speak to a Manager. I was then put on hold and left and left until I gave up the will to live. Another letter on its way to HSBC Complaints Department. This is the worst bank I have ever had dealings with.

  21. Lilly says:

    Most of the staff in the branches are helpful and will try and assist.
    However they often have their hands tied as overdrawn accounts or missed payments are usually dealt with by a faceless overseas call centre. You are correct with regard to lack of communication often the call is brought up on a powerdialler system where your number is called and then your account details are flashed onto the operators screen – therefore your notes or circumstances have not been reviewed prior to this happening. Hsbc shipped all of this abroad to save money. I agree the customer experience has suffered another reason is that the branch staff are given high sales target to make points and are encouraged to concentrate on selling. Therefore there is a quandry between wanting to help the customer and spending time owning the problem and therefor not selling products and getting told off. I know because I did care about the customers rather than the push to sell and have now left HSBC because I no longer agreed with the greed culture and the unfair and uncaring way it was being managed.

  22. andyb says:

    How can anyone rate a bank 5 stars and say it is the best of all banks? Surely you need to have experienced all other banks first. Also, how is it racist to want an English speaking call centre. Granted, not all the banks staff in India speak poor English but a number of them do and it can be frustrating as it lowers your confidence in that staff member and the bank. I have banked with HSBC since Midland days (which I long for) and find it to now be totally impersonal and no longer have the relationship the used to cultivate. As a result I am in the process of moving to another bank. As a new customer I will not expect special treatment so I won’t be disappointed like I am with HSBC.

  23. Derek says:

    I have held a personal (on-line) account with HSBC for nearly ten years. Yes I have had difficulties (to the point of exasperation) with their call centre staff especially in matters out of the norm, however the latest action by the administrative personnel in arbitrarily introducing an ADVANCE account WITH charges to an account which previously was FREE, takes the biscuit!!! Another opportunity for the bank to swell its already healthy profits at the customers expense. Disgusted!

  24. Tony Mallett says:

    Having for many years taken my life certificate from my company pension provider to HSBC for witnessing I was flabbergasted to be told that they no longer provided that service. Apparently they now only witness HSBC documents. Compared to Midland Bank well no there is no comparison.

  25. Sam says:

    My Father recently died. He had a progressive terminal illness which informed HSBC about, when he had to be medically retired. His main income was benefits for the last 5 years of his life. He had a small mortgage with HSBC (converted to interest only) and a currently account that was overdrawn.
    Every time there was an issue with Dad’s account I had to take him into the Bromley branch in person, which is no easy task when someone has profound mobility issues and the branch has a step in the middle of the floor. I did not want to activate the ‘mandate’ to take over his account as his mental functioning was not affected by his illness. When someone is losing all control over their life, you don’t want to exacerbate their loss. There was no flexibility, no disabled coordinator or any chance of a home visit. All the bank were interested in then was getting me onto the mortgage once they asked about my salary and qualifications. There is no understanding or dare I say it compassion.
    You can’t call a branch direct, you have to leave your details with a main call centre and wait for them to call you back. Very difficult when you are a carer for a disabled person with limited time and lots to do, and you have found the time and inclination to contact the bank regarding an issue, only to be knocked back.
    In the months before his death we managed to reduce his overdraft by half and made all monthly interest payments, whilst the house was on the market. Unfortunately, he died before the house was sold and the mortgage repaid.
    I am dealing with his Estate as executor All other potential creditors (small amounts on credit cards) have been excellent when I have contacted them. Both in terms of customer service and empathy.
    HSBC have been anything but helpful. I cannot get the mortgage department on the phone. They have refused to honour any direct debits from Dad’s account, even for house insurance (to protect their asset) which I have had to move to my account. I offered to pay the money in to cover the DD’s , not expecting them to fund this when the account is overdrawn ( only by £500 and bearing in mind that Dad’s estate has circa £200,00 debt fee equity which they know about))There was no flexibility.
    The call centres ( in Sheffield are not equipped to take calls when the account holder is clearly not available – there is nothing you can do about Data Protection when the person is dead! The caller should be redirected to a bereavement team immediately as happened when I called Virgin credit card – who were brilliant
    All HSBC are interested in is seeing a copy of the Will. The estate has been left for the benefit of my disabled sister, to enable myself and my brother to house and care for her. There is no suggestion that the mortgage will not be repaid.
    I will close my account with them as soon as I can once the Estate affairs have been finalised. The whole experience has added to my distress at a time of grieving.

  26. Charmaine says:

    HSBC have become by far the WORST organisation I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. My problems first started when I applied for credit account with one of my suppliers and it was rejected, I contacted Experien only to find HSBC had registered adverse data on my credit file,. These entries were regarding 2 ‘second accounts’ that I had for a while but rarely used. They were both in credit by a few pounds. When I contacted HSBC they told me that they had recently changed their criteria and these accounts were now considered ‘dormant’. The adverse info was because I hadn’t used them. How ridiculous is that???? It took me 6 months of persistant phone calls, emails and letters to finally get them to accept that their actions were unjustified and uncceptable and to remove the information from my credit file. When the ordeal was finally over I complained that I had never once received an apology and wanted reimbursing for my time and expense spent sorting out a mistake that THEY had made but affected me dramatically. Their response? We never apologised because you didn’t ask us to (I actually have that in a letter from them!) and they will offer no reimbursement because they had removed the information!!

    Throughout all of these months the call centre staff although very polite, there was a definate language barrier with regards to broad accents. I have dealt with several ‘overseas’ call centre and very rarely had a problem with understanding or being understand, HSBC obviously do not take the ability to speak clearly and concisely into account when hiring their staff, maybe they get to pay a cheaper per hour rate in these instances!

    No one ever ‘owned’ the problem so I was faced with the very frustrating task of having to explain the problem in full everytime I rang. Every complaint was met with a standard response letter which stated ‘we have looked into this matter again and are satisifed that our actions are correct. This matter is now closed’. Hows that for dismissive!! When they finally admitted their error and agreed to remove the adverse information, their letter stated this was done as a ‘good will gesture’ NNNOOO!! It was done because HSBC put it there without cause or reason.

    Shame they are not so flexible regarding charges they make for their time and letters sent!

    My next dilemma was when they offered me an upgrage on my account that included a ‘cash back’ incentive for taking out your home and car insurance with them. At the time my renewals were due I dutifully called them, accepted their quotes and paid my policy premiums. I asked about the ‘cash back’ incentive and was told it would be credited to my account. A few months later it still wasn’t there so I rang again. This time I was told that it was my local branch that were responsible for making the credit and I should take my policies in for them to make a copy and action the ‘cash back’. I did this, the counter assistant looked confused but took copies anyway and said she would ‘sort it’. A few months later, still no cash back. I rang and made a complaint only to recieve a letter stating that the ‘cash back’ was for a limited time only and I was no longer entitled to it!! I asked them to show me where it stated this in the ‘account features information’, they couldn’t because it doesn’t. You can’t renew a policy until the old one has finished, what is the point of offering that as an incentive if it can’t apply??

    The latest ‘cock up’ has been with my credit card. I have held one since 2001 and never missed or been late with a payment, when I reach my credit limit of £8,200 i always consolidate and clear it in full. I am self employed and recently a company I contract to went out of business owing me a large sum of money. I contacted HSBC to advise them that in the near future I MAY have a short term financial problem which MAY mean that I am unable to make the full payment required on my credit card. I was awaiting chasing outstanding monies owed to me and hoped this wouldn’t be the case but wanted to be fully aware of procedures etc if I was to fall short. It was explained the first step was to complete and income/expenditure form, the information could then be assessed and a repayment plan could be made. Fortunately my payments came in and I was in a position to clear my £8200 credit card balance in full and missed no payments. A few weeks later I went to use my card and it was declined. I rand card services and was told that account had been closed because a payment plan of £5 per month had been set up at my request. I told him that this was not the case but we went around in circles for a while before I lost the plot and went into the nearest branch.

    I explained what had happened, they checked my account and agreed that it seemed highly unlikely I would have cleared the balance in full had I made such an arrangement. They suggested I open a business account in order to ensure anymore difficulties arising from my self employment did not affect my personal account. We attempted this and it was declined, the reason given was ‘bad conduct on my credit card account’. I was infuriated!! The staff all agreed, including the Manager, that there had been no ‘bad conduct’ on my account and this should be removed. However the credit card department, who I was told by the Branch Manager, was a law unto themselves. Decided otherwise.

    I am now in a position where I have no line of credit, cannot open a business account and cannot explore options with any other bank because of the adverse information again falsely registered. Once again HSBC are refusing to accept a mistake has been made, can offer no evidence of my making any payment plan or bad conduct on my account and simply refuse to address the situation. These people are playing with people’s lives, badly trained overzealous call centre are making decisions that they have neither the experience nor knowledge and HSBC are refusing to acknowledge their mistakes and rectify them. My fight continues!!!!

  27. David says:

    I went £1000 Overdrawn. When £300O/D they charged £170 charges, and have continued for 3 months despite the fact I have paid in £400+.The rate is equivalent to 200% interest p.a. or more! What a shame used to be so helpful – even when things went wrong.

  28. john edwards says:

    A similar tale of woe. I’ve been with them for over 20 yrs and seen the decline to the point of being unable to contact my branch by phone and treated like a nuisance when I turn up in person. Time to show my displeasure by leaving them. If I could give 0 stars I would.

  29. Lawrence says:

    Worst bank in the entire world!

    This bank is currently tap dancing on my last nerve. It seems to me that HSBC can’t STAND to make ‘friendly’ reminders.

    This morning a letter arrived at my parents’ house concerning my not making payments on my overdraft, therefore my overdraft is now in review.

    This comes completely unbeknown to me, I didn’t even realise there WERE minimum payments, and further more they have asked me to rectify the situation but FAILED to stipulate the amount!

    Apparently I haven’t made a payment since July, perhaps if they had contacted me in say, August this would not be a problem. However HSBC like to bide their time and then drop it on you with the LEAST possible convenience.

    Knowing HSBC as well as I do I expect they will freeze this account regardless of whether I am paying money or not, and regardless of the fact I have never gone OVER my overdraft. I am currently overseas and I need this facility in place in case of emergency. If all else fails I NEED it to get home safely!

    Earlier this year I paid them back the entire amount on my credit card in one day and closed that account. Although they had been told I was overseas EVERY single time I entered a new country and used the card they FROZE it. I have spent at least $400 talking to people in India trying to unfreeze it. What is the point in having a globally accepted card from the world’s local bank if you can’t use it around the world???

    I would also like to make it clear that a few people on here are being accused of racism.

    Here is a fact, I called a UK branch about a late payment, a nice young English chap informed me that was no problem and said he was going to put me through to another department, I let loose a sigh of relief knowing that HSBC love to cause me headaches. I was immediately transferred to an Indian call centre and to the MOST unreasonable person I have ever spoken to who then started talking about COLLECTION agencies and paying back to total amount on my credit card!!! (this phone call at my expense, from an Aussie phone to an English line to an Indian call centre).

    I got angry and a week later cancelled my card, I received a follow up call asking why? I suggested they should have a better idea of WHY that was than anyone. If I could rate this bank zero I WOULD. Wish me luck people.

  30. Sarah says:

    As an ex HSBC staff member the people at the top treat bot the staff and customers with very little respect. The whole ethos is to sell, and then sell some more. The good customer service is being lost because staff are under pressure to meet high targets selling fee paying accounts, credit cards and insurances. One staff member at my branch was selling insurances to customer who did not speak English and did not understand what they were sigining up for and she was rewarded with days off and bonuses. The rest of the staff were told off because “If she could sell so many, why couldn’t the rest of us?” The answer to that is that the majority of us are honest and fair something HSBC lost sight of and area managers did not care about.

  31. ian says:

    Totally agree HSBC have turned into greedy vultures caring nothing for staff or customers. I can’t wait to get another job.

  32. Call me John says:

    I have owned several credit cards during my life and they all treated me well except HSBC. I had a cash back rewards account with them and racked up a nice sum of cash back on my card only to find out I could only get back a limited amount every year. So I cashed in on what I was allowed for that year and then waited for a year to pass to get the rest of my cash back starting in January Lo and behold they closed my account in November, due to inactivity (I stopped using it) without my permission. They now claim that they do not have to give me my cash back (it was a sizable amount) because my account is closed. I’m sure in the fine print somewhere (I haven’t checked yet) it is legal, but without question this is unethical. User beware, HSBC definitely gets a zero in my book for a rating. They are now the only credit card company I will not use. They obviously took advantage of me and are an unethical company.

  33. Gillian says:

    I opened an account with the then Midland Bank in 1976. Since it became HSBC there have been nothing but problems. The final straw came today. I found out that by pressing # instead of any numbers on the automated telephone system you can actually speak to a person. Yippee! I thought. The person who answered was a very polite man in India. After 27 minutes, during which he refused to take my number and call me back and couldn’t answer my question, he finally put me through to a UK department and the very apologetic Scottish man was able to answer my question in less than a minute. This is not racist. It is simply the lack of understanding when speaking to a non-native English speaker. The Scot immediately understood where the problem lay and was able to resolve it. Needless to say, this was the last in a very long list of frustrations (including HSBC debiting my account on the authority of someone else and subsequently blocking my access to my funds because their mistake put my account into debit). I am switching banks and the relief is enormous. For anyone who needs it, the number to call to speak to a UK customer service assistant is 08456022097. Good luck!

  34. Amy says:

    Awful, nothing but problems. Cards refused (despite never being overdrawn) internet banking a complete disaster. To top it all money taken by them from my account because of an automatic renewal for an overdraft that I never signed up for, never asked for and have never used. The money was returned without an apology and after several phone calls to three different people (one of whom hung up on me) I can’t deal with them anymore and came on this website to find another bank. I am leaving.

    Good luck to anyone who stays with them.

  35. S Roberts says:

    No stars! Card declined 3 times in a week. The account it is linked to has available funds. We automatically clear credit in full and have never reached/exceeded our credit limit. We have no debts of any description and no problems with any of the other organisations we invest with. The only problem we ever encounter is with HSBC. We are exasperated and have asked them to please check what happened when our card was declined 3 times in the past week and the reasons for the rejection. NO REPLY. This is not the first time that our HSBC cards have been declined/cancelled, even whilst abroad although we always notify them we are going. They never give us a reason/apologise. HSBC do seem to have a very ‘customer unfriendly’ attitude. We can’t call a branch direct; we have to leave our details with a main call centre and wait for them to call us back, which they don’t do. We have decided to walk away. HSBC have only abhorrence for anyone with savings and will end up with only debtors.

  36. christopher green says:

    Closed my personal account after 8 years (originally with Midland). Hopeless customer service approach totally impersonal; money grabbing and every opportunity taken to add unjustifiable admin fees.

  37. June says:

    We have had a small business account with HSBC for several years which HAS worked successfully. However, they sent a letter – ONLY ONE LETTER – several months before implementing new charges on business accounts which made it unfeasible to continue using their facility. We were clever and remembered (several months later) that the new charges would soon be in place so we visited our local HSBC branch and spoke to a very nice young lady who said “of course we could cancel the account and she would transfer the remaining balance into another (private) account in HSBC”.
    Did this happen? Did it my…..aunt! I ended up transferring the remaining balance myself. We then (stupidly) assumed the bank would close the account, but no, we get a letter about 2 weeks after the new charges have started saying we need to tell them what to do about a DD that was on the account. If we want it transferred all we needed to do was to tell them the new sort code and account number and hey presto – transferred. Guess again. It has taken over 3 hours to transfer (and cancel) ONE DD from HSBC. The account is still ‘live’ so we are awaiting another battle when we try to sort out the charges which are BOUND to be added to a ‘closed’ account. Clearly it is to be held active until the DD is sorted. What a clever way to instigate new charges!! Maybe we should have closed it sooner, but as it was working and it’s such a very small account in the eyes of HSBC we left it until about a week before new charges came in. Still long enough surely to do what was required? We are now in the process of cancelling our other accounts with them. Getting out whilst the going is good. Sorry for the ramble – I feel better now!!

  38. Alan says:

    Try banking cash in a counter service! Had to visit 4 branches (counting my local one which closed early – 6 months ago and never opened again) before I found a branch with a counter service. I couldn’t use the automated machines because my church hadn’t given me enough CAF Paying in slips (4 required) to bank the offering collected. The second branch I visited told me to try 2 other branches, but the first one turned out to be an automated one anyway.

    I was fortunate that I only had a few coins, as the cash machines can’t cope with that. One branch couldn’t cope with notes either, due to a software fault.

    I don’t drive, so had to take a train to these branches. Oddly there were 2 nearer branches that could have been reached easier by bus & train that they didn’t tell me about

    If they ever ask for proof as to where the cash came from, I don’t know how I could prove that, unless I showed them the envelopes they were put in.

  39. Pradeep says:

    I have never seen such a bad service provided by HSBC bank but yes HSBC Bank service is pathetic for its extra point service, there customer care executives never pickup the phones and voice response system ask for to store your number and name and tell that they will call shortly but you never got a call.

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