Intelligent Finance

IF, as it is now known, was launched by Halifax 2000 to offer internet-based banking for its customers. It is now a division of Bank of Scotland plc.

IF offers a wide range of services, specialising in higher interest current accounts and savings. They also specialise in offset mortgages.

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  1. John says:

    Right now, I can not identify you, but that is OK, just type your comment on the above textarea.

  2. The Mozz says:

    I am a wealthy man who is extremely unhappy with the service provided. The Interest rates are below woeful and the customer service is lacking to say the least.

  3. Jeff Clark says:

    I have had an account, firstly with the Midland and then with HSBC, for over 40 years. I have today moved my accounts to the Co-operative Bank. We have never been overdrawn and we never allow the credit cards to run over and are always paying the balance off before it attracts interest charges, maybe this is why they don’t want us as customers?

    The call centres are abysmal, and as they are outsourced abroad it makes for inadequate communication, which is so very frustrating. I think the objective of the HSBC is bullying. After a four-year struggle trying to sort out their mistakes and to combat their complete arrogance, we have decided it is far better we part company.
    I suggest you try anywhere else for you Banking needs.
    There should be a Minus figure for ratings since one star is misleading and can’t be withdrawn….
    J. C.

  4. Catherine Mcwhinnie says:

    A dreadful thing happened to me shortly before Intelligent Finance officially opened for business (weeks). I was severely traumatised and was ill for several years, so was unable to do anything about it at the time. I am feeling better now and am feeling a great anger at the injustice done to me. At the time of the event I was going to approach the Newspapers with the sordid tale. I did in fact see personally the late Robin Cook who listened to my story (in the presence of his secretary) and said that he could not really interject because he was now an MEP but said that I had permission to approach his secretary any time. AS I siad, I was too ill to worry about the slur on my character in front of the many people who had been summoned by Intelligent Finance to watch my humiliation. I am a very respected ex Banker, having worked for many years in Banks at home and abroad, including the Bank of Montreal where I worked for 5 years with Foreign Exchange Traders -though I was employed as a cleaner at the time in Intelligent Finance for perfectly innocent reasons.

    May I say to whoever is reading this that it is not a ruse and suggest that it is passed on to a very senior member of I.F.Staff

    I look forward to receiving comments on this matter.

  5. Marc Woodland says:

    In contrast to the above comments I have ALWAYS found IF easy to use online, when I have needed to call I have ALWAYS found them very polite and helpful. Oh and I forgot their website worked for Macs from the start. cf HSBC. Compared to HSBC they are truly wonderful. No silly ‘tags’ either !

  6. sylvia milton says:

    I too have had a very traumatic experience with this bank over the last year and it has exacerbated my ill health. How weird that I take out a loan with IF it shows on my bank statement as Halifax and now IF tell me that when I speak with IF it isn’t really IF it’s Chester Loans!!X!! Can anyone help me here??? Totally confused? Me too. Sylvia

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