Bank of Ireland

Based in Dublin, the Bank of Ireland is an international group, but it predominately generates profit through activities in Ireland. In the UK it offers a wide array of banking services.

It offers retail savings, current accounts and personal loans. Through Bank of Ireland Life it offers life insurance, and there is also a private banking arm for wealthier individuals. The Bank of Ireland has a comprehensive business banking division.

2 responses to “Bank of Ireland”

  1. Selwyn Miller says:

    Woeful. The second worst bank in Ireland, second only to AIB. Extremely heavy-handed, giving overdrafts where none os asked for, and then applying bank charges to the overdraft you never knew about or asked for. These mistakes are glossed over with a shrewd smile and “ah, well sure, it’s the way it works here”
    Eventually I paid the charges and closed my account. Bad enough getting horrible service, but to have to queue because the automate tellers are offline as usual was the final straw.
    Avoid with the greatest caution.

  2. tracy says:

    This bank is rubbish, they give you nothing even when we had a boom they wouldn’t give me a loan, overdraft or credit card. Mean miserable people charge 12.70 euro 4 missed direct debits and wont pay them 4 u. Avoid this bank is right, plus they have quarterly fees of about 15 euro just for using your card.

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