Lloyds TSB

Another historic UK bank, Lloyds’ origins date back to 1765 as a private bank in Birmingham. It is another of the Big 5 UK banks, and merged with TSB in 1995.

Lloyds TSB offers a full range of retail services, including savings and loans, general insurance, current accounts and credit cards. Lloyds TSB also owns the Cheltenham and Gloucester which specialises in mortgages for them. There is a business banking and corporate finance suite as well as wealth management and private banking.

Lloyds TSB offer several different reward current accounts with lots of benefits.
Silver & Gold – for £7.95 and £12/month you will receive AA accident management and roadside assistance, travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and more.
Platinum – for £17/month you will receive all the above including, homestart and relay breakdown cover and airmiles.
Premier – for £25/month you receive all of the above as well as stay mobile breakdown cover, and home emergency cover.

80 responses to “Lloyds TSB”

  1. Dorothy Higgins says:

    open simplecash account

  2. Debbie says:

    Charges £30.00 for being overdrawn by 0.47p for 1 day

  3. Jude Rawlins says:

    Can’t get names and dates right on correspondence. And they shared my personal information with the local Conservative Party. The customer starter packs used to be quite snazzy though…

  4. Judith Robertson says:

    Sorted out a problem with my account and waived fees incurred through this – even though the problem was no fault of theirs. Kept me up to date with progress as well. I only have an ordinary Classic account.

  5. Derek says:

    After 30+ years with them I have finally had enough of their awful service and terrible advice. They used to be good but the last few years the ‘service’ has declined rapidly and in my opinion terminally. I have now switched to the coop which was quite a revelation. So this is what proper banks are like, should have switched a long time ago.

  6. Lorna Gibson says:

    Do not bank with Abbey, I have paid someone else’s mortgage with the money they took from my account, it took them 3 weeks to put it back. My cards now no longer work since they put in their new computer system, my account is frozen at least once a week without fail. I keep losing earning cause I need to go to my branch during work hours. They admitted it was their fault and I am waiting for a compensation offer. It’s now 8 weeks down the line and their head office and legal dept are now denying all knowledge of this and blaming me.

  7. J Cruickshank says:

    The Lloyds tsb have now withdrawn the facility that you could transfer that day from your Lloyds account to another account with the Lloyds right away and the money would be available right away when you transferred it through the internet banking. Now they have gave us a notice on our internet banking saying the following and adding on the lloyds tsb bite at the end. See below: “Please allow three to four working days for payments to reach the payee including any new payment arrangements to another Lloyds TSB account.” Why can they do this without warning and why are they allowed to do this as other banks allow this to happen? They are now making all transactions like standing orders, cheque etc. This was the point off using internet banking, it was supposed to be easier than going into bank. The bank is now making life more difficult all the time, they are taking away service after service. A disappointed Lloyds tsb customer.

  8. Raju Modi says:

    Lloyds tsb said that they are not going to charge me when I went overdrawn for the first time, but after a couple of months they deducted £30 from my a/c, after a few months I went overdrawn again thrice, then they charged me £90 and made me overdrawn by their own charges, now I do not have any money in my a/c, overdraft charges are there. Plz advise me what to do???

  9. Shirley Mahmut says:

    Lloyds is the best!

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  14. Mr. Steaming says:

    They’ve changed my (universally accepted) Cashpoint card for a Visa debit card. Suddenly, can’t process cash anywhere, so go to branch (a trek) and get cash on Visa. Into branch, ask what’s wrong with Cashpoint card. We don’t do them cards no more – told after a long wait. I congratulated the girl on her impeccable grammar and asked where my old card was. I’ve put it in the shredder. Nobody told me. But as I left, a woman followed me out and said another satisfied customer, then. Think that sums it up. Sorry, had to get it off my chest.

  15. adrian says:

    anyone know how to em-ail lloyds directly? straight to the managers/directors?
    im sick of this enquiry form and im not getting answers. please help

  16. TH says:

    Compared to my other bank Smile (Co-Op Bank) LTSB are lightyears ahead, espcially with internet banking. their system is completely real-time (apart from detailing specifics of earmarked funds for debit card payments, but that’s reflected in your available balance, in line with what other UK banks do), allowing you to know exactly what’s coming in and out of your account, how much money you have to spend, allowing you to keep complete control of it. perfect for my needs. When I’ve had a complaint or query, they’ve been able to sort it very quickly, as their basic infrastructure is so sound. Refreshing difference from Smile where their web interface is like something from the 1950s, and you can’t even find out what your availabale balance is without going to a cashpoint.

    Not Quite sure what J Cruikshank is talking about below. The function for same day transfers between LTSB personal accounts is still in place and has never been withdrawn at all. The 4 day notice that pops up is a disclaimer to cover for banks / Lloyds TSB business accounts who have not yet been upgraded to the ‘faster payments’ system. There’s been no change to transfers between personal accounts at all. By the end of this year, all transfers between personal and business accounts at LTSB will be instant also.

  17. Neil says:

    Faster payments from Lloyds = BUNKUM

    Tried to transfer money to an HSBC account linked to the Coventry Building Society. Can’t do it via faster payments sir, not even £200!

    So much for the much trumpeted 21st century banking.

    I gather HSBC and NatWest can both manage it so why can’t Lloyds?

    At least, to his credit, the telephone floor manager has said he’ll credit my account with the fees for a CHAPS transfer of my money (but only one of them 🙁 ) to make up for the lack of Faster Payments….

    I’ve lodged a complaint and I suggest others do the same if/when you find out you can’t either

  18. a very unhappy customer says:

    I was once a customer of Lloyds bank but no more thank god… When my husband died it took 5 months to sort out his account (which was in the red) and no-one I spoke to in 2 branches seemed to know what to do. I was given so much duff info it seemed like a farce. In the end I did nothing and let them sort it out. Nothing but trouble though for over 5 years – does anyone at Lloyds write letters anymore? I think not. 4 outstanding complaints still but I wont be chasing them. Would not waste my time. If you don’t bank the way Lloyds want you to they are not interested.

  19. B Kempster says:

    Lloyds is the worst bank I have used. Nationwide was the best and Natwest has been really good so far.
    With Lloyds tsb, since I joined them two years ago I have only faced problems after problems. I had set up a standing order for my mortgage and it would reach the mortgage a/c three days after the payment was due, so now I have to manually transfer the money from one bank to another. There is no other better service. I asked for an increased overdraft for just two months and got refused, but than later charged me £165 for overdraft fees. I didn’t want a credit card, every time I visited the bank I would be approached, so when I was recommended by the mortgage consultant to open a credit card, it took me three attempts to open a credit card, as per their system I have a bad credit rating, which is completely untrue. Than they apologies and opened a credit card, and guess what when there was a fraudulent transaction on my credit card I was recommended to block the cards and they will reissue me a new one. And till now I am waiting and spoke to 14 representatives and all of them said it’s on its way and it’s been two months and I haven’t had it. What a nuisance of a bank I would not recommend any one to bank with them. They are trouble and nuisance. Once I have cleared my overdraft I will not bank with them….. definitely not….

  20. Jim Hart says:

    Dealing with Lloyds about my late Mother in Laws estate. Both the local branch (Seaton in Devon) and the Estate Settlements unit have been efficient, helpful and friendly. So congratulations to Lloyds – a great contrast to Alliance and Leicester – but that another story!

  21. John Browning says:

    I’ve never had a serious problem with Lloyds TSB, other than having to queue in branches at busy times. Staff are always friendly and polite. I have 4 accounts with them and all are run well and without a hitch. Online banking is excellent and very good if you are moving between their own accounts or those with faster payments. Whenever I’ve needed to query something or change details, it’s dealt with efficiently in branch, or over the phone. This is one of the few high street banks I’m happy to recommend, I’ve been a long term customer too.

  22. Carol Frayne says:

    I have been a customer for 50 years and this is the worst it has ever been! I write letters to have money transferred overseas from UK but they say they never get the letters but then I phone from USA to ask what has happened and then I have to spend 15 mins on the phone going through every security question before they tell me that they don’t see my request. Well of course they don’t because it hasn’t happened and my letter has gone goodness knows where. This happens time and time again with no explanation about where my instructions have gone. Doesn’t anyone write letters anymore or even e-mails. I wrote them an e-mail but they never replied. What happens to those too? Since Lloyds became Lloyds TSB it has become a shambles for a lot of people and it is so tiring trying to unravel issues.

  23. Bob says:

    Lloyds TSB have just sent me a letter telling me they have increased my interest rates on my master card from 17,472% to 20.832% and for csh withdrawals from 24.9% to 26.484% p.a.
    This is at a time when they advertise 15.9%. I have had this card for many years and as far as I can remember have never missed a payment. Their payment protection is also extortionate and accounts for more than a third of the minimum monthly payment

  24. Chris says:

    Lloyds TSB are a terrible bank, I have been using their services for 20 years and they will screw you at every opportunity.
    Every system they have is out dated. i registered for HSBC online banking and in 30 minutes i was logged on. I have been trying to get Lloyds to sort this out for me for 10 years and they always mess it up.

  25. Chris Aubrey-Smith says:

    The internet banking system changed overnight – I’ve just wasted an entire morning trying to sort things out. The worst problem: the statements are upside-down! I tried my usual routine of downloading a .csv file, but that’s upside down, too! At a stroke, Lloyds have made their service incompatible with just about any piece of software customers might wish to use. When I ‘phoned for help, their operator said she didn’t understand the problem and just dumped me. What a disaster! What a disgrace!

  26. LCMH says:

    The new Lloyds web interface is a ghastly mess I can’t imagine why they thought it would be an improvement. I’ve told them to downgrade me to a Classic account because I’m certainly not paying £17 a month to download upside downstatements. I’ve been a Lloyds customer for 38 years, but I can feel a change coming on. 🙁

  27. Mr R Cocks says:

    Re the new Lloyds TSB internet banking system.

    Used the system for years with no problems. The statements looked as good as if you had received them through the post from the bank. The whole site gave the impression of quality personal banking.

    The new IMPROVED site is total rubbish, it looks what it is cheap and nasty. If it was not put together in a squat in the back streets of Romania, have the people who sanctioned this improvement been sacked yet? As stated by others the statements now read upside down, which begs the question. Will phase two of this IMPROVEMENT entail reading the pages from right to left?

  28. KCooke says:

    I have to agree with others in the reversed layout of their online statements is appalling, and must be designed to confuse customers and make them make expensive mistakes on their accounts.
    The reversed statements is an absolute no brainer and is making me feel quite ill.
    This is a Copy of an email I sent to TSB, 3 days ago and have not had a response, looks like it’s a change of bank for me too.
    “I have to say that I am utterly discussed with the new layout of the internet banking, and am extremely annoyed at the reversed layout of the statements. I will begin immediacy looking for an alternative bank and will end my 20+ year relationship with the TSB as soon as it is possible for me to do so.”

  29. Dai says:

    Lloyds new website is a step backwards – whoever thought that this was an improvement needs to clear their desk and head for the jobcentre. Backwards statements!!!! Who in their right mind reads their statement from bottom to top!!
    I have 5 different accounts and to check them all I now need to scroll down to see each one, rather than the old site where I could see them all on one screen. No I don’t want comments that I’m eligible for a loan beneath each account. Bring back the old site!!!!

  30. Euan Me says:

    Really disappointed with the new statement format. I import it into my software and the debit and credit columns have switched places, the balance column seems to be randomly populated and it’s in reverse date order. They say it was in response to customer feedback. That’s funny I don’t remember them asking me for my opinion!

  31. Dick Leigh says:

    Re the revamped internet banking website – I’ve not got as far as the upside-down statements yet but I have just been wrestling with the bill payment new-look. The drop down list of recipients is missing the descriptive ‘reference’ field which you can add when you set up the entry so as to make a list of sort code and account code symbols mean something. It also seems to lack any option to delete an entry in the list. Both severe downgrades on what was available before.

  32. Mr Hale says:

    Why oh why oh why oh why would you mess up something that worked so well.

    Old Internet banking was fab. New one is a disaster. Why would I want my internet banking to look like a facebook account….

    And financial statements should always read top down. What idiot thought it would be a good idea to put them the wrong way up?

  33. John Smith says:

    Have to really disagree with other posters. I love the new LTSB site. It’s about time a bank got up to date online and stopped being so 1990’s. The statement shows the most recent transactions first, big deal. Yes the information has moved about but it’s all still there and easy to see. It’s not confusing at all if you actually take 30 seconds to just look and read the information. You have to scroll down a web page? Oh well you might as well close your account eh? What a hardship to roll your finger over a mouse button, come on man! Some people just can’t deal with change.

  34. Y I Mann says:

    I don’t understand how anybody could think that the new Make a Payment facility is an improvement. The old website gave you a nicely laid out, clear and easily readable list of payees. The new website gives you a cluttered, drop-down list that is really hard to read. Thankfully Business Banking is still on the old format, but for how much longer…

  35. JD says:

    The new Lloyds internet banking website is a disaster as far as my wife and I are concerned. We just cannot get used to the fact that statement movements go from bottom to top. We used to like logging on to the website to feel comfortable that we weren’t overdrawn etc. Now when we log on the look of the statements are confusing and we feel stressed rather than comfortable as its difficult to see the wood from the trees. We are now thinking of moving all our banking to First Direct where we already have an account and where the format is much better.

  36. Richard Atkinson says:

    New bank screen – awful looks like it’s been put together by a 5 year old. The old system was fine – this is all over the place – I use internet banking all the time can’t use this eyesore – change of banks I think – spending money to change something in the current environmental climate that worked fine only to cock it up – probably sums banking up in a nutshell.

  37. Ed Moxon says:

    I’ve used Lloyds Internet Banking for some years and have been a customer for 28 years. The reverse statements are an absolutely dreadful. I’ve tried to find a way of complaining via their website but, funny old thing, no obvious way in. I cannot follow the damn statement layout and to compound their sins, whilst Lloyds nag me to go paperless, the new statements take 3 sheets of paper to print what used to take one! Was this put together by some work experience idiot? Thinking of changing banks.

  38. Jennifer says:

    New LTSB Online banking. Why are my statements upside down with the bottom line balance at the top? Where can I leave my feedback on line and why can’t I contact them by email? Perhaps the previous government had 43% input in setting this up.

  39. MJO says:

    I detest the new site. Having previously had no problems I am now unable to download statements into Microsoft Money. Support desk was useless and blamed my software which worked perfectly well before they changed the website. If it weren’t for the Airmiles, I’d be off elsewhere……..

  40. Michael Ryan says:

    Lloyds TSB new revised website is a complete disaster. As a loyal customer who has banked with Lloyds for over 36 years I am very disappointed with the standard of service we now receive.

    Local branch staff are always friendly and try their best but areas such as online banking are deteriorating rapidly.
    Why change the whole layout of online statements and reversing the order of transactions has been a nightmare for me as I used to regularly import data from their website directly into spreadsheets. This can still be done but apart from reversing the order of transaction entries they’ve also changed the order of columns. Inconsistencies cause big problems and can generate many errors.

    Bring back the old website which was perfectly alright, i.e. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  41. M MMc says:

    New Internet Banking system is just awful. Why on earth change something that worked perfectly well and what can possibly be the reason for the statements reading bottom to top? What a mess! It is just so amateur.

  42. Bob Woodman says:

    This is a perfect example of a business that thinks it is bigger than its customers. Is there anyone who was consulted before this atrocious website was launched. At least let us know who designed this rubbish so other businesses can avoid them like the plague.

  43. Kate says:

    The new online banking layout is terrible. It worked fine before.

  44. Chris Russell says:

    Lloyds new web site from what I can gather seems to have turned over the design of their bank statements to the ancient but capable hands of the Mayans, as they seem to be the only culture that read from bottom to top. Imagine if Diaries, TV Guides, Planners etc. started with the last date or entry.
    The bank also urges everyone to save paper, but the new statements if printed out from the new site now use at least six times more paper than the old site.

  45. John Walker says:

    Been a customer man and boy etc. I just commented to my son here’s my note:

    They encourage no paper statements then they mess with the order a) of columns switching debits and credits (as an ex programmer to alter a legacy download layout is a mortal sin).
    b) the reverse date order I hate and all my history is date ascending down the page!!!

    In order to get transactions to sort (just sorting on date doesn’t sort multi transactions on the same day to line up with the balance) I do the following: add another column and put in a column count 1,2,3,4 etc. then sort on the count column descending. I need to get a few minutes on the home phone and raise it with internet banking (office hours only).

  46. Simon Evans says:

    The head of Retail Banking at Lloyds is Helen Weir. You can write to her at their Head Office. I suggest you do.

    Back in the nineties Lloyds changed their paper statements to an atrocious design that buried the information one actually wanted (it was printed in an 8 pt font as I remember) and was defective in other ways. I wrote to them at the time and gave them a list of five problems they needed to fix. They denied that anything needed fixing, but I noticed that over the next few years all the changes I suggested were implemented. I claim no special knowledge; my comments were based on commonsense.

    Over the years I have banked with several American banks, and with two UK banks. I have used all of their on-line services. Lloyds has never been good, and their latest effort is terrible.

    The best on-line statements I have ever seen are from the Bank of America. They make changes only gradually, and they test each and every change very carefully. The statements tell you what you need to know and are not jazzy or visually noisy, unlike the latest Lloyds effort.

    When I called Lloyds to ask if there was a ‘reverse’ option so that I could see my transactions in traditional date order I was told that many customers had asked to see the last transaction at the top. So they had changed it. Apparently this was done without any consultation. They had been told that other banks do this with on-line statements. (I don’t know if they do it with paper statements, or what Lloyds plan is for paper.)

    My informant at the bank said they were looking into a reverse option, but he could not say when or if it would happen. When I pushed him he said they would be unlikely to spend a lot of time and effort on it unless it was going to happen. My translation of this comment was “A lot of people have complained, so we will have to do it.” He seemed genuinely surprised when I pointed out that many people have business accounts, which are all kept with new transactions inserted at the bottom. I asked him how I was supposed to compare a personal account going one way with a connected business account. He did tell me that business accounts would not be changed. So its only the poor private customer who gets this, and then maybe only online.

    Fixing this particular problem will not solve the many other defects of the new statement. But it might be a start.

  47. James Ian Bryce says:

    Just why??!! mess with a format that worked well?!
    The homepage is a compete spaced out mess, before you could see all your accounts at a glance. You now have to scroll up and down the page which has unnecessary graphics cluttering the page. Debit columns have always gone before the Credit columns, why reverse this?
    Reversing the date order virtually make it impossible to import into an accounts programme I have be using for many years.
    I have banked with the TSB for over 30 years, just a shame that Lloyds has had to mess with it!!

  48. nikkie says:

    My husband and I think the new layout is really stupid, I could understand it better the old way, thinking off leaving this bank anyway, even tho I’ve been with tsb since I was 14 and now I’m 35….. they love charging me on my overdraft usage even tho it’s them that has made me overdrawn…

  49. John Willson says:

    I agree that the change in layout for statements is completely unnecessary and involves me in additional effort to download to a spreadsheet. Does anyone know how to make an effective complaint? (BTW; what’s this rating thing I have to complete to post a comment?)

  50. mtw says:

    I cannot agree more about the reverse date order – it is strange and doesn’t sort transactions which occur on the same day. My thanks though to John for suggesting a solution – though you would think that some people at Lloydstsb must be being paid to sort out these kinds of issues. As everyone else has said this is shockingly bad practice.

  51. Rogeratendale says:

    Thank goodness other people agree how awful Lloyds new internet site is! Upside down format, thin print and 3 times the paper! I wrote to Lloyds to complain and they wrote back to say how well it had been received and I was the only complainant. I thought they were lying and now I know. Anyone want to help me start an internet petition to change back (or is there already one?)

  52. Drew Roberts says:

    Lloyds TSB has gone from having one of the best online banking websites to the worst. The new online banking website is terrible. Why on earth are the transactions listed in REVERSE. After contacting them I was told I would get used to it. They are not listening to feedback about the new site so I’m sorry but after 30 years banking with them I am moving banks. The new website is a big steps backwards.

  53. Hetty says:

    I’ve been searching the net to look for anyone else who has had the awful experience of Lloyds Bank Radio as introduced into the Leamington Spa branch and apparently going into other main branches to replace the TV’s? The equivalent of a hospital radio style, a cheesy host and the dull and depressing r&b pap and middle of the road pop, interspersed with (oh of course) adverts promoting the many services of our bank! Not satisfied with throwing marketing literature at you, forcing their counter-staff to ask regimented ‘and is there anything else I can help you with’ and pretending security screening when paying in larger amounts of cash is less to do with selling and all to do with ‘terrorism’, we now have to stand in unreasonably long queues listening to this utter drivel. Thumbing down is an under-statement! I’m expecting the managers to write to me in text speak in response to my complaint (if they write at all) and ask me down where I will meet with them in their back-to-front caps, telling me ‘safe ent what it used to mean’. Lloyds? You have successfully turned one of the UK’s oldest establishments into the banking equivalent of Matalan. It’s not about being stuck up and dry – you can change that in a number of ways – yet you’ve gone for unoriginal and devoid of class. If this was the result of a focus group I am shocked. I would bet the majority of customers would have stuck with unintrusive news bulletins that at least had some relevance and the savings from the licensing of music and the installation of the audio system could have gone towards something useful like…… higher interest rates? Or is that old-fashioned???

  54. John James says:

    Why change the old website design when it was working so well. A backward step which as usual will be paid by the customer.

  55. Tom Williams says:

    What a complete cock-up they’ve made of the new Lloyds TSB internet banking site. Why oh why did they change it? The old site was fantastic but the new one is a complete disaster. The upside down statement order is ridiculous! What numpty thought that would be a good idea? Supposedly this was in response to ‘extensive customer research’ and the new layout was ‘enthusiastically received’. Well all I can say is their ‘extensive customer research’ must have gone tits up somewhere because they’ve just done a u-turn and said they will give users the option to put statements back in the correct order ‘as soon as possible’.

    But that still won’t change the fact that they’ve revised the column layout which has messed up my spreadsheet and I now only get my balance at the end of every day instead of the old site which gave me my balance after every transaction.

    The payment facility now uses a horrid drop down menu with seemingly no way to delete a recipient. I swear everything takes longer on this new site, it’s so unintuitive, I absolutely hate it. What an epic fail!

  56. Eileen says:

    I have been a customer for nearly 50 years. I found the previous internet banking system worked well, but the new set up takes too long.

  57. a a vickery says:

    If the chiefs at Lloyds Bank want to know how to stop customers complaining, get in touch with their branch office at station road chingford. The staff there are always helpful and very cheerful.

  58. Richard says:

    Customer Service Review
    Lloyds TSB
    2nd Floor
    2 Atlantic Quay
    45 Robertson Street
    G2 8JF
    The more complaints the better!

  59. Jane says:

    Agree with Kate why did they change the internet banking I HATE IT!! bring back the old way. I’m sure accounts I had set up for payments have disappeared as well!! I hope they leave the business ones alone as that is still the old style.

  60. Peer says:

    10/09/2010, 14:35GMT since more than an hour I try to log into my Lloyds TSB account but they say they make important changes.
    One can only hope they block millions of customers on a bright day to add a usable CSV export format for statement downloads. (Update: 15:00GMT logged into account and tested export, still the new trouble format; whatever they changed, it was without notice, again).

    I can write an ETL (extract, transform, and load) script to convert the new format to the old which saves me messing about with OpenOffice Calc.

    In addition to the reversal of the transaction history, the description is not anymore quoted, the sort code format changed, a header row is added, and worst of all the pay-in pay-out columns are swapped.

    I imported several statement downloads into my total account history spreadsheet before I discovered that there is something wrong. Most accountants are (yet) spared of this experience because Lloyds TSB uses only personal account holders as guinea pigs, business accounts are not affected.

    Probably they are planning to sell a matching (own) accounting software soon, if they are that clever?!

    Admittedly I expect not much from Lloyds but I can honestly say they stole several hours of my time by just not informing their customers of the counterproductive change.

  61. slawomir says:

    po co bylo zmieniac wyglad strony? poradze sobie , ale komu to przeszkadzalo ? cierpicie na brak zajecia? -pozdrowienia !

  62. audrey says:

    Neither myself nor my husband can log onto our accounts today using the same user and passwords that we’ve been using for the last month.
    Is this one more glitch with the new web site or something more sinister?
    I was prepared to give the new web site a chance. It always takes time to get used to something new. Disaster though if you can’t access it at all.

  63. ZJG says:

    I love the new online banking, it’s such an improvement and makes so much so sense. It’s how I want it to be and I’m sure they did a huge amount of research to get it right. A new web layout is a huge investment for a company so they wouldn’t just do it without extensive planning. All those complaining – give it a few months and you’ll love it.

  64. marion says:

    Why can I no longer print a bank statement without all the paraphernalia top and bottom. I want just the entries; on one page – as in the past. At least they have made a change so the latest entry can be at the bottom of the page!

  65. JANIS LEASK says:

    Old lloyds tsb site was good for internet banking new site regular problems logging on they should of left exactly how it was .

  66. mike says:

    It’s odd how the reviews here range from 1 star abysmal (vast majority) to 5 star amazing, extraordinary, great. It’s almost as though some reviews are not quite genuine….? No SURELY that cannot be…. I wonder if it’s the good ones or the bad ones which are fake… hmmmm….
    My recent experience with LTSB has been appalling – they appear to be helpful at the time, but then the problem just isn’t solved – it’s just ignored. They can’t admit they don’t give a damn, but they clearly don’t. All very sad for the branch workers, who probably try their best.

  67. D.Gorman says:

    I haven’t been able to get into my account details since the change and all Lloyds TSB say is that it’s my service provider at fault. Strange that my other banks still work even after they’ve ‘upgraded’.

  68. Darren Gregory says:

    What the hell is wrong with this website TODAY … it’s a slow as walking to the bank and queuing up to ask a question….

    This after a weekend where the search facility for statements was unavailable.

    I don’t mind websites changing to try to make improvements to the user experience… I do mind crappy websites where the investment has not been made in the architecture/infrastructure behind the scenes, nor the technical support teams that should be available 24×7 to ensure system uptime … (yes, I work in IT)

  69. Darren Gregory says:

    Latest Error !!!!!!!

    XML Parsing Error: no element found
    Location: https://secure.lloydstsb.co.uk/personal/login?url=customer.ibc
    Line Number 1, Column 1:

  70. Minnie says:

    Lloyds bank accounts are down today again, 3/11/10

  71. Charlotte says:

    Sort of comforting to see that I’m not alone in being absolutely livid about the service Lloyds bank are providing online. I tried today to use the online service to make a transfer only to be told that I should contact my service provider as there was nothing wrong with their system. When I asked exactly how I was supposed to access my account, I received a sorry can’t help. Then eventually tracked someone down for telphone banking who said someone would call me back to verify the payment – ten hours later no call of course. Now tried again online and thought I was being more successful, BUT NO, the transfer was declined at the last minute and told that someone would need to call to verify, any problems please call us, though funniy enough now outside their opening hours. THIS IS MY MONEY!! And I want it back!

  72. Stewart says:

    the bank needs you in debt how else can they claim rediculous charges for being overdrawn/ late payment when half the time it’s there system that lets you down

  73. Angry Business Banking Customer says:

    I have had a business account with Lloyds TSB for four years. During that time I have…
    1. Had money stolen from my account (someone spent thousands of pounds in Macys New York on my behalf – I’ve never even been to NY!).
    2. Had an overdraft approved only to find it disappeared at the end of the year and no one notified me, so when I went overdrawn I was charged a large amount.
    3. Been logged out of my online account due to system error multiple times.
    4. Been refused credit despite being a profitable small business with demonstrable year on year growth.
    5. Spent hours making payments at the end of each month, as I am unable to make multiple payments in one go (even to the staff and suppliers I pay regularly every month).
    6. Been forced to memorise multiple sets of passwords and security numbers because I have to have different ones for the branch, online and telephone banking (?!!?).

    In short, I would strongly advise you to do your business banking ANYWHERE but Lloyds TSB.

  74. Cath Jones says:

    Wow, I see Lloyds gets a pretty low rating, but some of the comments are quite old. Would anyone receommend them these days? I’m thinking of switching my current account. Thanks

  75. Tom says:

    Everytime I try to log-in, the system broke down. After report it and asked them to change my password they cut me off at phone the first time and the second time they want me to go to the Lloyd’s office. After lots of time wasted online and at phone trying to retrieve my password, I will leave it as it is. Thanks Lloyd’s bank!!!!

  76. Kevin says:

    We got a letter from C & G to tell us that we still owe on our mortgage, we set up a standing order for this for the 18th of this month, they took the money from the account but on the 23rd of this month the money got refunded for some reason and we don’t know why this is.

  77. Iain says:

    I find that people who leave comments on these websites are usually ecstatic over the good service/performance etc. or are very cheesed off. Personally I have had no real problems, am quite satisfied with the ease of use and am quite impressed by the security measures in place. I particularly like the phone call to verify you are setting up a new transfer to somebody.

  78. Jenny says:

    We have the overseas premiere account, off-shore, it is absolutely the most painful, worst thing I would ever suggest to anyone to do. They actually called me a liar (even after I emailed them a snap shot of their web page), they no longer handle international mortgages, of which they did when we opened the account. Every phone call is at least 20 minutes, with very little resolution. If I walk into a local Lloyds they sit me down and call the off-shore people. The web site is stuck in the 90’s, NO APP it’s not attached to regular Lloyds TSB, WE HATE THIS BANK !!!!!! and are in the process of switching.

  79. Rachel says:

    I got into debt with Lloyds TSB stupidly a couple of years ago. When I asked them for help in paying my 2 loans and overdraft off, they said they could not do anything to help me!
    So I put myself into a voluntary debt management plan and have been in it for 18 months. After looking into my account, I realised that Lloyds are still charging fees and interest on the overdraft, something which they told my Debt management company they would not be doing! The company have tried to resolve this issue but Lloyds are now saying that I need to request that the overdraft be removed before they can resolve this issue! Why did they not say this 18 months ago!!? I ring and the ‘system is currently down’ is what I get. I ask them questions, they can not answer me! Its like they haven’t got a clue what I am talking about!
    I am utterly disgusted in the service I have had with Lloyds TSB. I was in trouble and they would not help, I found help and now they are still trying to screw me over even though there are payment plans set up and I pay them every month without fail!!
    I would not recommend this bank to anybody they are terrible!!!
    Absolutely had enough of them! They make my blood boil!

  80. Karina says:

    I am not satisfied with this bank. I have tried to open account in it. The lady told to bring ID and proof of address. I brought it to her. She says – ‘Now account is opened.You will receive your card after few days’ . After this I gave all my employers new bank details. But then I received an email where the Bank declines my application. They are not telling why!!! I hate this bank. I have lost my time. And now I need to explain this situation to my employers cause and I have got no money to eat or pay rent. Terrible bank

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