Nationwide Building Society is the world’s largest building society and a top-three provider of mortgages and savings in the UK. It is also a major provider of current accounts, credit cards, ISAs and personal loans. With around 16 million members, Nationwide has a relationship with almost a quarter of the UK population.

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  1. Jamie says:

    the account 00667558 is in joint names of mr J Dent and MIss N S L Bailey, would like to know if can set up a debit card and possible a cheque book ?

  2. Trudi Buchanan- Nurrish says:

    I’ve been with nationwide for a long time and find them to be very understanding and helpful. thanks for everything.

  3. Stella Betts says:

    I live in KIngston Upon Hull. I have tried to use the ATM at the Ings Road Shopping Centre with both my Nationwide/Nat.West cards. Without fail both my cards are refused even though I have funds in both, as this is a Nationwide outlet I would like to know WHY.Your answer would be appreciated.

  4. Gulnaz Begum says:

    I am an indian is it necessary to open an account for wire transfer of some fund to my account in india, the Nationwide banking society is asking me to open an account for 500 pounds as initial deposit, and after that the fund will be transfered to that account and from there it will be transfered to my account in India is it not possible without opening an account cant i get the amountdirectly transfered to my account in India.

  5. Peter Ford says:

    My friend recommends Nationwide as they offer very high interest on regular savings. I opened an account with them and find that the Internet banking is brilliant and details are very clear. Also, the customer service is very good.

  6. Deborah H. Sigel says:

    Hi There,
    Could you please tell me if Nationwide Bank has a valid location at 1 Kings Park Road, Moulton Park, Northhampton, NN36NW, in London England? I did see the address on the internet, but the page was unavailable. I have just recently been approached by some folks in the UK claiming i won the the lottery, and claiming that the money will be deposited at this location, and of course there is a courier and insurance fee as well. Don’t worry i’m not that stupid, i’m just curious.
    Thank You Very Much For Your Help,

  7. Rab Mcewan says:

    Nationwide? Ration-wide! This lot wouldn’t lend you a pen to fill in paperwork let alone lend you money! I’ve been a customer here for 13 years; never overdrawn and constant money in, no adverse credit. I recently applied for measly 2 grand loan and basically got told where to go. I moved to Nat West, got a Gold account and 4 grand loan the same day that I opened the account! What a difference!

  8. Alanheywood says:

    Fantastic bank.

    Only bank I know where you can use ATM worldwide without charges (Flex account). I travel worldwide on a regular basis and find the Flex account great for cash withdrawal, good exchange rates and no charge.

  9. Mike Andrews says:

    Nationwide are simply fantastic!!

  10. Paul Hopcroft says:

    Very good, I’ve been their customer for over two years, very helpful branch staff at Walsall. Easy to use flex account and credit card online.

  11. kim rollison says:

    Nationwide advertise to give past bankrupts a basic account to have wages and benefits put into; however, this is not true. Even though I have a cashcard with them, they have flatly refused to help me. I put regular money in my cashcard every month but I can’t have debits in or out, they are like all the other banks.

  12. A. F. Higgs says:

    Excellent bank have used them for over 30 yrs. When abroad I can purchase goods and get the best exchange rate on the day with no penalties on my Visa card, it’s the only card I take. Have always found them helpful at Tamworth.

  13. John says:

    Abysmal service. Trying to transfer an ISA worth £6,000 to them. They have had my money for three months and it still isn’t credited to the account. They have lost my paperwork and no-one at branch level or on the phone seems to care.

  14. Alan Jeffery says:

    Imposition of penalties are unreasonable and unfair.

  15. Alan Jeffery says:

    Imposition of penalties are unreasonable and unfair.

  16. Alan Jeffery says:

    Imposing this ‘request’ is a liberty.

  17. tara says:

    abysmal service. I have a credit card. They kept sending my statements to my next door neighbour who is elderly and doesn’t get out! So I was getting these after the payment date, so kept getting late payment fees and interest added on. I telephoned them a few times on an 0845 number to tell them I wasn’t receiving the statements, so they told me they had changed the address. I have also got a Flexi account with them, this goes to the right address every month. In the end I had just about had enough of getting these fees every month. when talking to the manager for the credit cards. He informed that I shouldn’t rely on my statements to remind me of paying these bills, and he would only let me off the interest I paid for 2 months, but not the other 4 months, he refused point blank! He said that I need to go to my branch to sort the problem out. When in the branch they told me to phone the credit card department. I explained to the lady what had happened and she agreed with me. (This was the lady I saw in the branch who updated my accounts when I moved house). She spoke to the Credit card managers assistant, who said that she wasn’t going to change her mind on the decision that had been made. Strangely enough they have all of sudden, managed to send my credit card statements to the correct address since this incident. I have made a complaint regarding this matter, but again have never heard anything from them. This is how they make their money, from their mistakes, but you have to pay the price, not them!

  18. sandra archer says:

    Very disappointed. I have had bad credit in the past due to no fault of my own, have used this bank for years and they will not issue me a debit card, even though I have a credit card from another bank and have regular payments going in and out of my account! also I misjudged a bank transfer going out of my account by only 91p and they charged me £30!

  19. Denise says:

    Helpful, pleasant and accommodating plenty of good advice. I’ve been with them for years and am looking to see if they have a branch in Spain?????

  20. Rick says:

    i recieved an e-mail from Nationwide financial bank in regards to my cheque they are holding for worth about 1.2 mil pounds and i know that this is a scam because they used your bank name and left a yahoo e-mail address which is not a bank e-mail. please inform your security department as to this is very bad and gives your bank name a bad name if someone goes ahead and sends money to these people trying this. also as a note i am not a custamer of your bank but work in the security field.

  21. a very unhappy customer says:

    When I had a less than good credit rating I had a flex account with Nationwide. When I inherited £200,000 they refused to give me a current account but were quick to ask me what I was going to do with the money. The member of staff at my local branch where I applied was very snotty and so I transferred all the money to other banks and savings accounts.
    It’s a shame that all the banks are getting the same way now. Treating customers badly, not answering complaints and the staff are either badly trained or just plain stupid in some cases. Under the mattress seems to be the best place for money these days. It’s safer!

  22. Chris says:

    After 7 years with NationWide I’m throwing in the towel and moving to LloydsTSB. Why? Well despite having a regular balance of £1,000 to £4,000 they won’t give me a debit card! I want access to my money… Lloyds on the other hand said I qualified for their premier account with all the bells and whistles. The only good thing about Nationwide is their internet banking which is clear and easy to use.

  23. Ann says:

    I will be moving my savings and benefit payment away from the Nationwide after years of so-so service and abysmal interest rates. The ATMs in this area are often out of order or tampered with, they won’t let me have a flex account (I have no debts), and now (as from June 2010) they want to charge £10 for each counter cheque under £100 (unless made payable to yourself). I might as well go back to carrying cash and paying by postal orders, top up cards, or even cash sent special delivery.

  24. Katherine S. says:

    Nationwide is by far the best bank I’ve ever been with. Friendly, courteous and reliable service and staff. The Flexaccount is fab as I can withdraw money without charge when I am abroad (EU). Good online banking and British (!) call-centres. Was with HSBC before and just could not understand a word their call-centre staff were saying. I trust Nationwide with my money.

  25. Jaymie says:

    A mixed bag, Nationwide. Generally I like them. Their online banking can be a bit flaky in terms of reliability (access to it). Was disappointed recently to get a letter from them advising that they were cutting my overdraft limit by £750 in three weeks’ time. Whilst this is no doubt within their terms and conditions, it’s not very helpful. Had they offered to reduce it by £100 a month, that would’ve been more manageable. Agree with the other commenter who said that getting a loan from them is like blood from a stone! Staff are friendly, but try and follow-up an internet application for one of their products and they’ll start again from scratch in-branch, presumably so they get the commission for the sale. They’re also limited in what they can do from the branch.

  26. Chris Whitworth says:

    My partner is trying to close her account! She has banked there for 20 years, has a lot of money in a flex account and now cannot access it at all! She has lived abroad for 4 years, and relied on the ATMs there for living expenses. The new account, imposed without warning stopped her getting to her cash. Poland is a cash economy and the new credit card is no help. After an hour on the phone at international rates she was finally promised a SWIFT money transfer order. Of course it hasn’t come. So I have flown to the UK just to close her account. Glad we have left the UK and the greedy bankers.

  27. lynne Hooper says:

    Been with Nationwide for over 30 years and very pleased with their efficient customer service. However lately worried that they becoming like every other non customer orientated bank. For example complaints or issues have now been subcontracted to a faceless mindless company who know nothing about your loyalty as a customer. Also disappointed in rates of interest and having to go elsewhere.

  28. David Fremlin says:

    I have had internet banking with you for some years. Last month it stopped allowing me to log in. I re-registered, and it still won’t allow me in with the new pass number. I guess I need to close my account. But if you think you can help, e-mail me.

  29. Nationwide is RUBBISH says:

    Nationwide, what can I say. Terrible. This year I have paid just over £300,000 cash through the account.
    1. What chance of a proper account? none
    2. This cash card plus that came through… would rather they hadnt bothered as I work abroad a lot and now cannot withdraw any cash!!!
    3. Oh, I have to give 48 hrs notice to withdraw over £1,000 cash when I’m in the UK… no help with the short notice postings then.
    4. Just now I cannot access their homepage from abroad… all the others work fine HSBC, Barclays etc. So I ring to transfer some cash between accounts. Which they cant do. So I said right, ‘I have no money in my current account and £35,000 in e savings, I cannot access the website and I cannot transfer money so I cannot book my flights home and I cannot buy presents? I cannot even get to work in the morning and I’m 3,000 miles away…

    I ended by saying thanks for your help, the reply? ‘you are welcome, have a lovely day and merry christmas’


    • Tracey Davies says:

      I know exactly how you feel, we also live abroad I have the same problems as you only I’ve just lost my house as I could not pay my bills, Nationwide has refused to let me have access to my money, I cannot move or transfer any money, I cannot withdraw cash, I cannot do direct debits or use my card to pay for food in shops, I am now living in a hostal in Spain, for 6 months now they have refused me access to my money, I’ve gone to the ombudsman and hopefully it will get sorted, I told Nationwide I want compensation they say we’ve said were sorry what more do you want, I replied I want access to my money and compensation for what I have lost, now the Nationwide are saying I cannot have a replacement card to work with the 2 card readers, as I am living in a hostal and they refused to send me one here, I stated I am living in a hostal because of the incompetence of the Nationwide. Their answer was we’ve said were sorry for your distress. It’s not easy living in a 1 bedroom with 5 children in put you up beds. This is what were reduced to from a 4 bed house, thanks to the Nationwide.

  30. Nationwide is RUBBISH says:

    oh, I forgot to give it a star rating

  31. Jo says:

    OK in my experience Nationwide have become just as bad and money grabbing as every other bank or bs. Recently I tried to open an online account, no problem opening the esavings at the push of a button, to open the (very slightly) higher interest paying account, I had to send off proof of ID and address – I have a flex account with them and it’s been running for about 10 years. This didn’t stop them requesting proof of my address! I applied over 3 weeks ago and when I phoned earlier in the week was told it’ll be about another 7 days. This morning I got a letter asking me to send in proof of my address – aarrgh. So I phoned today (do all Nationwide ‘advisors’ have heavy colds or have I just been unlucky to have someone coughing down my ear and snorting heavily – charmin) and was told I couldn’t be given a time scale for a manager to phone me back! BYEBYE Nationwide – complete and utter rubbish!

  32. nationwide says:

    Yes true nationwide are so rubbish and not best service.. I’ve been with nationwide for 20 years, I just ask them for overdraft and loan but they always don’t accept. I went to natwest and opened new account, they let me overdraft and £3,000 loan no problem!!! natwest are better than blue nationwide I’ve already closed my account from nationwide because not worth it and waste of time, some staff are so miserable and love saying no to anything.

    • Chris Smith says:

      You probably dont have enough money paid in every month to have an overdraft with nationwide. From what I understand after 6 months of running the account properly and paying anough money in, they will let you have an overdraft, assuming you have the top level account and not the one without the debit card etc.

      I have had an account for just over 6 months, moved from the co op as they were terrible for everything. I asked for an overdraft just after 6 months, no problem sir, it will be ready in 48 hours.

      Customer services is fantastic in my experience, much better than co op (which is all i have in comparison) and ive never needed anything more complicated than seeing why secure code or whatever it is didnt work with dominos pizza!

      If you have a problem with nationwide, then you really do have a problem!!

  33. Tracey Davies says:

    I have money in the nationwide, I live in Spain, I cannot draw money out, I cannot pay bills, I cannot transfer money, I cannot do standing orders or direct debits, I need to get access to my money, Nationwide tell me to use my debit card ending in 3102, they refused me card, as I live in Spain. I cannot even close the account as they tell me I need to go to my local Branch in the UK, but I cannot get home our passports expired, I tried to get new replacement passports, but I cannot as Nationwide declined to pay them, so we are stuck in Mallorca, with no money, no passports, no way of getting any money.

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