Bank of Scotland

After merging with Halifax in 2001 the Bank of Scotland became part of the HBOS plc Group, and was one of the 10 largest UK companies. In 2009 HBOS was acquired by Lloyds TSB Group and as a result the Bank of Scotland became part of the Lloyds Banking Group.

HBOS is the UK’s largest mortgage and savings provider. It offers general insurance products and has a 60% interest in St. James’s Place Plc, a specialist wealth management group that offers a range of pension, investment and life insurance products. HBOS is also a specialist corporate finance house and offers business banking services.

4 responses to “Bank of Scotland”

  1. Derek Forshaw says:

    Was with this bank for years,moved to Spain, now it is my clearing bank to another bank in Spain my pension is always late my bank blames them,by the way I dont know if they take a lump out as well do they?

  2. peter sterling says:

    the worst bank ever just a bunch of number crunchers, no help no advice , go to barcalys anywhere but here

  3. dmorr says:

    Sorry HBOS for this lashing, but after 20 years with you I expected better than to be repeatedly handed out £35 charges. I naively thought that I would be with this bank for life but I realise now to my cost that they couldn’t care less if I took my custom elsewhere (which I am – in direction of the coop).

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