Standard Life

Standard Life’s main business is as a life assurer, and its history dates back to 1825. The banking arm was set up in 1998 specifically to offer more specialist mortgages.

As a life assurance company, the main element of the group’s business is in pensions, investments and protection. Standard Life Bank offers mortgages and savings accounts.

4 responses to “Standard Life”

  1. Tim Johnson says:

    oh yer you want to loose money use these bodgers my monkey holding a probiscus did better i was asked to rate it had to put 1 because there was no zero option

  2. Lorrie Williams says:

    You need to google (
    Not good for your business…not good.


  3. Mr Murray Kelso says:

    I am in possession of an E-Mail sent to me, which I believe to be a scam, from a person purporting to be in your employ.

  4. amita.dash says:

    please send your banking details

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