Yorkshire Bank

Part of the National Australia Group, Yorkshire Bank was originally founded in Halifax in 1859 and was, as the name suggests, a regional bank. It now has around 190 branches.

The bank offers mortgages, loans, savings, and general insurance as well as general business banking. It also has a special Agribusiness department to assist those running agricultural businesses. It has teamed up with Legal and General to offer a fuller range of life assurance, savings, and investment products as well as pensions.

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  1. Kevin Turner says:

    iv been in your bank now for 20or so yea
    rs could you please tell me if i can use my
    normal bank card in benidorm
    many thanks

  2. Susan says:

    yorkshire bank are the worst company i have ever come across they are a total waste of time & there charges are unbelievable i have been bullied and lied to by them

  3. John Thomas Robinson says:

    excellent service

  4. E. W. Smith says:

    very helpful – first class service.
    the telephone banking service can’t be faulted.

  5. Gillian Strayer says:

    i do not rate this bank at all , i have had nothing but trouble with it, and still getting it, this bank is rubbish

  6. John says:

    My family have banked with the Yorkshire Bank since the Second World War (Parents and grandparents) and yet the service is abysmal. We’re not after gold-plated service, just something decent.

    They closed down our local branch (always busy) and merged it with another busy branch a few miles away so that everytime you go into the branch the queues stretch to the door and the staff aren’t interested. It took Yorkshire Bank nearly a year (and many requests) to send my mum a paying-in book and that’s a simple request.

    When we went to register my dad’s death with them the bloke taking the details actually asked me if I was interested in switching my account to them! I know its a sales business but there’s a time and a place.

    And no, I stayed at NatWest.

  7. Stuart Graham Young says:

    can’t believe this banks opening hours. 9-4 weekdays and closed on sat, how the hell is a working person supposed to deal with these people? also £8 a day for overdrawn + 25 charges, also the most snotty staff in Redditch branch,

  8. J. Churchill says:

    Why do the yorkshire bank put the phone No. for your particular branch on your bank statement ,but when you try to contact ” your branch ” the call is re-directed to a call centre who in turn will not connect you to your own branch ? P.S. the call centre was unable to give me the information I required .

  9. Jennifer West says:

    This bank is the worst bank in the UK I have had nothing but bad service inacurate statements over charges you name it and I am sure they did it at some point.

  10. Clifford Lord says:

    Im have been with Yorkshire Bank since I was five years old, and am now 71, and have never had any complaints whatsoever.

  11. Dave Collins says:

    Phoning your branch number and getting through to obstructive staff at a call centre is true, as is long frustrating queues in the branch (hence wanting to phone them in the first place), but BEWARE don’t put your money in the halifax, they would rather die than let you have it back.

  12. John Gouldthorpe says:

    I’ve been with the Yorkshire Bank for nearly 30 yrs with no problems. Today I rang my local branch, and my call was redirected to a call centre. Evan though I gave them all my account details thay asked me to give EXACT transaction information to continue with my call. I didn’t have my statement with me. NOW THEY DON’T HAVE MY CUSTOM

  13. Pfailla Luton says:

    Why does my branch manager never respond to my letters personally? And why when I receive letters from my manager are they sent from Leeds? Does my branch have a manager that commutes daily between Luton and Leeds? I think not!!!

  14. Stephen Maidens says:

    I am working from 07.30 till 16.30 from Monday to Friday and the Yorkshire Banks in Halifax and Bradford are not open on Saturdays despite the fact that the web site is stating that it is open. I have been a customer of the Yorkshire Bank since 1979 but I have been forced to take my business to another Bank that is customer friendly and allows me to access my account in Halifax and Bradford 24 hours a day for all 7 days of the week . The Yorkshire Bank in Halifax was not even open on Easter Saturday when other banks in Halifax were open because they had to close on Good Friday. Goodbye Yorkshire Bank

  15. Sean Carter says:

    I have banked with the Yorkshire Bank for 20 years I can honestly say they are a bunch of unfriendly, uncaring, conmen.

  16. Hannah says:

    I have been with Yorkshire bank for 2 months under the recommendation of my partner and parents.

    In the first TWO WEEKS of being with them they sent TWO standing orders out to a company of £200 each. As a result, my rent bounced.

    Yorkshire refused to refund this (despite their obligation to under direct debit and standing order mandates) even though they knew they were in the wrong as they didn’t charge me for the bounced rent!

    The staff are rude and unhelpful and how on earth is someone supposed to know their exact Maestro transaction unless they made it an hour ago? What happened to “what’s your mother’s maiden name”?

    Absolute complete rubbish and I shall be moving banks soon.

  17. Golda Stellin says:

    This is the worst bank I have ever encountered. The charges are astronomical, and I am just recovering from a large overdraft brought on mainly by their excessive rates, which I am seriously considering contesting legally, after which I am going to change my bank, but I am so wary that I don’t think I’ll ever trust another bank again.

  18. Barry Thorn says:

    The Yorkshire Bank rightfully deserves its overall one star status.

    I have been a customer with them for over 30 years but since becoming part of the Clydsedale group their customer service has gone down at the same rate that their charges have gone up.

    Recently I have just received charges of over 600% in less than one month on an accidental overdraft of only £35.

    I was under the impression from a local branch that my type of account allowed an occasional overdraft incurring a minimal payment and no daily charges.


    Thank you and goodbye Yorkshire Bank…the bank that likes to say yes – the customer says NO!

  19. Darren Platts says:

    Quite possibly the worst bank ever, I work full time so I can never really deal with these people because of their closing times and it’s not even open weekends. I got charges for going overdrawn when I don’t even have a overdraft, rubbish!!!!

  20. Dusmyedin says:

    I can only echo the total frustration of others. I phone my branch only to be connected to a call centre and confronted with a multitude of questions before they will even attempt to put me through to a named contact. Inevitably it comes down to a promise to send a message for a ring back. As 4pm nears it is unlikely that this will happen. I ring back and ask for named persons email address but am told there is no such thing but I can fax if I wish! As I explain that I am about to remove all of our custom after some 30 years I am assured that a further message will be sent. I am definitely moving the mortgage to the Woolwich asap and all other banking as far away as possible from Yorkshire bank There is of course a recent history of a catalogue of errors on the banks behalf and some outright robbery , for example £180.00 for a ‘drive by house valuation. Enough is enough.

  21. Miss Charmaine Kirby says:

    I had a compliment slip from the Coventry Bank with the branch tel number on it, when i called the branch, i got told off by some woman saying that i should have come through the contact centre, she was very put out that she had to run through some security questions with me. What ever happened to customer care? It’s not as if they’re doing me a favour there are many banks out there, I’m the one doing them the favour.

  22. Jim Brook says:

    I also closed my a account due to poor service from the Harrogate branch and the call centre.
    They also claim to be open Saturdays on the internet but are not.
    We were customers for almost 25 years.

  23. Peter Ford says:

    Yorkshire Bank Internet banking is full of crap because it is very confused with the Debits and Credits in one column and the Balance in one box, I prefer in 3 columns one for Debits One for Credits and one columns Balancing would be lots easier also the tconnecting is always failure, about 11 times until success to access The internet banking access is so terrible and frustration because of failure. they seems not interesting and bother with. Bank is too cheap!!!

  24. Stephen Sinclair says:

    I have just moved my account elsewhere after being overdrawn by £10 for 3 days and being charged nearly £50 for the error. Yorkshire Bank did not want to hear any excuses so my business is going elsewhere to a bank that hopefully cares more about its customers that making even more money.

  25. Papa Smurf says:

    Mansfield Branch. Still taking cancelled direct debits out. Charging people left right and centre … Leave well alone if you care about your privacy also because they have in the past had the audacity to write to me to use me as an unpaid private investigator.

  26. Papa Smurf says:

    Mansfield Branch. Still taking cancelled direct debits out. Charging people left right and centre … Leave well alone if you care about your privacy also because they have in the past had the audacity to write to me to use me as an unpaid private investigator.

  27. Paul Mason says:

    Mansfield Branch. The Customer service are rude. When I told them that direct debits had been cancelled they said I may only cancel them at the originating source. I am still waiting for the money to be returned plus charges.

    Not worth a rating because minus does not come into it and do you know that Yorkshire Bank are offering customers who cannot possibly repay credit card loans impossible sums of money? This is absolutely true. Bad practice from a bad bank.

  28. Lynn Wright says:

    I have been with Y.B. for some years, and I am now closing my account with them. The service is rubbish, and the charges are astronomical. When I was overdrawn for only three hours, they charged me £35. When I tried to speak to someone about it, I got no joy. I’m so mad. Goodbye Yorkshire Bank. I didn’t want to put a star, but seems I have to, or I can’t comment.

  29. Tony Heaton says:

    Yorkshire Bank? A bad joke! My daughter has had £50 sitting in there for the past 10 years, she found her bankbook and decided to close the account. After some 6 weeks she has received a cheque… In 10 years she has received a STAGGERING £1.56 interest but that has been reduced by £0.31 in Tax! Fantastic service (NOT).

  30. M Thompson says:

    I am tired with all the bullying tactics that I am encountering with regards to claiming back my excessive bank charges. On one occasion I was only 1.59 over my overdrafts and was charged 25.00. When I recently telephoned – eventually getting through! – I confronted the employee but she kept saying this is a bad line then put the phone down because she couldn’t justify the charges on a one to one basis. Has anyone else managed to get their excessive bank charges back, and if so, how did they do so?

  31. Julie P says:

    Tried to ring my local Shaw, Oldham branch on their local number and was extremely disappointed to be re-directed to a cold call centre. The local staff, in over 30 years of banking, have always been polite and helpful – these are the people I want to deal with. I was then even more disappointed to find that they don’t have any late opening hours any more. How am I supposed to pay cash in????

  32. Ian Whittle says:

    I recently went to prison and I was banking with Yorkshire bank. While I was away I got my girlfriend to go pay off overdraft at the branch. She paid the 500 off and thought nothing of it. When I came out 5 mths later I had a letter asking for overdraft to be paid and charges on top. Being puzzled by this I quizzed my girlfriend and she said it was all paid off so I phoned the bank to find out what was going on; they said because there was not enough money in my account to pay there own bank loan they re-opened my overdraft to pay themselves and now I owe nearly 900. So where do I stand about telling them to shove it as I have received bailiff letters!

  33. Jonathan Sklan-willis says:

    Crap would be putting it nicely.

  34. Carl Murdoch says:

    i would lick to open a yourksher bank account

  35. Alan Baker says:

    I was reading the other reviews here and suddenly become very angry. I have been a Yorkshire bank customer (I use the word bank very loosely) for twenty some years. Recently I applied for a personal loan and after going through all the personal rigmarole was refused. I was then told that they would! give me a loan but with an interest rate of 18%. So let me get this straight, you think I’m a risk at say 7% interest but will give me a loan at 18% which in actual fact would cost me more and put increased strain on my finances. That makes perfect sense Yorkshire bank, you have similar traits to loan sharks. I have to add that I have had credit scoring from both Equifax and Experian and out of 1000 I score in the high nine hundreds. Very confusing!! I have now got my personal loan from the Alliance & Leicester and it took about ten minutes at 6.3% interest. Thanks Yorkshire bank, I will also be moving all my banking affairs elsewhere very shortly.

  36. Tina Aveyard says:

    Yorkshire Bank drive me up the wall. They don’t care about their customers…when without us they wouldn’t be anything. Their charges are sky high and iIwill personally be trying to retrieve mine back along with thousands of others, I wouldn’t recommend the Yorkshire Bank to anyone. If you’re overdrawn for 12 hours by 1 pound they will charge you 25 pounds just to tell you!! Their hours of opening are pathetic and in my local branch is only open for you to leave deposits in a box!! There’s no staff. It’s a shambles. I will be leaving them. My rating is a minus 5 but this score board doesn’t have that…Good luck to all YB customers out there.

  37. Shannah says:

    I’ve never had any problems with Yorkshire bank.

  38. Caroline Hughes says:

    disgraceful attitude in all the staff

  39. Hayley Lane says:

    The worst bank ever,the charges are disgusting .I am closing my account as i have set one up with halifax.

  40. John Woods says:

    Absolute shambles of a bank. I was added as a third party to my mother’s account 18 months ago. Since then I have signed numerous cheques on her behalf which have been processed but when I went into the bank today to check some details I was told there is no record of me being on the account!

  41. Claire Smyth says:

    I think Yorkshire Bank is good – go overdrawn and talk to them ASAP. You’d be surprised how many charges they will refund you! I have never had any problems but I did carefully read all the small print when I first opened the account! Unfortunately I’m moving south and can’t find a branch within 200 miles of my new address! Come on Yorkshire Bank, top to toe the country with branches! I don’t want to change!

  42. James Oxley says:

    On 18 July 2007 I tried to close an Instant Access savings account containing £31.77 since1993.

    I asked for instant access to the amount with an offer of balance to follow but was refused even though I had my driving license with me. 10 Aug 07 received a cheque for £32.77 with letter asking if I had any queries. And this is a bank ???????

  43. Nicola Mckeen says:

    I bank with Yorkshire Bank and find them really nice, helpful people. My branch is Woodseats, Sheffield and due to illness I’m not able to get down much but when I ring, they are nothing but friendly to me and will bend over backwards to help me. I really feel for those other people who have been wrongly treated, but for me Yorkshire Bank are the best.

  44. James says:

    I must say that my parents and my sister have always banked with Yorkshire Bank but I have only done since 2005. I have had no trouble with them, and recently opened two more accounts very easily and they were very helpful. I was recently charged £35 for a bounced direct debit because I thought I had cancelled it online – it takes 3 days to do it this way whereas had I called it would have been done immediately. I haven’t got round to writing to complain about this yet but I will do so. Apart from this I have always received good service.

  45. Apostrophe Geek says:

    For customer’s outside the UK phone +44 141 951 7315 and select option 0.

    Shocking misuse of the apostrophe to form a plural (this is one of several examples on the YBOnline website – their showcase to the world!). I won’t be entrusting this bunch of amateurs with any of my dosh – they probably can’t count either!

  46. S. Hamilton says:

    Like other people I also had to select ‘one star’ or else I wouldn’t have been able to leave a comment. I have been with Yorkshire Bank for many years now.

    I recently tried to claim back my bank charges and Yorkshire Bank said ‘no’ to me, and then decided to take my overdraft limit off me without warning leaving me with £8 a day charges mounting up plus a £25 charge at the end of the month. I have been refusing to pay these charges as notice should be given before an overdraft limit is removed. Since writing to complain my overdraft has been given ‘back’ to me but I am still being charged the £8 a day for being over my overdraft, even though the only reason I am over it is because they took it off me in the first place.

    They have not replied to my initial letter so I will be going into my local branch today to close my account. The charges stand at £545 so far and I REFUSE to pay. They have sent letters saying they will refer my case to the collections department, let them… I know I am not in the wrong and I refuse to pay these exessive charges.

  47. S. Hamilton says:

    Like other people I also had to select ‘one star’ or else I wouldn’t have been able to leave a comment. I have been with Yorkshire Bank for many years now.

    I recently tried to claim back my bank charges and Yorkshire Bank said ‘no’ to me,. They then decided to take my overdraft limit off me without warning – leaving me with £8 / day charges mounting up plus a £25 charge at the end of the month.
    I have been refusing to pay these charges as notice should be given before an overdraft limit is removed. Since writing to complain my overdraft has been ‘given back’ to me but I am still being charged the £8 a day for being over my overdraft, even though the only reason I am over it is because they took it off me in the first place.

    They have not replied to my initial letter so I will be going into my local branch today to close my account. The charges stand at £545 so far and I REFUSE to pay. They have sent letters saying they will refer my case to the collections department, let them… I know I am not in the wrong and I refuse to pay these excessive charges.

  48. C D Alleston says:

    I have banked with the Yorkshire since 1984 and never had a problem, I continued to bank with them even when I was living abroad, I went overdrawn on one occasion and they refunded the charges with out hesitation. The branch is excellent, however the contact centre is manned by the most arrogant, unprofessional, obstructive people who’s only mission in life is to make Yorkshire Banks customer totally ….. off.

  49. Juliadavies says:

    My local Sutton-in-Ashfield Branch failed to carry out my Direct Debit Instructions correctly. This caused me no end of hassle, and I then find out I should be grateful that they apologised. But wait for it… I’m not allowed any recompense for the fact that they have caused me endless distress this week and God forbid that I should make the mistake that the bank actually works for it’s customers… of course it doesn’t.

  50. Johanna Andrews says:

    The service I recieved from the Yorkshire Bank mortgage centre when I applied for a further advance was appalling. It took 5 months, their communication and customer care skills are appalling. If it wasn’t for my local branch manager, it still would not be sorted out. I sent 4 letters of complaint an was virtually ignored. The only correspondence I got was a standard letter saying they where dealing with the complaint, that was 4 months ago. I would never re-mortgage with them again.

  51. Johanna Andrews says:

    My local branch is Woodseats and the staff there are fantastic and helpful. We have banked there for 20 years and the customer service is A1. We have had loans that they sorted out instantly without any hassle. Yorkshire Bank’s big mistake is the call centres and mortgage centres where they now pass you onto instead of your local branch. These centres are staffed with bad mannered unhelpful people who do not know there job. If it wasn’t for the friendliness of Woodseats staff, I would have left Yorkshire Bank. 5 stars are for Woodseats Branch.

  52. Wayne Jones says:

    Yorkshire Bank tries its best to compete in the banking market but sadly it’s in another league. They need to employ more staff in their branches and ensure that the staff they have are fully trained. As an ex member of staff it makes me laugh that I have more knowledge (having been left 5 years) than many of their so called “experienced” staff.

    I should be on the payroll as I have more knowledge than the present staff. Yorkshire Bank tries its best but sadly needs to try harder. The parent company (National Australia Bank) needs to put more money into it and stop ruining a once well respected UK brand! Good luck present staff – you’ll need it.

  53. Wayne Jones says:

    Yorkshire Bank tries its best to compete in the banking market but sadly it’s in another league. They need to employ more staff in their branches and ensure that the staff they have are fully trained. As an ex member of staff it makes me laugh that I have more knowledge (having been left 5 years) than many of their so called experienced staff. I should be on the payroll as I have more knowledge than the present staff. Yorkshire Bank tries its best but sadly needs to try harder. The parent company (National Australia Bank) needs to put more money into it and stop ruining a once well respected UK brand! Good luck present staff you’ll need it.

  54. Helen says:

    I HATE Yorkshire Bank!”!!!!! They charge you 8 quid a day for being over your overdraft, then 25quid on the 19th of the month. Now being a single mum and all I don’t need these ridiculous amounts of money coming out of my bank! I have recently got a loan from elsewhere which I put into my bank. I paid it but then for some reason it’s back in my bank.

    I have the same problem when I go shopping, I buy things then the next day I check my bank and I have money so I spend it, then 2 days later they have taken it out again. I don’t understand, once it’s gone why should it come back into my account?! I will be changing banks in the next few weeks as I am claiming my charges back!

  55. Helen says:

    I HATE yorkshire bank!”!!!!! they charge you 8quid a day for been over your overdraft then 25quid on the 19th. now been a single mum and all i dont need these ridiculous amounts of money coming out of my bank! i have recently got a loan from elsewhere which i put into my bank, i paid it but then for some reason its back in my bank.
    I have the same problem when i go shopping, i buy things then the next day i check my bank and i have money so i spend it then 2 days later they have taken it out again. i dont understand, once its gone y shud it come back into my account?! i will be changing banks in the next few weeks as i am claiming my charges back!

  56. Helen says:

    Another thing! I phoned them up today and got put through to their contact centre in scotland, now no offence to scottish people but i couldnt understand a word she was sayin and she was talkin so fast i ended up just leaving it and sending them an email instead. its ok if ur scottish but im not im from yorkshire, surely i shud have been able to talk to someone from my branch!

  57. Helen says:

    Another thing! I phoned them up today and got put through to their contact centre in scotland, now no offence to scottish people but i couldnt understand a word she was sayin and she was talkin so fast i ended up just leaving it and sending them an email instead. its ok if ur scottish but im not im from yorkshire, surely i shud have been able to talk to someone from my branch!

  58. Brenda Ball says:

    Approximately 30 years ago my husband needed £1,000.00 in order to be able to claim a £40.00 a week allowance for people starting their own business. We didn’t have a penny at that time. My husband contacted the Manager of Yorkshire Bank Mansfield and told him of his difficulty. The Manager immediately put £1,000. into our account so that my husband could show the Benefits Agency of that time that he had £1,000 in his account. As soon as we told the Manager this had been done, he withdrew the £1,000 from our account and didn’t charge us a penny. That is what I call service and, for that reason alone, I have banked with them since.

  59. Selina Iqbal says:

    The opening times are awful for this century! It closes at 4pm; Yorkshire Bank get with it!

    Also, how can a striving successful Bank afford to close one day due to being under-staffed? Barclay’s or HSBC would never have that excuse!

    Yorkshire Bank is plain and simply rubbish!

  60. Raquel Pilkington says:

    i hate yorkshire bank it is always charging me and wont sort my account out after talking to staff and the manager just does the same

  61. David Wray says:

    Having been a customer of Yorkshire Bank for over 35 years I an astonished at their current personal loan rate of 8.9%apr. I have spoken to my loacl branch who state this is their lowest rate available. They do not seem to want to compete with other well known lenders and as such I have obtained a rate of 6.5% with the competion. Come on Y/b sort it out with your customers to keep loyalty alive!

  62. David Wray says:

    Having been a customer of Yorkshire Bank for over 35 years I am astonished at their current personal loan rate of 8.9% apr. I have spoken to my local branch who state this is their lowest rate available. They do not seem to want to compete with other well known lenders and as such I have obtained a rate of 6.5% with the competition. Come on Y/b, sort it out with your customers to keep loyalty alive!

  63. Criss says:

    Refrain from using & patronizing banks (local & international) just be contented & simple,,Banks are all legal criminals, their business is a work of the DEVIL!!!, they kill people, they make peoples life miserable, they steal money, property and dignity from people,,just log on to: http://WWW.TRUECONSPIRACIES.COM for the real truth!!!

  64. Steven Fogwell says:

    only get 1 star because i have to dreadfull company dreadfull give me my charges back you grotty little people

  65. David Congreave says:

    I ran my own business for 30 years. Through the late 80s I had serious bad debts from clients going bust; the bank I had at the time then cut my overdraft to half. I could not survive this so I changed banks to the Yorkshire and then never looked back. We became one of the bank’s best clients.

  66. Mr X says:

    I think we can see a regular trend with most of the above comments. Charges seem to be people’s main reason for giving the bank one star. Yorkshire Bank is a great bank… for customers that can manage and run there account without any problem. If you go overdrawn through any fault of your own you deserve to be charged!!! If it’s not your fault and the bank are to blame then YB will be more than happy to refund any charges levied on your account. Only spend what you have in your account! How hard is that to understand? Still thousands of people cant quite get to grips with it.

  67. Katie Jackson says:

    My partner is with Yorkshire Bank and it’s just one problem after another. The opening hours are unbelievable! Not open on a Saturday?! My boyfriends card stopped working a couple of days ago, so he has to draw out cash in person, but he works 7am til 5pm Monday to Friday! This is a huge problem for us as we have a baby and because people at the Yorkshire Bank can’t be bothered to work for about 4 hours on a Saturday, we are going to have no money until a new card comes through.

    And as for Mr. X’s comment:
    “If it’s not your fault and the bank are to blame then YB will be more than happy to refund any charges levied on your account.”

    It’s obvious that you are lucky and have never been screwed over by this bank. I can count at least 4 times my boyfriend has been charged when he hasn’t overdrawn! Yorkshire Bank admitted fault but still charged him. They said they couldn’t do anything about the charges.
    The staff are rude and patronizing. As soon as my boyfriend gets a weekday off, he will be closing his account and going to a bank that doesn’t make more mistakes than it does money.

  68. Nasir Mukhtar says:

    Please let me know that in your bank have any account of UK NATIONAL LOTTERY because I recieved a email mentioning that I have won an amount of 750,000 Sterling pounds and they are asking me to deposit a initial amount of 530 Sterling pounds please advice me that in your bank you have any account of UK NATIONAL LOTTERY I shall be very thankful to you.

  69. Kieron Ridehalgh says:

    This bank is the worst I have dealt with ever! Ignoring there archaic opening times, the staff at the local branches in Todmorden and Littleborough are the rudest I have ever encountered in over 40 years of banking with them, needless to say I have closed my long standing accounts that have never been o/d, and moved to a competent bank. I actually cannot see them continuing in banking in this country.

  70. Karen Marsland says:

    me and my partner have split up, we were remorgeging my house together. we have now split up and the soliciters have put it on hold till further notice. yorkshire bank have only gone and transferd 20 thousand pounds into my x partners account. wed arnt together no more and its on hold

  71. Andrew Peter Tomlinson says:

    they are totally rubbish,
    the most unhelpful people i have ever met.
    my story too long to post here.

  72. Someone says:

    I have been unable to login to the online banking site ybonline.co.uk in about a year and a half or so! This is despite re-registering at least THREE times, and having to go through all of the postal madness that it entails – two letters "for security", stupid pass phrases etc. I wish you could register quickly at a branch, but the staff at my Newcastle Upon Tyne branch don’t know anything about the online banking! It’s like it’s a totally separate entity, which it is I suppose.

    I’ve been thinking about whether or not to give them one or two stars, and I think it has to be just one out of five. This stupid problem has gone on for long enough, and I’m sick telling their Scottish call centre staff that it’s NOTHING to do with my computer or the browser(s) I use, because I can’t login on ANY computer that I’ve tried!

    Perhaps it’s worth noting that I was eventually refunded the three £25 charges they gave me, but I think it’s ridiculously unfair that I was overdrawn by no more than £8! Then they slapped on another fine a month later because I was once again in the red by a small amount due to the first £25 deduction! This is unfair, because I’m at college and I wasn’t receiving any money at the time. I was used to checking my balance every day with online banking with no problems, but I had been unable to do so and didn’t notice this slip up until a few days later, with the stupid telephone banking. I’m sick of having to rely on telephone banking to transfer money between my current and savings accounts, and find out their balance, especially when it’s an 0845 number! I’m thinking about demanding about £10 worth of 0845 call charges that have built up over the many months; though I doubt that’ll scare them.

    I bet they won’t like it if I take out a student account with HSBC though! My girlfriend uses HSBC and it’s good for her so far.

  73. Mrs Vicki Gawthorpe says:

    A few years ago, my husband and I had our mortgage with Yorkshire Bank. Our fixed term was up so we re-mortgaged gain with them, all was going well, all our fees taken out of our account then… nothing! It took nearly 4 months from been agreed to receiving the monies (we borrowed more for home improvements and fees) so as a result our account ended up being overdrawn as a result of the fees being taken as soon as the mortgage was agreed. Their excuse, our system has been updated recently and we have a backlog of mortgages to get through! MMmmm but no backlog in the charges department at £8 and £20 odd a month for 4 month which really helps you out when you’re overdrawn anyway.
    In the end they refunded only half our charges even though they took full responsibility, nothing they can do apparently! Needless to say we no longer have a mortgage or account with them. They are total pants! Then today, no Yorkshire Bank customer could use their switch cards in any store, anywhere!!!!! So close to xmas! Well, I hate to say I told you so……..

  74. Joe Bloggs says:

    I’ve just been reading through some of these comments and I have to say that I’m appalled at the levels of ignorance shown by the people posting.

    First of all, if you go "Overdrawn" on your account it means that you are spending the Banks money, not your own. If you agree to an "Overdraft Limit" you may do this without getting charged… but only if you STAY WITHIN THE LIMIT (i.e. don’t send more money then you actually have available). If you exceed this limit, even by a tiny amount then you are spending SOMEONE ELSE’S money.

    As for cheques, it is called the CLEARING CYCLE, it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 days for a cheque to clear, that’s the way it works for ALL BANKS! If you with your employer to pay you by cash, or Bank Giro then take it up with your employer.

    As a staff member, I would also like to point out to customers that if we are rude to customers then we get disciplinary action taken against us.

    However, if someone is rude to us (an extremely common occurrence) we are still expected to kneel and grovel. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to treat people as you expect to be treated? If you are rude, do you think that we want to help you more, or less?

    Finally I admit, that it is sometimes difficult in life and that you do, on occasion, need financial help. We do try our best to provide this. However, the bank charges are CLEARLY marked on all the paper work that you sign when you open the account;if you don’t like them or think that they are excessive you are more then welcome not to open the account. You are also more then welcome to manage your money in an efficient manor and learn to live within your limits. If you get paid £800 a month then do not be shocked if you are charged for spending £900. £100 of that IS NOT YOUR MONEY. I hope I haven’t offended anybody with this rant; I just wanted you to consider it from a different point of view.

  75. Alex Lockwood says:

    Yourkshire Bank are the best, ha ha NOT. The worst bank to deal with in this world. They had put my limit up on my credit card so I spent, they then sent a letter saying I’m getting charged for using my card and going over my limit on my account of only £1000 but I have a letter stating I had a £1500 limit. How can they say one thing and charge me for another? I have recently gone to Natwest Bank, 100 percent fantastic, very little qs and when they do, they apologise making it worth while standing in the q and very helpful. Keep up the good work Natwest.

  76. Andrew Crook says:

    The best bank I have ever been with!

  77. 2xnkoté says:

    I have been with Yorkshire Bank since I was 5 year old, it was a school savings account. Although I think the staff in my local branch are lovely and have always been very pleasant to deal with (bar one), the bank itself is pretty rubbish to be honest. They charge you for everything, they used to charge you £2 for counter withdrawals if you didn’t have your cheque book. Also, my account is the very most basic one, I cannot go overdrawn.

    However, I tried paying for something over paypal and it was declined as I didn’t have enough money in my account, paypal then took 86p out of my account to prove I wasn’t using it fraudulently, this made me go overdrawn. I was then charged £25 and also £8 a day for everyday overdrawn, although no-one even told me that I was overdrawn. I phoned the cust service and got thru to a lovely lady who said go into the bank and sign a declaration. When i went into the bank the lady was incredibly rude to me stating "why would June tell you to come in and do that." I didn’t even know what a declaration was. After numerous phone calls I eventually got it sorted. All for 83p overdrawn. Go to Natwest…

  78. 2xnkoté says:

    i have been with yorkshire bank since i was 5 year old, it was a school savings account.

    although i think the staff in my local branch are lovely and have always been very pleasant to deal with (bar one) the bank itself is pretty rubbish to be honest

    they charge you for everything, they used to charge you £2 for counter withdrawals if you didnt have your cheque book.

    also my account is the very most basic one, i cannot go overdrawn.

    however i tried playing for something over paypal and it was declined as i didnt have enough money in my account, paypal then took 86p out of my account to prove i wasnt using it frauduanlty, this made me go overdrawn. i was then charged £25 and also £8 a day for everyday overdrawn, alough no-one even told me that i was overdrawn

    i phoned the cust service and got thru to a lovely lady who said go into the bank and siogn a declaration. when i went into the bank the lady was incrediably rude to me stating “why would june tell you to come in and do that” i didnt even know what a declaration was.

    after numerous phone calls i eventually got it sorted. all for 83p overdrawn.

    go to natwest

  79. Boz says:

    I’ve been with Yorkshire Bank, in Leeds, since 1974. I had accounts with Lloyds, Midland, HSBC. I found tha last 3 to have been total pants in comparison to Yorks Bank (which is owned by the Aussies, I believe). I’ve found the staff in the Armley & Chapel Allerton branch to be supremely helpful. They have given me loads of free advice and guided my savings to work for me. I’ll admit that not all the staff are 100%, but that’s not the banks fault… it’s the person’s fault. One or two of the female staff seem rude, but, in general, they are really helpful. The telephone banking is great (I’m technophobic). All in all, a big thumbs up for YB. Too few people praise good service. Too many keyboard warriors 🙂

  80. Heather says:

    I had appalling customer service from Yorkshire Bank. I had had an account with them for over 40 years and had moved my mortgage to them. When I went through a difficult divorce they would not help me reduce my overheads by changing the mortgage to interest only which would have saved me £150 per month. I continued to pay the full mortgage whilst having to rent alternative accommodation. When we finally sold the house they had lost the deeds and delayed the sale leaving me to pay the mortgage for an even longer period than should have been necessary. This was a difficult time in my life which they made significantly worse. There was no customer service whatsoever so after being a customer of Yorkshire Bank for over 40 years, I closed my accounts with them opening new ones with a bank I was recommended and have never looked back. What a difference in customer care and rewards for loyalty!

  81. K. Goddard says:

    I often wonder why people class companies like this as "5 star". I’ve had issue after issue, I bought a product for my mobile last week via paypal and I wasn’t sure why but paypal waited for 3 days then decided to take the money out of the account which was only a mere £6.00. I had at least £4.00 that I knew of in the account but wasn’t sure if I should use my HSBC card or my Yorkshire so I tried the Yorkshire Bank card first and it went through end of story or so I thought… Then I went to get £40 out of my account as my working tax credits of £42 per week goes into this account as I use t ONLY for this due to a Catalogue of errors when I first opened the account by Yorkshire Bank, so next thing its weekend and I pop to the local "hole in the wall" speedbank to get the £40 and I got the big "Insufficient Funds in your account". WHAT? I’ve got a family to look after GRRR, I had no letter through the post so I called the bank and yet again the HULL branch is in the local yellow pages BUT with a 0845 number GGGRRR. I call the call centre and I get a half decent agent; I asked politely why I haven’t any monies in my account and she told me I was charge £35 for having the transaction try to come out of my account of £6.00. I said "What and that’s fair is it" charging someone £35 for around £1.45 as I had min of £4 in the account and the woman threw the "when u opened the account, you was fully aware of the charges you would incur if you went overdrawn". This is total rubbish, they’re racketeers and THEY KNOW IT. I have just read ALL the comments on this website and I can’t believe there is people that have actually rated this establishment more than ONE STAR. I got charged another £35 a week ago for taking £10 out of my account that the speedbank "hole in the wall" let me have out that I shouldn’t havef. I had around a tenner in the account but wasn’t sure just how much and due to it been another speedbank I was using and the fact that I couldn’t check my balance as it wasn’t offering this service, I tried to get a tenner out then guess what "Yorkshire Bank" charged me £35 for going just £1.85 overdrawn! This is a big scam within other banks, they shouldn’t let you take money out that you don’t have SIMPLE and then to have the audacity and charge you is a joke. I wouldn’t be half as annoyed just if they paid out the amount in the first place THEN charged you, BUT to not pay anything out then charge you between £25-£35 is just disgusting and bad service. The way this company run just doesn’t make sense to me and a lot of people on this website, I don’t need to be up at 06:15 typing this in here but I am so miffed with them. Just to add I have been trying to close my account for the last week and a half but there’s either a load of people waiting to be seen and/or there’s just one person on the desk. This isn’t a bank I would recommend to anyone even as just a basic account holder. AVOID!!!

  82. Keith Goddard says:

    I often wonder why people class companies like this as “5 star”, ive had issue after issue, i bought a product for my mobile last week via paypal & i wasn’t sure why but paypal waited for 3 days then decided to take the money out of the account which was only a mere £6.00 i had at least £4.00 that i knew of in the account but wasn’t sure if i should use my hsbc card or my yorkshire so i tried the yorkshire bank card first & it went through end of story or so i thought, then i went to get £40 out of my account as my working tax credit’s of £42 per week goes into this account as i use t ONLY for this due to a Catalogue of errors when i first opened the account by yorkshire bank,so next thing its weekend & i pop to the local “hole in the wall” speedbank to get the £40 & i got the big “Insufficient Funds in your account” WHAT ive got a family to look after GRRR, i had no letter through the post so i called the bank & yet again the HULL branch is in the local yellow pages BUT with a 0845 number GGGRRR i call the call centre & i get a half decent agent,i asked politely why i haven’t any monies in my account & she told me i was charge £35 for having the transaction try to come out of my account of £6.00 i said “What & that’s fair is it” charging someone £35 for around £1.45 as i had min of £4 in the account & the woman threw the “when u opened the account you was fully aware of the charges you would incur if you went overdrawn,this is total rubbish there racketeers & THEY KNOW IT,i have just read ALL the comments on this website & i can’t believe there is people that have actually rated this establishment more than ONE STAR,i got charged another £35 a week ago for taking £10 out of my account that the speedbank “hole in the wall” let me have out that i shouldn’t of,i had around a tenner in the account but wasn’t sure just how much & due to it been another speedbank i was using & the fact that i couldn’t check my balance as it wasn’t offering this service i tried to get a tenner out then guess what “yorkshire bank” charged me £35 for going just £1.85 overdrawn this is a big scam within other banks they shouldn’t let you take money out that you don’t have SIMPLE & then to have the audacity & charge you is a joke, i wouldn’t be half as annoyed just “if they paid out the amount in the first place THEN charged you, BUT to not pay anything out then charge you between £25-£35 is just disgusting & bad service,thats like me owning a ice cream van & when the kids come to the van asking me i say to them “no ive got no ice creams left BUT i am going to charge you for looking” the way this company run just doesn’t make sense to me & a hell of a lot of people on this website, i don’t need to be up @ 06:15typing this in here but i am so miffed with them,just to add i have been trying to close my account for the last week & half but there’s either a load of people waiting to be seen &/Or there’s just one person on the desk,
    One other thing to think WHY dont they offer Email support as in why cant people complain via emails i thought this is whole point of having a website to communicate with people, not everyone can find the time to go to there branch’s or call there “D” rated call centre,within reason & not giving out too much detail they can modify a webpage thats simple for complaining customers to email them, you dont have to give out much of your persoanl details just your reason for complaining & contact details its simple BUT not yorkshire bank its all the there Convenience NOT the customers..
    this isn’t a bank i would recommend to anyone even if you wanted just a basic account ,AVOID THIS RUBBISH!!!
    anyone got any questions by all means email me at this address:


  83. Mubasher Khan says:

    YB is one off the best banks that I have ever been across. I have now been with this bank for 2 years and I have had no problem; even when I did, I sorted it out at the bank. The staff are polite and welcoming.

  84. Mike Homer says:

    I joined the YB in 1970 after being told that I could not have a cheque card with my old bank (Midland) until I had been at the branch 6 months, although I had been with the bank 2 years. The YB gave me one straight away. They looked after me when I did not have much money, which is important because all banks can be good when you have a healthy balance but an great bank is one that is still good when you are broke! My nearest branch is 100 miles away and I never have problems getting money. YB is great.

  85. Jeff Simpson says:

    Reading the comments on here is laughable. Every bank in the country wants your business. Those of you complaining about bank charges – you really need to look at yourselves before you blame the bank’s or their staff first. If you don’t have money in your account on the day (at the very latest) of payment of direct debits then you may get charged. If you have funds, or an approved limit you to pay the bill then you will have no charges. Moral of the story – control your banking and you’ll have no charges, and thus no need to get your back up. Not rocket science.

    As for having your overdraft limit taken off you without notification – I doubt that very much. That would be illegal, and therefore the bank would have to give you your charges back. An overdraft should be used to fall back on now and again, and not be used all the time – if you do use it all the time the banks will take it from you as they will want to see this short term debt agreement repaid. Further to this – keep your own records of what goes in and out – then if any issues arise from switch / card transaction not appearing immediately on your account you know not to take too much money out. This country is pathetic – I understand that some of the charges are OTT, however if you don’t go overdrawn – or go against your T&C’s then there’s no way a bank can charge you – it’s quite simple really.

  86. Jeff Simpson says:

    Reading the comments on here is laughable. Every bank in the country wants your business.

    Those of you complaining about bank charges – you really need to look at yourselve before you blame the bank’s or their staff first.

    If you don’t have money in your account on the day (at the very latest) of payment of direct debits then you may get charged. If you have funds, or an approved limit you to pay the bill then you will have no charges.

    Moral of the story – control your banking and you’ll have no charges, and thus no need to get your back up. Not rocket science.

    As for having your overdraft limit taken off you without notification – I doubt that very much. That would be illegal, and therefore the bank would have to give you your charges back. An overdraft should be used to fall back on now and again, and not be used all the time – if you do use it all the time the banks will take it from you as they will want to see this short term debt agreement repaid.

    Further to this – keep your own records of what goes in and out – then if any issues arise from switch / card transaction not appearing immediately on your account you know not to take too much money out.

    This country is pathetic – I understant that some of the charges are OTT, however if you don’t go overdrawn – or go against your T&C’s then there’s no way a bank can charge you – it’s quite simple really.

  87. Joe Goodhart says:

    I wish to make an application to The Yorkshire Bank to help fund some medical research which is very applicable to children. What address should I send the application to?

  88. kevin hogan says:

    hello i cannot find the proper place to contact Danielle i/we have arranged a meeting which we cannot meet we apologise and will make a further appointment From Kevin& Christine Hogan 01422 241810

  89. Rob555 says:

    The service that I have received from Yorkshire Bank has been absolutely abysmal. I opened a student account before leaving for university in September, despite the wealth of choice available to me I chose Yorkshire Bank as they offered up to £1000 overdraft in your first year. As my goal was to get through the year without accruing any debt I only asked for £200 but in the final couple of weeks I started to run out of cash and went into the branch to ask for a small extension to tide me over until my summer job starts. That was nine days ago and the bank still hasn’t given me an answer. I have been in the branch twice and I have spent £7 speaking to the call centre. I have been promised calls back on THREE occasions and not once did anyone call and I still don’t know where I stand, thank you very much Yorkshire Bank.

    YB’s systems seem to be very antiquated as the bank still seems to rely on pen and paper to get everything done and there are a number of queries which cannot be dealt with outside your home branch – not very helpful if you are away at University. Most of the branches only open from 9:30 until 4:00 and the call centre closes all weekend, not really a modern way to do business.

    Also, I got offered the usual freebies when I opened the account (a 2 for 1 cinema card for example) but NONE of these ever arrived! I feel REALLY let down and I’m now applying for a Natwest account.

  90. R.Middleton says:

    This week I orderd a garden shed online,having previously unsuccessfully tried another company.I paid for the shed I ordered using the firms secure site.Imagine my surprise when I received a delivery instruction from the 1st firm I tried despite the fact I had made no payment to them.Worried in case they had taken an unauthorised payment from my Bank I rang the call centre,and after answering a few security Questions I was able to ascertain that no such payment had been taken{YET} I guess I,ll have to check later,as despite contacting the firm in question by email cancelling the delivery,and also by phone,they have ignored me.So its not Y Bank who are rubbish is it,? there,s plenty more crappy firmsout there!

  91. Steven Storey says:

    Yorkshire Bank branch staff are helpful. The rest of the organisation (i.m.e) is dreadful. The worst company (not just bank) I have ever dealt with – customer for 8 years but still treated with utter contempt. The ‘Home Loans’ and ‘Complaints’ divisions deserve special mention for being bad beyond belief. 1 star given as I wasn’t sure if no star was a genuine rating. F.Y.I, no, I am not overdrawn – heaven help me if I was and banked with Y.B. I wouldn’t trust them to water my plants – YB can use that in any ad they wish to, without me charging them a fee.

  92. paul says:

    i would just like to say a big thankyou to yorkshire bank at pontefract west yorkshire.and a big thankyou to jo anne she always helps me no matter what i have gone in for

  93. Mr D Whitney says:

    What good is internet banking if you can never get on all i get is not autherized to use this site I will be closeing my accounts

  94. fiona says:

    All you people moaning about charges for overdrawn accounts need to get a grip – you should always know what is in your account and use overdrafts for emergencies. Why not try harder at actually keeping some money in your account. I have never had a problem with YB and i have been with them over 10 year – control your own finances and stop moaning about bank charges – if you don’t like the charges stop having to receive them

  95. Frank says:

    I was happy until recently but now I cannot access my internet account, I am constantly being told that the site cannot be found

  96. Simon says:

    Never had any problems with the internet banking until recently, I just can’t get onto their site. I have checked with my internet provider and there are no problems at their end.

  97. Bethany says:

    I am DISGUSTED with this bank. A close friend of mine is disabled and so cannot work. (She is also a single parent of two). Therefore, she relies on benefits. The law clearly states a disabled person/single parent is entitled to a certain amount of benefits to live on each week. However, recently, on a regular basis, this amount has been decreased due to excessive charges from the bank.
    I wish I could rate this bank lower but 1 star is the lowest you can get.

  98. RB says:

    How ridiculous that I’m not able to get an email through to you despite typing in the details you give on your home page! Would someone kindly find time to contact me???

  99. Roy Lambeth says:

    I am disgusted with this bank. I am not and never have been a customer, but I am continually getting SPAM from them inviting me to update my account. I believe this to be attempted identity theft. Each time I report the e-mail to their Phishing address but as yet have never receive even an acknowledgement of my message. This bank is RUBBISH and does not deserve any customers

  100. Carol says:


  101. L Mitchell says:

    I have been with YB for 16 years, with no problems. I have been charged ONCE, which was my fault for going overdrawn without an agreed overdraft limit. All banks charge for this, and YBs charges are nothing compared to that of Natwest. I do however, agree the opening times could be better. I did much prefer when I could pop in on a saturday morning before 12, but they have stopped this. I have never had a problem with telephone banking, but have never bothered to register for internet banking, so I cant comment on that.

  102. J.M.Dargan says:

    I have been with Y.B. over 12 years. The bank service has been very good but lately trying to get through to internet banking is hopeless.

  103. anne Mulligan says:

    Why can I not get on to the internet banking site. I don’t want a loan and I am not interested in another bank account; all I want to do is look at my account.

  104. Lee Hurst says:

    I am trying to get on the Yorkshire Bank web site to register for Online Banking. It’s impossible, what is wrong with YB web site!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. neil says:

    YB online: used for years, now I can’t get on to homepage or to login. I phoned bank they said it’s AOL updates; I phoned them, it’s YB online’s fault. I’m stuck, so moving to another bank, useless…

  106. KP Greenhalgh says:

    Internet banking doesn’t show a running balance. The balance shown can include some of tomorrow’s transactions (DDs and BACS etc) but doesn’t include them in the listing. Crazy.

  107. doreen santris says:

    cant get on to the internet banking keeps saying error has to close. very frustrating. anyone know whats happenning. by the way can we get the holes filled in at laisterdyke branch as when you pull up you have to stand in puddles . be that doesnt happen in ilkley

  108. paul scott says:

    I’ve currently got a yorkshire bank loan i tried on numerous accations to pay off the amount owing i sent them a cheque in june but the’ve lost it and tried to transfer some money over in feb’. Everytime there’s a missed payment they charge me £75 plus interest and i payed off a £1000 in march to put me in the black for a few months with there solictor Jeremy Sutcliff and now i’ve found out that there still charging me. Today i rang up to get it sorted out and i’ve been waiting upto 2 hours for there phone call which has been a total waste of an afternoon. I was a valued, loyal customer for over 16 years and i would advise anybody else to do there banking elsewhere. This is not the first time this bank has messed things up, i will not be doing bussiness with them ever again!

  109. Colin Croxford says:

    Trying to send money overseas is a nightmare ! YB completely unhelpful. It took a total of 4, yes 4 days to do an electronic transfer, and yes you guessed it….. the money was taken out of my account on day 1. TYPICAL. I will certainly look into changing banks. The YB Internet service must be a play on words…. not able to carry out an overseas money transfer. CRAP !

  110. Craig says:

    The Online Banking system that Yorkshire Bank use needs updating and made more secure it’s just way out of date that’s when you can get logged on and it doesn’t kick you out for an hour. People like me who need to use this function are getting pretty annoyed and this isn’t good in this current financial climate we are in. I beg you Yorkshire Bank please let hard working customers access their accounts it’s important to keep upto date with your accounts your quick to tell us when their is something wrong!!!!

  111. C. U. Stomer says:

    Found out the other day that they didn’t hold the correct details of my multifunction card. I only found this out because they had passed the details, incorrect as they were to a third party. I have no confidence whatsoever in their security.

  112. Graham. says:

    It is really sad to think that less than 20 years ago Yorkshire Bank was the most profitable Bank in Western Europe! Indeed, I too remember when their advertising slogan read Friendliness, we built a Bank on it and this was so true. Sadly, the day the Bank was sold to the Australians and profit took over from genuine Customer Service, it has never been the same again.

  113. Pete Davidson says:

    Yorkshire bank is a disgrace to the banking world. Trying to contact a local branch even with the branch phone number is nigh on impossible, and if the phone gets answered at all it’s from a call centre. This is NOT the way to do banking when you are now treated as a number and not as a friend as it used to be before the Australian’s took it over. Wake up Yorkshire Bank and start SERVING your remaining customers. P.S. Please abandon your web site because you simply cannot run it.

  114. C. Perry says:

    I have never had a problem logging onto internet to use facilities. Always helpful in the branch at Retford as well.

  115. alex says:

    Has anyone tried to contact Yorks bank Northgate Wakefield? Phone just rings out. Rang their call centre, they couldn’t get through either or so they tell me very suspicious. I’m maybe getting paranoid but with banks daily getting into trouble it makes you think!

  116. Brian Nicholls says:

    Tried and Tried for weeks to login to ybonline but just get stuck in a merry-go-round of web pages, rang them and it`s my fault, my pop-ups, my firewall, after reading these comments on here I believe it`s their fault and will be telling them so.

  117. D. Barber says:

    When I was at Junior School (1940s) the school ran a banking service in conjunction with the Yorkshire Penny Bank (now Yorkshire Bank), any child could open a savings account and could deposit any amount from a penny upwards and I had such an account, it got you into the habit of saving.

    During 1964 my wife and I opened a current account with them and to this day continue to use their services. However thrift is the watch word no overdrafts or other such rubbish, if you cannot afford goods you do without.

  118. REX WHITEHEAD says:

    I nearly opened and account with the Yorkshire Bank, until I read all the reviews, but not now, I shall go to the NatWest. I have money to invest.

  119. D Calvert says:

    After my family’s experiences I wouldn’t touch Yorkshire Bank with a bargepole. YB forclosed on a secured loan that wasn’t in arrears, after they were put on notice that the security owner had lost mental capacity. As the security owner hadn’t made an Enduring Power of Attorney, the Bank took it upon itself to manage his property and affairs and instructed Law of Property Act Receivers to take possession of and dispose of his property. Despite endless correspondence the Bank’s standard reply seems to be that it has nothing further to add.

  120. bianca says:

    I am under 18 and was charged different charges for over a year only to find out that I should not have been charged as this is not supposed to happen to anyone under the age of 18. I was then refunded that money in cash from the bank but because I had 75.00 worth of charges on my bank, they deducted the 75.00 worth of charges from my refund as well as additional charges for having the original charges (although I was supposedly not allowed to be charged any longer(, if any one can explain that then please do…

  121. D Calvert says:

    Must add that as I couldn’t give YB a minus any stars rating I gave it a 5 star rating in respect of its unconscionable, obstructive and uncooperative conduct. The lowest of the low springs to mind.

  122. Martin says:

    I cannot understand the comments on Yorkshire Banks internet banking website. I have used it from day one and have never had a problem. I have also banked with them for 40 years and again no problems and no junk mail. In my eyes a great bank.

  123. linda says:

    Why do i always have problems with yorkshire bank!
    I tryed 3 times to register myself with internet banking and there was always a problem, then phoned but was on phone for 30 mins for them to tell me to open my page brower…
    One time i phoned they cut me off it happened twice, im not happy with there service i will be moving banks if they dont update.

  124. JK says:

    This bank has got to be the worst ever. They lack the basic principles of a bank. I won’t go into too much detail, but enough is enough time for me to leave. Join at your own peril. If there was a minus rating I would give it one. 1 is the closest but by no means represents the actual service

  125. Leah says:

    I am a member of staff with Yorkshire bank and am quite shocked to read the comments.
    The bank is traditional and treats staff and customers with respect.
    I am not in fear of my job nor in fear that the products we offer are nothing but competitive.
    As far as the banking goes the branches have far more counter and supports staff than most with call centers in Scotland and not over seas.
    I think if you want a more personal approachable bank you cant go wrong, sticking with the bigger players leads to trouble re: HBOS.
    If your having trouble with the online banking get amember of staff or on telephone to help rather than moaning it really isnt that difficult I myself have seen far more complex banking services.

  126. mark owen says:

    where do I start with the YB? I have been with them for thirty years (was five when my account was opened) not sure why I’m still with them! The latest thing to happen was that my debit card was due to expire on the 11/08. So I called the call centre asking when it was going to be sent out. It will be with you in a week. I go away to Hong Kong expecting my card to be here, no card! Thus cannot take any Money out of my account! Phone the call centre and they said there had been delays sending and it will be with me the next day. Next day arrives still no card, girl not intrested said it must of been lost in the post! I ask to be put through to the Dudley branch where my account is. Was told that my card had been waiting for me for a week (nice that they contacted me!) well I said it’s no use being in Dudley as I have been living in London the past 13 yrs! So had them send it to the Grisham st branch. Called back to the call centre to complain about all the different information I had been given and they said they had no records of me calling them! Even though I had called them four times! Their customer service if you can call it that stinks and I was virtually called a liar by the girl at the call centre. REALLY not happy with them (cannot see minus stars?)

  127. Jayne Foster AU says:

    I was a customer for many years with yorkshire bank, in the west midlands.I emigrated with my husband and children to australia sept 2007, and since then we have had nothink but trouble in receiving my husbands credit card statements, a few months ago we received a letter to say they were having problems, and that is why he had not received a statement for 2 months.Yet they still charged my husband a late fee , and sent a letter asking why he had not made a payment, which is wrong,and they have done it again ,we have not had a statement since begining of oct, Im sure they will put another charge on. Like alot of you we are finding it hard to get in touch with anyone, to let them know about this problem. Is yorkshire bank still in business? I do wonder!!!

  128. Joe Savon says:

    This has to be one of the most unfriendly and intransigent banks I’ve had the misfortune to deal with. Extremely uncompetitive rates and possibly the worst online banking access. It doesn’t even warrant a rating of 1 but reviews can’t be posted without.

  129. robert says:

    i can only speak well of yb and cb , they have been helpful and willing to look at new ventures when the rest of the arrogant w—-rs at the so called big banks try to expoit a situation that we are all in due to their lack of basic business sense , clarkson summed them up on have i got news for you , keep up the good work NAB

  130. John says:

    My mum started my account with the Yorkshire penny bank when I was born (I’m 52 now) I have a few various accounts with Yorkshire including my business account and year by year the service is becoming more attrocious especially internet and phone, my local staff at the branch couldn’t be more helpful, but anything other than that and I start to lose the will to live having to explain things a thousand times over to somebody in a call centre who gets everything wrong by the time they put me through to my local branch it has to be explained again ! 52 years I’ve been with Yorkshire, but 2009 will be the year they lose my business, sentiment will only stretch so far ! ps. I’ve just tried entering this without a rating and it won’t let me so I’ve had to give it an unwarranted one star

  131. R W Armstrong says:

    I have been with YB (Guisborough branch) for over 30 years, never had a problem with the banking system; the staff over the years have always been proficient, courteous and very helpful. I also find YB’s internet banking to be user friendly and provides a good service with good communication and feedback arrangements. I say well done and keep up the good work.

  132. Joe says:

    I am 43; I have been with the Yorkshire Bank since I was 20. I’ve not always been entirely happy with aspects of the bank. I would agree with some of the observations below about the call centre but, at branch level I’ve always been delighted with their approach and attitude, even when I’ve been in the wrong. To anyone reading through these comments; don’t be a sheep, call into a branch and follow your instincts. I came across this website by mistake; remember that ‘blog’ sites and surveys are hunted down by a greater proportion of people who simply want to grumble or complain cause let’s face it, in this country, that’s what we’re really good at!

  133. Barbara says:

    I am amazed by the problems some Yorkshire Bank customers have experienced. I have been with the YB in Litleborough for about 15 years and have had no problems whatsoever. The only complaint I have in recent years is that I can’t ring the branch directly but have to go through a call centre. Twice recently I have had money taken from my account, once via internet banking and once via cloned debit card. In each case the bank was on the ball and contacted me on the day of the fraudulent activity, making sure that the stolen money was replaced. I have always found the branch staff to be pleasant and helpful. The internet banking facility is a little frustrating at times, hence the loss of one star in my rating, but is a very useful (and economical) way of moving money about, paying bills etc. I am certainly not planning to change to another bank.

  134. steven booth says:

    i have been a customer for more than 20 years & seen a lot of changes with this bank, complaints ive had are numerous, this bank does not have any customer care what so ever, its like buying a new car, they will bend over backwards & do any thing for you , When you have bought it & it breaks down,. NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW. .. to add insult to injury, i had to upgrade an insurance policy costing me heeps more a month, I forgot to sign it in the correct place, It was posted back to me about three weeks after signing it saying sign it again & return it to them,. WHAT A ********** CHEEK , NO PREPAID ENVELOPE,. this bank is Australian owned,. PLEASE TAKE IT BACK,.

  135. Acacia Rose says:

    A year or so later I will try again to contact the YB. A phone call from Australia did not assist me locate my account and the branch! Luckily I found the old passport account book and I will try again. No doubt the staff are not to blame – someone somewhere must have made a decision to cut customer services hence all the problems. It is usually about increasing profits or executive compensation – otherwise – the bank would provide excellent service. The question is who made the decision? Who are they? Where are they? What sort of bonuses do they receive? Who pays for their bonuses? Everyone. Staff and customers alike.

  136. Keith Jessop says:

    Well, I have several thousand pounds in a YB Readycash account – note the name.

    I wanted to transfer some of MY money into another account (different back) via internet banking because I work about 15 miles away from my branch.

    Anyway, after entering all of the details and confirming, I get a stupid message saying that the amount exceeded my daily transfer limit. It didn’t say what this limit was or why it was there.

    A few days later I was in the branch for another reason and asked what this limit was. Neither of the two people in the room had a clue – one of them rang head office and came back with the explanation that it was an FSA rule, reasons unknown. Apparently you can transfer a maximum of £2000 via internet banking but £4999 via telephone banking.

    Absolutely ridiculous!

    It’s my money, they’ve got it, and I can’t have it. No wonder bankers are being cillified at the moment! They are a bloody law unto themselves.

    Would love to hear from anyone with a similar problem.

  137. Kate says:

    I am suprised at alot of the comments left on this blog, I work for YB and alot of the comments raised are mainly down to lack of knowledge. The online and telephone banking facility is quick and straight forward, it couldnt be easier, takes 5 minutes. As for not being able to ring the branchs direct, this is done for a very good reason, a small branch like the one i work at has 1000’s of customers, if we were to give the direct number out to all these people we would not be able to deal with the capacity of the calls so having a 24/7 call centre based in the UK is the best solution it ensures all customers can get through and can call even when the branchs are closed at weekend/evenings. With regards to international transfers, yes your money will go out of your account on day1 it will then pass through financial fraud detectin for money laundering then it is upto the receiving bank to credit the account as it is in a holding account for them to collect and transfer. Majority of these complaints are due to customers jumping to conclusions, so i strongly disagree with alot of the negative comments and feel that YB is a bank based on customer service, honesty and sensible lending as we are one of the only banks not to be in a mess as we dont lend to people who cant afford it. All in all well worth considering

  138. Katherine Duffield says:

    Having read alot of the comments on this blog im suprised that people are complaining about charges. If you breach the terms and conditions of your account and take money that is not yours then face the consequences. I agree with bank charges as if people looked after there finances there would be no need to moan about being charged. Yorkshire bank has always provided me, my family and friends with the best quality service. They are a traditional and customer based bank that cant do enough to help you. Have a query/compaint raise it it gets dealt with quickly and efficiently. The call centre is an excellent service as i can speak to someone anytime and feel that my personal information is secure, many people complain about the rigorous security that teh bank implements but if this was not in place and anyone rang up claiming to be you then you would expect these measures. So many of these complaints are trivial and unnecessary.

  139. hazel smith says:

    I have always received very good service from my local branch (gloucester) and in my telephone dealings with YB have always found staff to be very helpful and courteous. Everything has always been dealt with smoothly and efficiently, top marks

  140. Andy says:

    This Bank is one of the best on the High Street, some of the comments on call centres ring true but there is little alternative on the High St, most Banks have now decided to centralise their branch phone network.

  141. doreen broughton says:

    I have been with the Yorkshire Bank Grimsby for about 35 years. I have never experienced any problems with them. The staff at the Bethlehem Street branch are very helpful and friendly.

  142. Catherine says:

    What started 18 years ago as a sweet banking relationship has gone sour for me.
    1) Excessively high bank charges – hardly surprising that they are featured detrimentally on the BBC website.
    2) Far to difficult to have an actual CONVERSATION with your branch. Not making life too easy when my branch is 130 miles away (I moved to greater London – we have a choice of going into the City or going out to High Wycombe. Both a good 50 min journey!)
    3) Far to willing to increase overdrafts and throw loans around a few years ago and too happy to pull the rug away now.
    So when I approached them recently for help because their high charges were sending me spiralling, what was their suggestion? Scrap my existing and take out a mortgage with them, release the equity and pay off everything and get in even more financial dependency with them. I didn’t fancy that so they told me to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau. I don’t see that as helpful, friendly or reassuring. I can’t wait to get away from them and I’m trying hard not to swear!
    Oh – and btw. After 6 months of trying, I still can’t log onto my online banking – I know it’s not me being a technophobe, I’m a web designer… they just can’t seem to get the login straight!

  143. THOMAS EAVES says:

    I have been with YB for some 30 years. I have a premium account and a business account. My manager comes to my house to discuss my requirements and is most helpful. I pay a fee for this but all I need to do is call her mobile No. and the rest is arranged in a very speedy fashion. I think most companies need to go to Natwest, RBS, and smell the coffee there…

  144. Jonathan White says:

    I have been with the bank for many years. Good points, IF you can get to speak with the branch all is well. Bad points. IF you have to deal via the net/phone then it is a nightmare. I am currently trying to pay my council tax (another bunch of unforgiving bankers) and surprise, the Yorkshire Bank system will not let me do it. I won’t go into the calls I have made asking for ring backs etc. Overall the relationship appears now to have gone sour.

    Time to leave I think.

  145. Sue says:

    I have been a customer of Yorkshire Bank for numerous years now and have nothing but praise.

    I do feel that the negative comments are surely down to lack of knowledge or financial control. Complaints regarding charges are surely made by those who have not maintained their account in credit and have taken it upon themselves to borrow from the bank without prior authorisation – surely a chargeable offense. As with regards to technology issues, both the internet banking service and the telephone banking services have dedicated helplines with friendly and knowledgeable staff who can assist you should you get into difficulties.
    Surely people would be better off spending their time learning how to do things right instead of moaning and posting derogatory comments about a fantastic, friendly and capable, SECURE bank. Top marks for its customer service and availability and for providing a reassuring bank who its customers can trust.

  146. sitholiwe mangena says:

    This is a complaint to Yorkshire Bank. I am not a customer. It all started last year, I went to their branch in Leeds near the market to open an account, to my surprise I was told I can not open because of my status of a refugee. That was last year in July. I went on and tried your other branch in york road but was told a different story. This time they said they wanted to verified with head office. I left all my details but up to now still waiting. On the 23rd Feb I tried again hunslet branch, was told same old story and left my details and told head office will come back to me. My question is why am I being refused to open an account. I will be grateful if someone get back to me.

  147. B Bell says:

    Recently got a new Maestro card, was asked to ring a number to confirm I’d got it – a call I had to pay for only for them to try and sell me an insurance policy, what a waste of time and money! They’ve gone down in my estimation!

  148. Sheila Marshall says:

    I have been with Yorkshire bank for 25 years. I have my mortgage, current account, saving and cards all with them. After using their phone line to inform them I have not had a new card sent I will be closing all my account. I can not understand how customer service is no longer important to them. Why you can not speak to your local branch where the staff know you and treat people well. Their phone lines are a disgrace. I today spoke to Neil and when asked for a manager got through to Anne who lied, by informing me I had failed 2 Security question when I had been asked one, which I informed your operator I would not be able to answer with accuracy. Their staff need to put the customer first. In today’s competitive market they should not want to lose good customers.

  149. Steve says:

    Yorkshire Bank doesn’t even exist any more; it’s just a trading name of Clydesdale Bank (which is owned by NAB)

  150. Louise says:

    We have a sound company but this crowd are pulling the rug from under us. Our overdraft has been withdrawn with 4 days notice and I can feel someone within the bank is rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of getting their hands on our assets.
    Well they won’t as I will fight them with every last breath in my body. Yorkshire Bank are fair weather friends, don’t expect any help in hard times and don’t listen to their spiele about building relationships, it’s all good sales talk.
    I think the Aussies are trying to get their balance sheets in order to off load Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank. If you have a business, do yourself a favour and steer clear of this bank they are only out to help one side of the relationship, theirs.

  151. hamza says:

    banking is a diversity in the finacial world.i do believe that your humble web site helps us to keep up to date and get enformed on what is happening in this ever changing world of ours.
    thanks a bundle.

  152. joan says:

    Like Louise the same has happened to us. I too intend to fight. They have missold and continued to mislead us regarding Personal Guarantees and are now trying to obtain our assets. I wonder how many people there are out there who are having the same thing done to them. If you are, maybe post something on this site and we can share strategies. The only reason I have given them 1 star is because I can’t post the review giving them nothing.

  153. B Hogan says:

    Why is the maximum amount of money you can transfer by internet a secret? When the error pop up appears and says you have exceeded the daily amount, why doesn’t state what the amount is. How hard would that be!

  154. Anneka says:

    I’ve been with YB since I was about 4. Originally I only had a savings account so I never had much to do with them. However, recently to allow me to separate my student overdraft at Natwest I decided to rekindle my banking relationship with YB. BIIIIG MISTAKE! I’m sure it’s already been flagged up but I have got to say how completely disgusting it is that in 2009 not only do the branches close at 16:00 that there is NO Saturday service! So does that mean that hard working 9-5 Mon-Fri people are not eligible to bank with them? In addition I previously had to re-request my Maestro card for my savings account THREE times as it never arrived. I also opened a new Ready Cash account a month ago and have not received a card for that either. Then when I tried to transfer money into another account held with a different bank I was told that the transaction would take THREE days – again it’s 2009!!! Frankly I am not impressed and how nice and uncrowded the branches are has been completely overshadowed in my opinion. As soon as my overdraft is cleared I’m flying back to Natwest. They are much more accessible, efficient and up with the times.

  155. G Page says:

    This bank is rubbish. I cancelled all my direct debits on my account and now I am being charged for a direct debit that was supposed to have been cancelled so I did not have funds for it. They claim no knowledge of my request to cancel and now I have to suffer bank charge. Shameful.

  156. chris walker says:

    Tuesday 1st of September. I went to a cash machine, only to find I was £68 overdrawn. At lunchtime I deposited £200 in the drop off box. Wednesday morning I checked my account only to find that I was £93 overdrawn. I queried this at lunchtime only to find that my £200 had not been put into my account and I had been charged £25 for being over drawn to no fault of mine. The guy behind the reception desk said there was a discrepancy over the money and it would be put in my account by the end of the day. The money was put in, but the charges had not. I queried this Thursday lunchtime, with the same guy, his attitude was TERRIBLE. It was as though it was his money he was giving me. Eventually he took my bank card and put the money back in to my account even another member of the public commented on his attitude. SHOULD I TAKE THIS MATTER UP WITH HEAD OFFICE? Drop in boxes are not the best way of banking.

  157. chris walker says:

    Drop in boxes, well what can I say? Waste of time, especially when the staff at my local branch choose not to check deposits and put them into my account, leaving me overdrawn, then charge me £25 for being overdrawn to no fault of my own. Bring back the old system of banking.

  158. john humphreys says:

    After receiving a letter to inform me that the Immingham branch was closing down and moving to Grimsby I decided to leave the Yorkshire bank as I now live in Lincoln where my main bank is situated and I have been a customer since 1971.
    I opened an account with the Yorkshire Bank for my three grand children so as I was closing my account I asked if I could close them. I was told they could not deal with me as they were not my accounts (but had always taken the monthly standing order from my account). My daughter lives locally so she went to Immingham before it closed and withdrew my granddaughters money but my sons two children live in Mississippi and he has filled in numerous forms so they didn’t pay tax but they are still paying tax and he filled in forms to have two cheques sent in the children’s names to my address so they don’t lose out on the exchange rate as I have opened them an account with my main bank and intend to deposit them there and guess what we are still waiting. I think all these people who are singing this banks praises can’t be a pensioner like myself who just wants to give my grand children a bit of pocket money. How hard can it be to close two bank accounts and forward the cheques as requested.

  159. Rob Margetts says:

    I use the bank in the centre of Grimsby. There is no free parking anywhere near. The service is SO slow, the queues are always nearly out the doors, the opening times are absolutely ridiculous, doesn’t open on a Saturday, the list is endless!!! Even when there are 6 cashiers on, it’s still got countless customers tutting and sighing because of the appalling service. I’m closing my account and joining the Halifax.

  160. DCN says:

    I have always found this bank to be ‘in the dark ages’ – rubbish opening times, endless queues, slow unimaginative cashiers; we have our household bills here only – it’s a ‘neutral’ bank for the 2 of us BUT there have been many times when I’ve been tempted to move – it’s only the DD changes/time element that has stopped me.

  161. Katy says:

    Reading back over the comments raised, I am astounded by peoples attitudes. Nine times out of ten, the negative comments are purely due to customer negligence i.e. ‘I’ve had bank charges’, well adhere to the terms and conditions when signing up for the account and stick to it, this is your own fault and the bank can not be blamed for your own mistakes. Many comments about money transfers, little do many people understand that rigorous checks are made to detect and prevent money laundering, it’s there to protect the customer! All you moaners out there, did you know if a member of staff approves a payment that is illegal and they didn’t do enough to find information out they can easily face a fine, disciplinary action and even prison!! The rude comments about all the staff are going to get sacked and be bought out is appalling, have some respect. I myself work at the Yorkshire Bank and get paid very little over minimum wage and am faced with derogatory behaviour from customers who are out of order and do not wait to listen but just shout and swear! Remember next time your being rude to the front line staff, you wouldn’t expect to be treated like that in your workplace.

  162. karen says:

    I too am leaving Yorkshire Bank. Reason being the lack of support and help. Also I too have never been able to do internet banking. But most of all I work in the country and I work 8 till 5 so the bank opening times, and the fact they don’t open Saturday is the final straw. I’m off to Alliance and Leicester. Easy to pay cash in. Internet banking brilliant, and telephone banking. Also no overdraft charges for a year. Brilliant.

  163. Sue Smith says:

    I think the Yorkshire Bank is behind the times. They are not open on Saturdays and there are no more than 3 cashiers on duty and no one opens another till even when the queue is very long. Saturday is the only time me and my husband can do our banking affairs so we have changed to the Halifax who are so much better and we now have our salaries and credit cards with them.

  164. eddie says:

    I recently had to be laid off because of recession which in turn maxed out my agreed overdraft. One day in June, a DD went out which couldn’t be paid so I was charged £35 for that plus £25 for going over the limit, then charged another £25 odd for overdraft interest. To make matters worse I put in £150 hoping it would clear it all up but it wasn’t cleared because it was after 2pm. Therefore the next day I was charged another £25 for going over the limit. I lost £110 over a £30 DD IN ONE DAY! AND, the DD still hasn’t been paid! Time for a fightback people, they deserve all that’s coming to them.

  165. Mrs Vicki Gawthorpe says:

    I have just been reading through comments since I left mine in 2007. Yes I agree that people who are being charged through breach of contract need to realise that this is the punishment for spending the banks money when they have not got any of their own in their account… but this DOES NOT give excuse for rubbish customer service or charges incurred through the banks problems! How rude! And yes, the front line staff should not be abused, the ethos of the company should be questioned, as for your pay, if u feel you don’t receive the adequate award for your work then get a job that does reward you for what u do! Very good excuses YB but no back up for them!

  166. rich b says:

    Yorkshire Bank are a disgrace to the county of Yorkshire. Self-important, arrogant and totally unhelpful. I have had to deal with the Grimsby branch for the last ten years, despite not even living in the town for as long. I tried to move the holding branch, only to be told that that would be a waste of time. I have had nothing but hassle when trying to resolve issues with the branch, to the point that when I express my frustration at the total incompetence of the branch, the situation is turned against me! The final straw is when one department of Yorkshire Bank gave me a number to call the branch on, only to be grilled by the branch manager as to why / how did I get this number. More pre-occupied with telling me off for using the particular number than trying or wanting to help with my queries / issue. This then culminated with the manager telling me to close my account. My account has been in credit always and I have been a customer for over 15 years – more fool me!! So now faced with account closure, somewhat forced upon me, I now have to try to get a branch that is only open school hours in order to close the damn account. When calling to lodge a complaint, suddenly I need to provide specific dates / times / names to proceed with the complaint. I have found the staff of this particular branch to be conceited, arrogant and so full of self-importance, leaving me, the customer, feeling completly ignored and bullied. Should I perform in my job in the same way, I would have been sacked long ago. Who do these people think they are ??!!?? I look forward to opening a new account with a proper bank, leaving them in the dark ages. I can not stress enough my annoyance with them. Do not ever use Yorkshire Bank if you are looking to open an account somewhere.

  167. David J Groom says:

    Please investigate as I do not have a account with you at present. Thank you.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Yourkshire Bank
    Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 2:03 AM
    Subject: Internet Banking Update

    Your Online Services need to be registered to facilitate the new faster payment services
    for instant transfer.

    To register your online account .
    Click the guide-link below and follow the instructions for instant activation or please call
    our telephone banking team on 08456000332 to activate your account and security

    Activate Account

    Important Notice – You are strictly advised to match your Security details rightly to
    avoid online banking suspension.

  168. Barry says:

    Ive personally banked with Yorkshire bank since I first left school, and to be honest I’ve always found the staff to be both polite and helpful. As far as services and charges go they seem to be pretty much compatible with the other main high street banks.

    With concerns to the banks opening times this can be slightly problematic, however with a little forethought and use of lunch breaks / days off I’ve never found this to be such a problem as many of the comments below suggest.

    One comment I would also like to make – and also to affirm the comment left by ‘Katy’ below, which I feel is both a very mature and sensible comment to make, is that some peoples views seem to complain about aspects which are quite short sighted in their view.

    For instance, on the subject of charges, if you bounce a direct debit you WILL be charged for it, simple fact, and pretty much every high street bank does charge for this. Yorkshire bank is no different and neither are their charges – they’re on pretty much equal terms. If you are going to bounce a direct debit then show some maturity and take responsibility for it, if you break the rules accept the consequences. It’s not the end of the world and they are ways around it, either don’t bounce the direct debit, or cancel it before the payments due – simple.

    Also as far as comments about the staff are concerned, especially the one by ‘DCN’ of ‘slow unimaginative cashiers’, I’ve never worked in a bank but I have worked on cashiers tills in retail and I’ll say this, the only reason a cashier is slow is because of the customer they are serving. If a customer is asking a lot of questions or doesn’t understand the process they are asking for then naturally it will take longer to process. Cashiers generally don’t want people hanging around for two simple reasons, firstly it makes them look bad to their bosses, secondly customers = work, get rid of the customers quickly and you workload becomes quite pleasant! Oh and as far as the ‘unimaginative’ comment – what do you want them to do? Dance for you? Grow up.

  169. dylan davies says:

    Absolute pathetic excuse for a banking system, got my new pin today and it still declines my card. Defo moving to Lloyds TSB. Terrible bank.

  170. dylan davies says:

    Yorkshire bank is the worst bank in the world! Dont know what am still doing with them! I recieved my new pin today an its still declines my card, load of s**t !
    Am joining Lloyds TSB!

  171. Interested says:

    While viewing different banks for info I am absolutely appalled at the manipulation on this forum ie negative statements get a 1 star rating yet positive ones get 5 stars. Wonder which YB staff member is doing this. Then there are the numerous comments from YB Staff members who defend their company, and then sound off at customers who are not happy. Doesn’t look good! Joe Bloggs and Katy take note. I would never bank with you.

  172. David J. Thorn says:

    Yorkshire bank don’t send cheques for matured bonds until 3 or 4 days after maturity date. Their explanation is that they need to be sure the cheques are correct to avoid fraud. This administrative work could easily be done before bond maturity. I suspect that the real reason for the delay is the extra time Yorkshire bank have use of your funds.

  173. Peter Clatworthy says:

    I have just opened a new personal bank account with Yorkshire Bank. For the past 10 years I have banked with YB in a joint account with my wife. Divorce proceedings caused a freezing of this joint account, which is perfectly sensible and understandable. However, it has now taken over 4 weeks to receive a bank card which works (2 cards and 5 pin numbers), and I still cannot use internet banking. It seems to me that this bank is controlled by its computer systems which are VERY poor. When things go wrong, and this can happen with the best of organisations, there does not seem to be any way for a human being to intervene on behalf of the customer to take action to hurry things along. Every time I telephone I have to give a list of security details which must then be repeated EVERY time I am transferred from one department to another. Full name; address and postcode; account number; sort code; 4 digit pin; account code; blood group; urine sample! NEARLY 2010. Could we please deal with a switched on 2010 bank at some time in the near future?

  174. Dylan D says:

    yorkshire bank proper awful bank joinin barclays me

  175. Jo McHugh says:

    I have been a Yorkshire Bank customer for many years, and I am amazed that there are no branches local to Derby that are open on a Saturday – will this bank listen to its customers and consider opening up Saturdays? I don’t want to change banks, but I will be considering it in the New Year unless something changes re opening times.

  176. Mark Smith says:

    I don’t bank with Yorkshire Bank; my mum and dad do and have done for nearly 40 years. Mum and dad are mid to late 70’s and have never owned or used a computer. I live over 200 miles from m+d. This is what I experienced dealing with YB:
    Due to an illness in the family I asked mum (MRS Independent!) to consider allowing me to do internet grocery shopping for mum and dad as opposed to them catching the bus in all weathers, carrying heavy shopping bags from the supermarket to the bus stop, waiting for the bus (sometimes 20mins) and walking from the bus stop to home with heavy shopping bags (0.5 miles). Mum saw the sense of it and we were doing their weekly shop for several months without a problem until mum’s card failed to verify. An error message appeared when control of the transaction was transferred from the supermarket to Yorkshire Bank. I phoned YB. I explained all the above and asked for an explanation of the error message. The person I was speaking to said “I am not prepared to discuss another bank account with you”. After multiple different tacks on my part received the same “I am not…” response (remember I was ONLY asking what the error message meant!), I asked to speak to the person’s supervisor – not there! – I told the “not there!” (in more ways than one!) person that I could supply all the details they require to confirm I am who I say I am and that I would give them my mum and dad’s contact details as further evidence but received their stock “I am not prepared to discuss another bank account with you”! EVENTUALLY (the next day) I was told by a different YB employee to have mum traipse into their branch and answer questions she wouldn’t know the answer to (computer Q’s). She did go in and didn’t know the answers so when mum told me I phoned YB and they wanted me to go into the branch (YB don’t open on Saturdays and I am using my annual leave to attend a course at the university near where I live so I haven’t got the available annual leave). After researching the error I found the problem was on one server. YB techy’s found this out around the same time and once the stopped server services were restarted, the transactions started going through again. At no time did YB depts/employees think about the problems my mum (A CUSTOMER!) was having and offer to help/phone her and explain their problem was being dealt with, very poor. I have multiple years’ experience in various roles within Computer Depts, Quality Teams, Information Management Teams, and Service Teams so I know about these areas of business and can tell when I’m being fobbed off. This is the 21st Century, how will YB manage controlling Single-Point-Sign-In? PKI? Trusted networks? Etc. In my experience, inter-dept communications and infrastructure within YB are still experiencing difficulty differentiating between what they sit on and their elbows. I am convinced there will be thousands of others who shop for their mum’s and dad’s because they are elderly or infirm or have no knowledge of the internet and if their experience is like mine you will have thousands of less customers and deservedly so.

    • ANDY says:

      In a nutshell the bank are right to deny you any info about an account that isnt yours. Even confirming that an account exists is breaching the data protection act. In relation to the card problem, your mum & dad are in breach of the account terms & conditions by giving you the card to use in the first place – why not just ask the bank for a third party card? If you havent asked for the proper service you cant write negative reports when it doesnt work to your satisfaction.

  177. Steve Gordon says:

    DO NOT bank with this bank for anything commercial. They are jittery and an awful commercial bank. They do underhand and cheap tactics to ruin businesses. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND against banking with them. They over react and RUIN businesses.

  178. Mr Neil Utley says:

    I am a self employed worker and quite regularly get payed by cheque. As I work long hours Monday to Friday the only time I find myself or my wife can get to the bank is on a Saturday. I find it hard to believe that when we go to Barnsley the only bank that seems to be closed is Yorkshire bank. I am having to finish work early just so I can put my cheques in the bank and therefore am losing money by doing this. Unless Yorkshire bank decides to open Saturdays I am considering changing banks as I am losing money.

  179. Julie says:

    Where should I start when it come to Yorkshire Bank?? They should be closed down for good! Years now we have had nothing but problems with YB but like always they say it will never happen again and we trust them. But it always dose! Now YB have gone to far! Over the past 10 week they have took £500 of our money, leaving us with nothing. We have a 3 months old and 2 year old and thanks to YB no money for food over Christmas and it took them over 4 weeks to give us our money back. Every month they said we are DD by £100’s then within a day it will go up to £2000DD. Even on pay day they say we are £1339.39DD. Now they have not paid one of bills. Please note we have been paying this bill for over 2 years same date every month. This bill is not a small bill, it pays for the roof over our heads. 16 years we have been banking with YB and this is how they repay us. Well YB thank you for NOTHING!! We are moving and I will not be letting this rest. YB you need to wake up.

  180. margot kanosin says:

    YB making mistakes.They counted wrong sum for standing order.Nobody changed this.They doing mistakes.they have to close own doors

  181. Alan says:

    Banked with YB for nearly 20 years, they have had thousands from me over this time (2 x £25000 loans that where paid off in full). Got into difficulty last year with their credit card… did they care… Sold the debt to another branch of YB (an internal scam they run) and being hit with interest greater than their repayment…. Avoid these like the plague…. Major bank charges and only your friend while they are digging you into debt… Agree with an earlier post.

  182. Roz Walters says:

    I have banked with the Yorkshire Bank since the early 1980’s when Barclay’s decided to slap a charge on my current account because I couldn’t afford to keep £100 in my account. I have had one techy hitch with them when a company decided to claim a direct debit early, this put me into the red zone. This was cleared up very quickly, as was the hitch with my online account when I stupidly keyed in the wrong password three times.

    I now do most of my banking online, hardly every go into any of the branches these days. When I do I have found the staff helpful, and more importantly everything appears to be free. I haven’t paid bank charges in years, and even when I did it was because I was overdrawn. Occasionally I do go into my overdraft by a couple of pounds for two or three days, but unlike Barclay’s who stung me as often as possible, even without being overdrawn, the Yorkshire Bank have not had a penny out of me for over a decade. Makes one wonder how they are still in business, but then perhaps they make it via others who can’t do their sums!

  183. Deb says:

    Banked with YB for 20 years. Had to move 1 account when they stopped late night opening as unable to pay my wage cheque in. Was not happy that I had to phone to acknowledge safe receipt of my card (to an 08 number) only for them to use it to try and sell me a protection product (I have marketing suppression on my account so should not be marketed to). On a plus note have always found the staff in branch very friendly, however the 8 cashiers in my local branch has shrunk to 2 (more often only 1 desk is staffed), the branches are horribly understaffed and the staff always look run off their feet. I think the times of ‘friendliness, we built a bank on it’ are long gone as far as the management is concerned.

  184. mary lowis says:

    Banked with Yorkshire since it was the penny bank. Just been issued with new mastercard. Amazon have charged me £1.50 for using it treating it like a credit card!! Now I can’t transfer money over from Egg bank, Yorkshie will not accept the secure code, once again it’s the other banks fault. Complained to the contact centre but would not transfer me to a supervisor, will be transferring to a new bank tomorrow. Anybody out there who can recommend a good bank? Have just spent 60 minutes trying to sort it out!!! No apologies.

  185. J Higgins says:

    The Yorkshire Bank is an absolute disgrace. I unfortunately hold a business account with the bank. It is totally mis-managed. Complaints are not dealt with, calls/emails/letters are not responded to, and accounts are being managed by ‘supposed’ qualified personnel that would not know how to run a business let alone manage the bank accounts.
    I have had to click one star so that this can be posted, but the bank does not deserve even one star.

    When you make a complaint, they close ranks, pretend they do not know who you are talking about, etc. The bank is an insult to the banking profession.

    The bank does not care-a-less whether a business succeeds or fails. The bank goes a long way to help businesses achieve the latter, which is appalling.

  186. lyn says:

    I have been waiting 4 weeks for a return call from my manager at my local branch. I have now phoned again asking to speak to him or her still waiting for a return call. When you don’t need help i.e. plenty of money in your account they cannot do enough to help you, when you need help they won’t. I would love to win the lottery and wave the cheque in there face to see what treatment I would get then.

  187. jon vaines says:

    Why didn’t Yorkshire Bank discuss and sort out with the world in general, any problems that may arise with their new Mastercard ‘before’ going live with it. I couldn’t top my phone up, because O2 wouldn’t recognise it, now they do it will only allow me to top up £20 in 30 days, Asda ‘pay at the pump’ pumps won’t take it. Co-op and other other stores that used to give me cash back now don’t. Get it sorted and get it sorted now or I’m leaving…

  188. Hambleton Smith says:

    Yorkshire Bank in Harrogate deserves no rating as it is the worse bank I’ve ever dealt with. There are constant complaints from the ban staff about having to count cash. When a customer has a problem with their account they have to do it at the counter in front of the lengthening queue for everyone to hear. The closer to 1 pm the fewer people on the counter so by then the queue is close to the door.
    I’ve had personal experience of money put in to my account that didn’t belong to me. I tried to tell someone at the bank and all I got was disbelief that someone would try and hand back funds that didn’t belong to them. Yorkshire Bank’s customer service is a disgrace, especially in Harrogate. Having to call Glasgow when I need change is also another tick against them. From reading the complaints below it seems I’m not alone and dissatisfied with the service. I feel free to tell everyone I know if they’re looking for a bank to never chose Yorkshire Bank.
    Seems I have to chose a rating or my review won’t be posted.
    Yorkshire Bank doesn’t even deserve the single rating I’m being forced to give them. Though I doubt anyone will be reading this anyway.

  189. Sam says:

    Having banked with Yorkshire Bank for about 16 years and never really had a problem with them until I moved house and took out a loan with them.
    1. Sent a fax to my local branch with change of address. Also called the call centre to change address. A couple of weeks later I couldn’t get on my online banking so called the call centre to check my balance and a transaction. I was asked to confirm the usual Name, add, DOB etc. On confirming all this I was told that I hadn’t told them my correct address. Spelt the address out to them three times and still wrong. I was told to GUESS what address the call centre had added when I rang to change my address!! I told them I was not a mind reader and how was I to know what someone else had typed on their system and it wasn’t my fault if they had typed my address wrong. I told them I was not happy with my banking details being sent to someone elses address and was told there was nothing they could do about it and I had to go to my branch and provide proof of my address so they could change it on the system. I said surely you are breaching confidentiality by sending my statements to a wrong address and I was told NO it was my fault for providing the wrong details. I work 9 til 5 so had to leave work early to go to branch. At branch I asked them to tell me what address they had on system. It WAS the CORRECT address I had given them. All I got was a sorry.

    2. Took out a small loan. 5 months after I decided I had had enough of YB messing me around and charging me £25 for going OD by 52p so decided to use the switching service with A&L. Got a letter from A&L showing all DD they were switching but no YB Loan on there. Called YB to ask why they had not provided these details and was told that YOU HAVE TO HAVE A YB ACC for my loan to come out of. I have now had to get an overdraft from YB to cover my loan coming out of an acc I do not want. I am now being charged interest for having an overdraft just so I can pay this darn loan off. Although one branch told me it had to come out of a YB acc and another branch told me it didn’t. Called Loan Centre today and they said it does have to come out of YB account as you have to be a YB customer to get a loan!! Does anybody else have a loan from YB that doesn’t come out of a YB account.

    Should be no stars. I feel violated having to give them one star.

    • ANDY says:

      Its in your T&Cs that it needs to be paid through a YB account. The reason its not on your Direct Debit list is that its not actualy a Direct Debit – its an internal Auto Debit. Just cancel the payment, ask the branch to set you up as cash payment and ask then for the sort code & account number for your loan – then, take these details to your new bank and set up a standing order – Simple!
      YB Staff member – we’re not all bad 🙂

  190. shabani nsabimana says:

    i recntly signed an agreement for online monthly payment . my question is this ;< i want to know clearly the destination of this payment .> this agreement has been sign on 15/03/2010 . any further information send an e mail through the adrss above . the account number is 19860221. my post code is IG3 8SE Ilford Essex . bank card number 6759051858198602215 . thanks.

  191. alan simn says:

    what documents do i need for a joint account

  192. Diane says:

    Sam – Heckmondwike branch also advised my partner that he had to hold a Yorkshire Bank account as he has a personal loan with them. Unbelievable!!!! On making enquiries on his behalf at the Huddersfield branch I was given the information needed for his loan to come out of his preferred account with a different branch. So it can be done. Thankfully I do not bank with the Yorkshire, however, my partner does. I cannot begin to catalogue the number of times he has been given wrong and misleading information, quite apart from the fact that the staff at his branch seem to have little or no knowledge either of their products and services or their procedures nor any manners. He has now opened an a current account , credit card account and savings account elsewhere. Yorkshire Bank has lost not only my partners business but also the business of both his and my families. It is a sad commentary that a bank once held in such high esteem now seems to be failing a high proportion of it’s loyal customers. Rest assured we will not be banking with the Yorkshire again.

    P.S. would like to post NO stars but unfortunately this site does not allow it.

  193. Peter Gostelow says:

    Having banked with Yorkshire Bank Colne for over 20 years I am appalled at their current levels of ‘service’. I wrote to the branch 3 times to register a change of address – response – nil – finally spoke to branch who sad it was a computer problem! Recently attempted to pay off a bank loan and although registered for internet banking (where one can transfer money to anyone) and telephone banking was eventually told I would have to write to the branch to inform them. This was after 5 telephone calls to their call centre who ‘will get the branch to telephone you’ – of course this never happened. Finally wrote the letter and four days later after several phone calls to the call centre (see previous comment) spoke to the branch who said they have not received a letter!
    Have now sent a Royal Mail Special delivery letter (cost £5.05) and await results – if any. I thought I would register a complaint to YB complaints dept – 0845 6025410 spoke to Ann and started quite politely to explain my problems with Colne branch – she put the phone down!! How long can this go on before Yorkshire Bank loses many customers ?

  194. John Cotterill says:

    Yorkshire Bank have setup a DD account without my knowledge or consent, I’ve written to the manager, as like a lot of other posts, letters do not get an answer, I’m taking the matter further.

  195. robert smith says:

    I myself am not with the Yorkshire bank but my girlfriend is. On occasion when I have been overdrawn with my bank, llyods tsb, they are understanding and if charged, will refund when I explain. Yorkshire bank however never does this and simply are not understanding or helpful at all. I cannot speak for every branch but the Featherstone, West Yorkshire, bank in Station Lane has a manager and certain staff with the worst public relations skills I have ever heard, it’s as if they take pleasure from your £30 for being £2.70 overdrawn is ridiculous and only hope one of them will one day find themselves in a similar position only to be told ‘there’s nothing we can do’ . If your bank can’t help you, who will?

  196. Peter Gosheron says:

    I wish I had read these comments before I committed my money to the Bank. It is clear the bank is run by charlatans – promising everything and delivering nothing! Over the last week I have spent over two hours hanging on to a phone trying to make contact when my letters are ignored. But I don’t blame the staff – no doubt the directors are keeping overheads to a minimum and allowing the bank staff to take the strain. The turnover of staff, both in the branches and the call centres must be quite high. To anybody thinking of using this bank, my advice is don’t – even Santander is better!! I’ll keep posting until I have a reply.

  197. Peter Gosheron says:

    I wish I had read these comments before I committed my money to the Bank. It is clear the bank is run by charlatans – promising everything and delivering nothing! Over the last week I have spent over two hours hanging on to a phone trying to make contact when my letters are ignored.
    But I don’t blame the staff – no doubt the directors are keeping overheads to a minimum and allowing the bank staff to take the strain. The turnover of staff, both in the branches and the call centres must be quite high.
    To anybody thing of using this bank, my advice is don’t – even Santander is better!!
    I’ll keep posting until I have a reply

  198. Peter Gosheron says:

    Another day of fruitless hanging on, waiting for someone to answer. Even raised the waiting time to 20 minutes a call. The Directors are not concerned for you. They’ll take you money and forget you. Keep away

  199. Peter Gosheron says:

    Another day of fruitless hanging on, waiting for someone to answer. Even raised the waiting time to 20 minutes a call.
    The Directors are not concerned for you. They’ll take you money and forget you
    Keep away

  200. Mike says:

    The comments below have been read with great interest, especially as I have been with Yorkshire Bank in Sheffield and Wath-on-Dearne since 1974.

    The account is now used, and has been for several years, as a general Direct Debit account, where I pay money from what is now my main account. The account is never overdrawn, or at least it wasn’t until a few months ago, when a slight miscalculation of £0.23p (my fault – I should have paid more attention to what I was doing), landed me with a £25 penalty – only I did not notice this simply because the account was never (sic) overdrawn, and so I did not check the statement when it came. But, to add insult to injury, the second statement was never received, and on that one was another £25 penalty, with the promise of another £25 penalty to follow, which I did not notice until the third statement arrived in March. By then I was £75 down for the sake of £0.23p…

    I queried this in person with a visit to the Doncaster branch, where I was told they could not help, but to place myself at the mercy of the Wath manager. S/he ignored my first letter, and then ignored my second letter (clearly exceptionally poor communication from ignorant people), so a formal complaint was sent, detailing precisely what had happened. As a former complaints manager with my old employer I am well versed in how to deal-with such matters.

    To cut a long story short I found someone employed by YB who I would have been proud to have on my team. Someone with common sense and understanding, who agreed to waive £50 of the penalty, leaving me with £25 to pay, which I was more than happy with – the initial mistake after all had been mine, but dismal communication had given rise to the other two.

    Stars? 5 for complaint handling and 0 for general management behaviour. Had any of my staff behaved in such an aloof manner they would have soon known about it. Standards are so poor in current times.

  201. tracey says:

    How can a joint account be closed by one person?… I asked the Yorkshire Bank to take my ex-husband off our joint account and was told I can’t do that with out a letter from him, and then was told I would have to open one up in my name. Then to find out my ex has been able to close our other joint account down without me knowing. Have been with Yorkshire Bank for 35 years, I think it’s time for a change.

    • ANDY says:

      Any party can close an account unless you have requested ‘two to sign’ when you opened it. A dispute should be raised by the customer when a couple separate – this means the account is frozen until the bank have a signed document from BOTH parties with further instructions. A customer cannot be removed from an account with YB unless that person is now deceased.

  202. chris wood says:

    After best part of 40 years with Yorkshire Bank, I am totally disgusted with the attitude of them recently. I have had a visa card with them with a credit facility of over £9k, never defaulted once. Received a statement with a balance of £586 this week including a charge of £12 for over limit, when queried this I was told I had a letter in Nov 09 telling me my credit had been reduced to £500 (I NEVER RECEIVED THIS LETTER) and should have contacted them to discuss. They have now declined my request to reinstate the credit amount with no reason given. When speaking about non receipt of letter they told me to contact Royal Mail… THANKS FOR NOTHING. So consequently BIG BROTHER is now running my finances and reducing my credit rating without me doing a thing wrong. No wonder we are in this Nanny State with banks acting like this. Shove the card shove the bank.

  203. lina says:

    yorkshire bank is nothing but bull****!
    i personally think it should be closed down,what a poor service!!!

  204. Sarah says:

    I have only been banking with yorkshire for 7 years but have always found them helpful. Three years ago I fell victim of card cloning which left me overdrawn; after speaking with customer service (as I could not get to my local branch due to studying in Scotland at th time) they instantly blocked my account cancelled all charges which would be incurred due to overdraft and then gave me a temporary account with an interest free overdraft of 2000 (the amount that was stolen). After a quick police inquiry the money which was taken was put back into my account within weeks. They also put extra security on my account and contact me with any possible fraud activities. There internet banking is brilliant only negative would be that you have to contact their partner company halifax before you are allowed to put money into your account via them in Scotland…understandable, put I’m just nitpickin.

  205. Tracy says:

    Get a grip!! Yorkshire Bank Provides free banking as long as you stay in credit. Why should they refund charges if you’ve made a mistake with your sums it’s your fault not theirs!!
    I agree more staff are needed as there seems to be fewer and fewer but please show some respect for the few that are there, they don’t deserve the abuse they get, complaints should be addressed to the Manager or Head Office not the counter staff.
    Yorkshire Bank has always been a friendly, efficient bank and has always gone that extra mile with their customer service.

  206. Subby says:

    Yorkshire Bank bottom of the pile… on a lowly 15.

    Co-op Bank tops UK sales site table

  207. Scott Chapman says:

    Utterly useless.

    Always blocking my card because I buy things internationally from the international-network with a card that’s supposed to be ACCEPTED EVERYWHERE, even internationally.

    I also have just tried to set up a contract with Orange for a shiny new iPhone, rapidly going out of stock. Orange told me my card was declined.

    I call the bank and they said the payment went through.

    I call orange and they said they card was declined, but will try again. Again declined, order cancelled.

    I call the bank and they said the payment is waiting authorisation, and will be cleared in the morning?!

    How’s that of use, now that the order is declined?!

    Oh and once before, I had a card that kept being rejected for online purchases, even though they said it was fine, and no block was in place.
    I demanded that they cancel the card and send me a new one, they said it would make no difference, I told them to, and the new card worked fine.

    Useless muppets. I’ll be switching after today.

  208. trina wilcock says:

    Struggled in with loads of coins to pay in only to find the branch was closed at 9.30 on a Saturday morning! Not impressed.

  209. Jacqui says:

    BREAKING NEWS: 18,000 bank mortgage customers face higher monthly payments after providers owned up to miscalculating repayments on some variable and tracker rate mortgages, leaving customers having to pay arrears, plus additional monthly sums, to make up the shortfall, boosting payments by up to £300 a month, which may put homes and family security at risk for some.
    Dear Bank Manager, I regret to inform you that due to an administrative oversight I have mis-calculated my outgoings by £200 a month. Naturally, I expect you to write off overdraft and interest charges accrued during my spending spree, and also pay £
    ADVERTISEMENT30 to cover the cost of this letter.
    I also require my mortgage protection insurance to
    reduce or include a clause to safeguard me from incompetence. Mine or the bank’s. If not, I may commence proceedings to reclaim my wages and transfer them to any other bank which isn’t owned in Australia – or Iceland.
    Please accept my apologies for any distress caused to your family as you worked overtime to calculate my penalty charges, and my explanation that this was down to a blip in very base interest, a belief that APR meant Average Paid Reporter, along with a misunderstanding of variable rates of mood-reliant impulse shopping required to offset the unremitting gloom of today’s economy.
    I would point out the £12.71 I spent at Amazon online has spared my 74-year-old mother the cost of converting old VHS tapes at £3.99 a pop on the high street. Her surprise on learning she could get a factory sealed Brigadoon DVD at £3.22, and the Kill Bill box set for £6.59, and still qualify for super saver del-ivery, was priceless.
    My untimely splurge on Damart blouses was prompted by a summer sale.
    I also splashed the cash on an ill-fated bid to float my 101 Alternative Uses for Hosepipes innovation via Dragon’s Den, which failed after the lady judge objected to one suggestion.
    I did, however, hide behind the door when the Rington’s tea man called, and also put the Kleeneze catalogue out, unopened, this morn, rather than buy a suction thingy to catch sandy spiders sheltering indoors from the rain.
    Should you have any further
    queries regarding my finances, feel free to ring my premium automated
    response helpline and hope a human gets back to you before the next 33 per cent of my salary vanishes on my variable rate mortgage. Remember my account can be repossessed at any time and if you would like to put a tracker on my mortgage, may I suggest one dressed as a highwayman?
    As ever, a loyal bank customer.

  210. sruffell says:

    More than useless. Telephone to check the balance on my mortgage the figure I was given was not correct as for a statement told I would have to ring a different number when I asked why they said they would put me through… transferred me to another number with an answering machine with a recorded message that said the office was closed. Complete waste of time they are in the dark when it comes to customer service. Do not deserve any rating no stars!!!!!

  211. JOHN GREAVES says:


  212. aled says:

    I phoned them cause I lost my card. They cancelled it easy enough but when they asked the security questions for the new 1 I answered the questions just for them to tell me they are wrong I was reading it from my statement. So I tried again just for some woman to keep putting me on hold, then she would come back, ask if I’m still there and when I say yes she’d put me back on hold.

  213. Sandman says:

    Popped into my local branch yesterday with my driving license as id to let them know that I would be going on holiday abroad and might have some foreign purchases (HSBC security check man on phone advised me to do this as I struggled to remember all my answers which I used to set up security years ago). So, I didn’t want to phone YB customer services as I had just had this nightmare half an hour on phone (going through automated questions and then on hold for real person) with the HSBC security check to let them know the same thing (he explained that all the security questions, second letter and five letter of password, memorable place, memorable date , dob, address, card number etc was necessary as somebody might have stolen my card to use overseas. Really how many memorable places and dates does a person in their 40s have?!).

    YB clerk in local branch took my card and disappeared and finally returned and said she would sort it for me and not to worry. Later that day had call from her advising me that I would have to phone customer services as they wanted to speak to me instead.

    Called them today and got through dreaded security questions and informed them of my holiday plans. Wished a good holiday and told it was all okay and my card would be good to go and then asked usual anything else I can help you with today?

    Queried about the call asking me to call them. Put on hold and then after a long wait finally told that my card had been cancelled and I had gone from £6400 credit limit to zero due to inactivity!

    I explained that I had had a letter last year saying that my card hadn’t been used recently and as it was expiring soon they would close account unless I made purchase OR called them to let them know I still wanted it. Duly called them and explained that I hadn’t been travelling much lately (used this card mainly for foreign travel to keep separate from domestic card) as I now had a baby, but hoped to be going abroad again in due course. Told by nice man not to worry and he would issue new card which arrived a few days later – no mention with new card that I would have to make a purchase to keep it – just the usual re-issue with new expiry date. Card was still good for three years or something on expiry date.

    Kicker is that just a few days ago I had received a statement saying I had nothing to pay for this month and also a generic letter informing me of changes to terms and conditions of account. No indication that my account was cancelled, apart from as nice lady on phone pointed out to me, my credit limit was now zero (small print which I mistook for my credit balance).

    I have had that credit card with them for 24 years, since 1986 when I left school and got my first job, and used it regularly and always paid it off in full every month. (My dad was with them at the time and had switched from Midland Bank because they had messed him about after he had been a customer for many many years! He got really cross about the way they treated him and left!)

    So I’m now going off on holiday without my YB credit card! It took me years to get to that credit limit and I can’t believe that they didn’t send me a letter saying they had closed the account down!

    In fact, as I said, they just sent me a statement with that changes to terms and conditions letter! I only called them because I remembered hearing horror stories of people not being able to use their card abroad because of “unusual” activity. How many people do actually call their bank every time they go abroad?! So I would have been stuck on holiday with some hapless non-English speaking girl at the till trying to pay with my YB visa card that I have had for 24 years and not understanding why it had been declined and then would have spent time and money calling back here to find out what the problem was!

    Thanks so much YB for the courtesy of letting me know you had let me go! Not even a letter! Unbelievable!

  214. jade says:

    Yorkshire Bank are appalling they charge £25 for admin fees even tho I have never received a letter from them they just put it at the side of my statement which is free anyway!

  215. christopher pears says:

    My father had his will done at Yorkshire bank thinking its local and the family will not have far to go to sort things out. What a mistake the family are dealing with someone in Glasgow now. My father would be turning in his grave, and the rates they are charging, unbelievable, on the first 10,000 5% is taken, the next 40,000 4% is taken on the next 50,000 3% is taken on the next 50,000 2% is taken and this is all without having to pay for probate, lawyers and court costs. So can someone out there please help me understand what they do for this money if you have paid for all the other costs. Not impressed and I don’t think my father would be, so don’t have your will dealt with Yorkshire bank, if you have please have a second look at it. Why should your hard earned money go to the bank for doing nothing its daylight…

  216. Carole Nowell says:

    I’ve banked with Yorkshire Bank, Harrogate branch, since January this year (2010). Despite the niggle of not being open on a Saturday morning around 9.30, I have found the staff helpful – stressed, but extremely helpful. I pay money into my account, my credits and direct debits come in and go out on time and I find internet &amp; telephone banking really easy to use. Those that complain should consider this: if you were at the other end of the telephone, would you accept all the abuse you seem to be dishing out? No, didn’t think so. They are only trying to do their job, but they can only use the tools they are given by the bosses. They are the real problem, not the general staff.

  217. Sharon Rushworth says:

    I have banked with Yorkshire Bank since 1977!! They have always given me the service I required and I love the online banking.
    The only qualm I have is that when I do go into the branch you have to queue, as there are only 2 people serving.

    Also I inadvertently cancelled a direct debit (I clicked on the wrong one). It has been a bit of a pantomime getting it reinstated… which was really my fault.

    As I usually use internet banking, the need to go into the branches is very rare.

  218. N Grant says:

    YB lost my account in their computer system, I wasn’t traceable at all. In the meantime my bank card expired causing online transactions to be invalid and I couldn’t carry about my business online at all. On top of this if I wanted to take out money I had to travel by bus into town (3.5 mile) each time, at 3-50 a time. In the meantime, I spoke to 3 members of staff who promised to phone me, also to telephone help several times. Eventually someone did help and did phone me to keep me informed as to what was happening and it was with the techies for a week or so. Finally they decided to create a new account for me and a week later I received a new card. Many times I was told ‘Well this has never happened before’. Can I claim for a small amount of compensation to cover both my bus fares and inconvenience caused do you think?

  219. Workman says:

    Where do I start to rubbish this lot? The branch network was good, personally for me all over Sheffield. It has now contracted to a handful of dated, dirty, unfriendly branches. What they advertise and what they provide seem to be two vastly different things. The service is atrocious, queues at lunchtimes of up to 21 long at my local branch. Basic banking provide, but ask for anything slightly out of the ordinary and you are stuffed! International transfer? It will cost you – dearly! Want to speak to your branch about something? No chance, you have to speak to some heavily accented Scot (I’ve nothing against regional accents, but Scottish for Yorkshire?) who gives you the second degree before she will speak to you. Then, you will eventually, and I mean eventually be put through to your branch. Only to be told the person you want to speak to is out or busy so they will ring you back – not soon, but maybe 2 / 3 hours later by which time you have gone out or back to work. You can try faxing your branch, but they won’t accept faxes from you unless they have you into the branch to sign a fax acceptance form. Goodness knows why you need to sign one of these, if they publish their fax number, presumably it is for using? If they don’t want you to use it, why not go ex-directory? The website is old fashioned, slow and laborious to use. It regularly locks you out and prints pages out in a bizarre manner, totally different to the view on the screen. Would I recommend them? Not a chance, I find them to be small minded, unhelpful aggressive chargers with a network of run down, under staffed branches. Is it possible to rate 0 stars?

  220. Paul Jamieson says:

    Recently had an unauthorised transaction on my account for £8500. On phoning the Glasgow call centre, I was told the fraud department was closed and that they would call me in the morning!!! Do the fraudsters only operate from 9-5? The polish helpline even operates 24/7 but not the fraud department!!! Very poor!

    Only one star ‘cos it doesn’t allow a zero rating.

  221. Matt says:

    Beware of Yorkshire Bank, if you lose your card, and can’t remember your last transactions, you can cancel your card but you can’t order a new one, difficult to sort when you can’t go to a bank during the week (they don’t open Saturday’s). So just watch out you don’t end up with an account you cannot access funds from!

    • Victoria says:

      I never had this problem when I lost my card at all, in fact I found their service to be incredibly helpful, and they were quick to sort my problem.
      I lost my card around November, but due to personal reasons didn’t order a new card until January. I phoned up, and they confirmed my account using my telephone banking pin, then put me through to someone who clearly explained what they were going to do to help. One week later, my new card arrived in the post.
      I did ALL of this over the phone, since I live more than 50 miles from my nearest branch. They didn’t ask me anything about previous transactions.

    • Victoria. says:

      Well, you can. I lost my card and had no idea of my recent transactions. I also live 200 miles from my nearest branch, so I can’t just pop in to talk to someone.
      They handled everything over the phone, and simply required me to send an old statement (I sent one two years old) with my signature on it.
      They sent me a new card within a week.

  222. Janet Bracegirdle says:

    I called in the Rochdale branch as I needed a copy statement – Urgently. I explained why I wanted it to be told it would cost £1, HOW MUCH DOES A PRINT COST!!! – overheads okay, but the bank was empty. We have several accounts with the bank and have been a member for 64 years. – Service!!!!

    • John says:

      Yes I asked for a print out at my local branch and was told it would cost a £1, even through the A4 paper and ink used cost less than a penny. The cashier then told me I could have one sent in the post for nothing even though it would cost the bank 30-odd pence in postage. Bizarre.

      • ANDY says:

        The charge of £1 is all part of the banks efforts to become carbon neutral.. It encourages you to obtain a transaction print via the ATM rather than on paper from the branch. The bank does not apply this fees to business accounts or if the service is unavailable on the ATM

  223. Peter Clatworthy says:

    I had my cash card stolen at 10 pm on Friday evening. I was stranded in London with no cash, and no means of obtaining it. Yorkshire Bank refused to transfer £20 of my own money to a local bank in order to help me to buy a coach ticket home to Yorkshire. Tough luck was their attitude. I went into Barclays Bank in Kentish Town the following morning. The bank manager lent me £20. What a contrast!

  224. Floss says:

    I’ve worked for Yorkshire Bank & left recently because of the appalling way they treat their customers & staff.
    Staff are NEVER given any sort of training, so it’s little wonder that customers are always given a different response to a query – the simple fact is, they don’t have a clue!

    I was expected to manage a branch with no basic training AT ALL & no password to even sign onto a computer for 2 weeks! Every branch is understaffed & they are still making cut backs. Counter staff arrive for work in a morning only to be told that they are needed 15 miles away to cover somewhere else, and are told to not take lunches between 11.30 & 13.30 – again, it’s no wonder they are miserable & unhelpful.

    Note: We were not allowed to open on a Saturday to offer a counter service, but staff are expected to work from the branch to do telesales.
    So is their priority customer service, or flogging you another credit card??! Hmmmm…

  225. Barry says:

    My business manager David has never even spoken to me. They charged me £225 twice within a month to ‘renew’ my business overdraft. I called today to get this sorted out and really expected an apology. When I asked why there was no apology I was told that of course the manager passes on his apologies. Hello… I nearly lost £225. Make the effort! I wasn’t really surprised as last month I had to phone 5 times to get through the security system. What is the point of the access code if they are then going to ask you the fine details of last months bank statement? Last year they cut my business overdraft off suddenly and caused me a lot of trouble with my main supplier. Despite calling them constantly they couldn’t get the paperwork out in time and the system had automatically cut me off. Again, no apology. As soon as I get time I’m moving my account elsewhere. I don’t know what they were like when they were in Yorkshire but they make too many mistakes. I get they impression that they are fed up of apologising to people for all the cock ups… so now they don’t bother.

  226. Ray says:

    I am a business customer with the Yorkshire Bank with whom I have a small business overdraft.. Owing to adverse trading conditions I have had to close my business and with the sale of my stock I have been able to pay off all of my trade and other debts except for the overdraft which have always intended to pay in a responsible way, I have kept the bank informed of my intentions through the local branch and my so called YB business manager over the phone, in person at the branch and by letter but this as been a waste of time and after about a year they are not willing to talk to me despite setting up a direct debit from my personal account to pay the interest and charges, everything Barry said in his previous post is correct and similar to how I have been treated. I have been with YB about !5 years but since the Australian people took over and moved most of its operations to Scotland customer service especially business is terrible.


  227. jill says:

    I like to know why yorkshire bank charge you a fee to take money out if you use a teller instead of a working ATM?ermm why would i queue in the tellers queue to pay a bill and then queue again outside to use an ATM?! according to the teller if the ATM is working but you withdraw money from a teller instead then you are charged a fee!..

  228. Anon1 says:

    Looking through some of these comments makes me laugh. There will be some genuine people here who were met by rude staff – but let’s face it that’s life, people in general are never happy & very rude from time to time. There’s usually a reason for why these things happen. People complaining regards being asked security questions & sending faxes would be real pissed off if the staff continued with a request from a customer for it to be fraudulent. Happy when the bank call to let you know they’ve stopped a fraudulent transaction but not when they can;t go any further as they’re not quite happy with your answers.
    The bank charges are a lot better than the majority of banks.
    The £1 for a piece of paper is because of the billions spent on producing paper statements that people throw away & then walk in to branch asking for lots of sheets of paper (which like everything is budgeted- unless you would prefer more expensive bank charges or even less interest so that the minority of piss-takers can have a sheet of paper) And it may not seem fair but unfortunately in this pc world if you do it for one customer you have to do it for them all.
    There are faults such as the visa card department and you will always get staff more willing to help more than others, but that’s down to personal attitude. Hey, at least the call centres are in the UK !! In my experience the telephone & internet banking is fab.
    Being honest there will always be people who complain where their money is concerned, and unfortunately people are soon to complain but never to praise.
    My sister’s bratty friend went to London & got in with the wrong crowd, subsequently she brought back a fraudulent cheque to pay in and draw on her account and was told she’d get to keep £2k or something. The Yorkshire picked it up straight away and she ended taking her account overdrawn & getting bank charges. Despite she did it knowingley, they let her keep her account !!!!!!! And the cheeky cow had the audacity to slag the bank for charging her!!!
    If you’re not happy go join a mickey mouse bank such as Halifax (who are still paying millions on annoying prime-time tv ads- the tax-payers money by the way !!!!!!) whose staff are disciplined for not dragging customers in to a room (sorry banking hall so everyone in the queue knows your busines) to sell them something with loads of terms and conditions, who give a non-advised service & sell interest only mortgages to unaware customers.
    I know someone who works for them & they don’t try sell for commission as they’re paid a salary, they simply try to help customers.
    Hmmmmm, one of the other banks on the high street that needed bailing or the 11th safest bank in the world? (that’s Yorkshire for those that can’t keep up)

  229. Anon1 says:

    ps. I notice a lot of these comments arise from people complaining about something. My guess is these people have screamed at the staff, only listened to what they want to & then decided to rant on here…. just a guess

  230. ian mounsey says:

    absolutely pathetic this bank staff useless rude unhelpful,they will not release money from my late fathers account without all the red tape,a couple of years ago applied for a loan & no reply from them so i got a loan from another bank,as soon as this charade is over i will be going to another bank,yorkshire bank=inept,useless,unhelpful,rude,pathetic,rubbish

  231. Peter says:

    An absolutely appalling bank. My wife has an account there and whenever she goes into the bank to either transfer money between two of her accounts or, on one occassion, pay in a large sum from her father via bank draft, they demand to know why she is doing it . On being told that it is none of their business, (which it isn’t), they say if she doesn’t tell them they won’t do the transaction. This has absolutley nothing to do with AML legislation or anti-fraud and everything to do with them being downright nosey. I have urged her each time to kick them into touch but up to now she has been to apethetic. She has now agreed since this week they refused her card at the supermarket checkout despite her having several thousand pounds in her account. They also told her when contacted she couldn’t use it for a week as it would be declined. She could pay for her shopping with her visa, but she had no cash and to be told that you can’t access your own money for 5 days is not acceptable. A truely woeful bank.

  232. Hafiz says:

    Hi, anybody can tell me that, is it possible i can stop my paper billing with yorkshire and can get them online ??

  233. George says:

    YB the worlds part time bank. The only time they take an interest is when they want to sell you something. The rest of the time join the back of the queue.

  234. THE MOLE says:

    I still work for yorkshire bank, floss is slightly wrong in his comments.
    1 staff ARE GIVEN TRAINING YOU WILL have completed things like sales and service, anti money laundering!!!
    2 staff ARE GIVEN individual passwords for audit purposes and your protection, there is no instance when this does not happen
    3 staff can not possibly have lunch in the busiest period. staff are rotated daily so all staff members are able to take their lunch at various times on a rotational basis, are you sure left or were you sacked??

    • Amy says:

      Hey, Sorry I just saw that you work for Yorkshire. May I ask you a question? I went overdrawn in my bank so obviously I get the £30 charge which is meant to come out next month. Can I go into a bank and pay it before then? I just don’t want to spend it you see.

  235. T says:

    I went with Yorkshire Bank as it was local and didn’t think twice to week-ends but then I had college and Places to go and with them shutting at 4pm there was no time to get to the branch and when I asked about why there not open saturdays “There was to many customers to staff and it did not work out”

    I was thinking what about mid-week though ant that same??

    I don’t know, but I moved out after that.

    If your a busy person and work Monday to Friday Yorkshire Bank ant for you!

  236. philip glave says:

    After just had a family death and being an executor of the estate I went to close my mothers account with yorkshire bank, the small amount in the account they would pay to the funeral firm but not to me the excutor, having been to the bank on three occasions now they still say they can pay to the funeral firm but not to me they just dont seem to care, where as satandare certainly were quite the opposite, 15 minutes the account was closed and a check issued which was for a far larger amount than was in the yorkshire.

  237. Leanne Glascott says:

    Absolute disgrace, cannot compete with other banks at all. Internet banking is a joke – you cannot arrange an overdraft (could that be because they want to charge you fees?) transfers take days. With my Lloyds account I can transfer money instantly, change my overdraft and have access to all my banking needs. I can also go in after 4pm on a weekday and on a saturday (tha’s because i work!). Yorkshire bank charge you for everything and provide no service they even told me once that it was not policy to send a letter to inform you if you had gone overdrawn (maybe that’s because they get £25 o day out of you, and then another £25 for the month). They recently charged my £25 for being £1.49 overdrawn which was back in credit the same day. No longer with them, nor is my husband or anyone else in my family.

    Yorkshire Bank – A bank for people on the dole, because you can’t get there if you work.

    I would give them zero stars but that’s not an option.

    To all that are saying oh its just disgruntled customers at the end of the day having a rant, those customers are what keeps your bank open and I think the overall rating says it all.

  238. Jo says:

    I have been a customer for 20yrs. I have never experienced any problems with the bank and/or staff.
    I am a nuisance at the minute as i have just started to use internet banking and not a whiz with IT, i have always been treated with warmth and made to feel comfortable and not a fool… when ringing for their assistance. My two children are with HSBC just because it was nearest bank to us, and i have had nothing but problems, and today gathering ID to transfer to Yorkshire Bank……..

  239. R G Harrison says:

    Been with yorkie bank fourty two years. Never had any real difficulty with them.
    Shame about the fast speaking Scottish accent at there call centre… They are tight on security… I don’t see that as a problem in this day and age.

  240. Naomi says:

    Yorkshire bank= WORST BANK IN THE WORLD!!! They only open Mon-Fri and are closed at weekend?? What’s the point in that.. plus NEVER get a overdraft with them as they wait until you have no money in your account and charge you £25, on my internet banking they have been re-arranging my transactions so it looks like I’ve been drawing money out when I’ve been OD (overdrawn) when I haven’t. When I questioned the staff at Yorkshire Bank about this they said I shouldn’t have been charged.. I am now taking this matter further and going to try and claim all there charges back. Another thing is they won’t let me close my account until another of their charges of £25 come out next week which they have realised it’s wrong and they shouldn’t be charging me. So whoever is reading this DON’T join this bank it’s bad news….

    • Pedro says:

      Worst ever bank in the world !!!!even worst than some of the third’s world banks
      I have moved from UK to a country in Asia for a contract of work, rent my house in uk, informed bank about change of my address to abroad. And After being with bank for more than 12 years I could not check my transaction online abroad. When I rang to the branch they said we have to close all of your 4 account! This is however they knew my wife was in uk she changed her address to UK one and we had direct debit which had set in our account! But they suspend her account as well!! We have very good credit rating and there was no money laundering for those of you who need to know but only thing was in place is rubbish policy of bank and irrational decision making that been made by manager!
      So what do you think
      I am telling you all the truth
      After 15 min debate with manager she push me to come to uk an active my account and she said otherwise all money will go to government!!!
      I told her ok wait for me and my solicitor letter
      Yes I complained officially and I won
      But imagine rubbish services they still giving to customer and how they waste my time and money that time.
      It’s time to wake up yorkshire bank!!!!
      It’s new global world now… what else can I say ….

  241. alan says:

    I’ve been with this bank since I was 22, I am now 70, in all this time never have I had any problems, in my local branch staff are very polite, will do anything to help you.

  242. George says:

    I have a 1963 Yorkshire Penny bank account with money in, how do I get it out ?

  243. sharon palmer says:

    Given it a 1 cos their is no 0 .
    I’ve been with Y.b for 30 years and I’m off to Barcleys cos the chargers are ridicules. I’ve not used my account for 2 months and I’m still getting charges. I hate this bank and the people that work their are no help to me whatsoever. My 7 year old son just got diagnosed with cancer so I can not work any more as I now care full time for him. Y.b did not care that every penny I have I need now. They’re still charging £56 for being over drown a few pounds. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR stay the heck away from YORKSHIRE BANK.

  244. Emma says:

    How do you claim back bank charges I had a 60 pound bank charge 35 for direct debit not taken when the money went in that night then 25 charge for month I don’t work as I’m full time mum to my daughter n a ventilator and that amount was over half my money taken its disgusting I have had thousands of pounds worth of charges, they even charged me once for a donation I make monthly for the past 10 years to cancer research and it took me 1.50 overdrawn and I get a £25 bank charge don’t know how they get away with it

  245. Pete says:

    For over 4 months this bank (Otley, Yorks) has been the pits in dealing with my late Mothers account, LPA and eventually Power of Attorney. Removed all money to Nationwide in the end to pay funeral bills etc that the Yorkshire were absolute awkward about. I would not be surprised if this went to the wall, worst bank service I have come across in 40 years!

  246. adele whipp says:

    I want all my refunds and bank charges over the eight years, I’ve been with u and my will to be bk in my account asap.

  247. Nick says:

    As many (most, actually) of the other commenters have said, I have to agree that Yorkshire Bank must rank as probably the worst in the country, Possibly even the world. Rude, unhelpful staff; extortionate charges; errors in correspondence; terrible opening hours for working people … the list goes on and on. If switching banks was straightforward (it’s not, believe me), I’d leave tomorrow … if they’re open, that is.

  248. kris says:

    I got a £25 bank fine for going 54 pence over drawn and they would not give it back and my latest fine of £25 was taken out when I had no funds in my account and now I’m being charged another £25 for being over drawn and it’s because of them I’m over drawn..total rip off bank

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