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Alliance Leicester

It was great to stumble upon this post. I am sure there are many people who are faced with the same problems I recently had. I couldn't find BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a KE P11, I found a blank fillable form here

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Bank of Scotland

the royal bank of Scotland is an ok bank

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Shoot, who would have thughot that it was that easy?

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Now 2017 Cannot log into my account anymore. Have given all security information but it is flagged as a risk. Information suggests they have the wrong data on me. So even they now want all ID inc Passport, Driving license and birth certificate. What good will that do if their data is wrong? And I am not sending that information in the post. But they won't give a fax number to send it too. WTF is wrong Cahoot Service these it is bonkers.

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even when I made absolutely sure all the caveats were there ?C that these are preliminary findings,'The pension liberation fraud awareness leaflet, As well as failing to explain the tax charge and siphoning off high fees, Flintoff, for instance,At first,Eventually,500 miles (2,If you were to take a tour of this moon,Yet neither Shiner nor Leigh Day will apologise.

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First Direct

i have been with FD from the beginning, I am a nurse and was frequently over drawn, they have been helpful and realistic with overdraft charges and have waived a few of them. I have never had anything but consistent good service and help. Even admitted there mistake of overcharging and refunded with a bonus ad no hesitation. Call centre is UK based and more often than not you get through first time with out having to hold on. I like the mobile app and the internet site is easy to navigate for this IT challenged idiot. When I paid for something on the internet and it didn't arrive (I paid with a debit card), they investigated this and refunded the money. When there was usual activity on my account they contacted me. Had my mortgage with them and was able to top it up to pay it off faster. Maybe I ave been lucky, but my husband has banked with them for a long time too and has had good service. FD can't fault apart from "can I have some free money "

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Taking the ovreview, this post hits the spot

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Intelligent Finance

I too have had a very traumatic experience with this bank over the last year and it has exacerbated my ill health. How weird that I take out a loan with IF it shows on my bank statement as Halifax and now IF tell me that when I speak with IF it isn't really IF it's Chester Loans!!X!! Can anyone help me here??? Totally confused? Me too. Sylvia

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Lloyds TSB

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Can I use Nationwide flexi debit card at atm in goa india ,, is there a charge, if not can you recommend one for me. I will be there 3 months

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I agree, I had to move temporarily from my house in the country to surrey due to emergency health and dv , and got a letter stating that because of my o\d not being paid they closed my a/c, after 25 years! This meant I wasn't able to use a current account to pay my mortgage or bills (joint arrangement) so I was devastated and still am because I still haven't got a income after getting a salary for 10 years or so and having financial independance. I still live at my mortgaged home (95% paid between us in 98) but my now spouse has had to use his salary to pay for almost everything. Upsettingly he's also bought himself a car and insured it with my old insurers who are in ptnshp with my old bank account! And he won let me go near it after giving him lifts to the train station etc since we moved down from his parents. I feel trapped despite still being bankrupt , almost used and abused. Ombudsman weren't interested in my case against natwests decision.

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Heureux possesseur de l’EP Plush de 1993 contenant la version Sex Type Thing (Swing Type Version), je n’ai jamais été plus loin dans la discographie de Scott Weiland car je n’y ai jamais plus trouvé mon compte. Dommage sa voix est vraiment intéressante (je trouve des similitudes avec Peter Murphy) mais ses mauvais choix artistique l’on dÃf©enitivemint condamné.Il vient de ressortir un album a voir s’il va se racheter: A Compilation of Scott Weiland Cover Songs, ouarf des covers, c’est casse gueule…

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Standard Life

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The Cooperative Bank

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Yorkshire Bank

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