Bank Account Chooser

How do I decide on the account for me?

You need to think carefully about what you need from your account.

The following questionnaire will give you an idea of what is important to you and what services you require from your current account. Answer the questions honestly, ticking the boxes as you go.

Account Locator Questionnaire:

There are no right or wrong answers, the more honestly you answer the better idea you will get of your needs.

At the end of the questionnaire look at your responses and then prioritise each one. This should help you see the most important features when you are looking at the different account options.

If you can not find an account which provides everything you are looking for, then you can establish what is most important to you and work through the available choices until you find a closest match.

At the end of the questionnaire, click ‘submit’ and you will be presented with a list of necessary factors for when choosing your account. You can print this off and use as a checklist when looking at all the different account options.

Tick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each question.


Would you like an overdraft facility?

If Yes:

Yes  No

I prefer to pay charges for an overdraft as I incur them and not arrange a limit or facility in advance.

Yes  No

I prefer not to pay charges and stay within a pre-arranged overdraft facility and agreed limit..

Yes  No


I would like an account to provide me with free banking (barring any overdraft fees).

Yes  No


I would like to be issued with a cheque book,debit card/cash card and monthly statements).

Yes  No


I would like a credit card with my bank.

Yes  No


I would like to earn interest on the balance of my account when it is in credit.

Yes  No


I would like a bank with access to large numbers of cash machines so I do not have to pay charges for getting my cash from another institution’s cash machines.

Yes  No


I would like my account to be held by an organization which has several branches so I can easily access a branch, wherever I am.

Yes  No


I would like internet and telephone access to my account for most hours of the day and night.

Yes  No


I would like to transfer monies in and out of my account and another in a different currency.

Yes  No


I would like an account specifically tailored to my needs as a student/person under 18/graduate/child.

Yes  No


I would like an account that does not issue me with a credit card or a cheque book, that has no overdraft facility and that has no charges.

Yes  No


I would like a very personalised service from my bank because I have a large amount to invest (GBP 50 000 or more) and have a substantial annual income (GBP 75 000 or more).

Yes  No


I would be happy to commit to paying in a set amount (GBP 1 000 or more) each month.

Yes  No


I would like my account to fit in with my religious beliefs.

Yes  No


I am looking for a special service from my account, including handy extras such as travel insurance, travel and leisure discounts, roadside assistance and health support, for which I am happy to pay an appropriate amount per month.

Yes  No


I would like my account to be operated by an organization which makes an issue of dealing in an environmentally friendly and ethical fashion.

Yes  No