Nationwide warning us to keep cash and cards safe this Christmas

December 16, 2013 at 2:55 pm

The run-up to Christmas may be giving you the feel-good factor but sadly the criminal element is pretty happy too, for there are rich pickings for the crook at this time of year. Peace and goodwill to all men is an alien concept in the underworld of criminality, and Nationwide has warned shoppers and party-goers not to let their guard down.

The number of credit and debit cards that go missing at this time of year is always high and the bank expects this year to be no different. It is easy to lose cash too, often without even realising it.

Nationwide’s advice for keeping cards safe is as follows:

  • Never ever be tempted to give your card to anyone, even close friends and family.
  • Take similar precautions with your PIN; never give your card and PIN to anyone, no matter who they are and how convenient it would be for them to pop to the ATM for you.
  • Do not allow your card to be taken out of your sight by retailers or restaurants.
  • Make sure that no-one can see your PIN when paying for goods or withdrawing cash from an ATM.
  • Cancel any lost or stolen cards immediately; it is a good idea to have your provider’s phone number stored on your mobile.

As for cash, when you are abroad and in a crowded place you probably take precautions such as wearing a money belt to avoid falling prey to thieves. It may sound excessive but there is no reason why you should not do the same when faced with throngs of Christmas shoppers in your own high street.

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